How Long to Grill Sweet Potatoes in Foil

How Long to Grill Sweet Potatoes in Foil Wrapped

Foil-wrapped Grilled Baked Sweet Potatoes prepare an excellent healthy side plate for your BBQ.

This is an awesome reasonable side dish we are all preferring to make. You realize the one that everyone likes and needs to eat. Sweet potatoes are tender, confection and fortunately, don’t desire plenty of excesses to prepare them to taste out of this world. When you are short on period but still need a badass dinner, prepare A1 Marinated Steak or the Grilled Blackened Dover Sole with these easy sweet potatoes for an exact meal with approximately no effort.

Grilling Instructions

Step One

Grab a portion of foil and spread it out on the counter. Poke some holes into a neat sweet potato with a fork. The holes will assist the vapor escape effortlessly.

Saltish and oiled sweet potato in foil available to be wrapped and grilled.

Entire Sweet Potato Ready for the Grill.

Step Two

Utilize a little bit of olive oil squirt to deliver a very thin coat on the sweet potato. Sprinkle with ocean salt or kosher salt.

I discover the assortment of coarse salt and oil assists the skin in getting a tiny crispy when it is performed grilling.  Coat the sweet potato up and shut the aluminum foil tight.

Step Three

Spot the fastened sweet potato on an active grill set to 350 degrees. I utilize indirect warmness by strengthening the sheet setter to the grill. For gas grills, deactivate the burners instantly under the potato. Grill for nearly 40 minutes, rotating halfway for a medium-sized potato. My sweet potatoes were relatively large, and I desired another 20 minutes until they stood fork tender.

Recipe Tips

When I need even crispier skin, I grill the sweet potato without foil. Spot it straight on the grating. The skin will evolve very crispy but the inner side will yet be soft and fluffy.

A Word of Cautioning

You will desire to see it closely as it is extremely easy for the potato to burn. Either method, you can prepare this delicious side with the least effort and yet, an increased return on flavor!

Grilling Time

A medium-sized sweet potato will require nearly 40 minutes to grill. Roll it over midway through to ensure it is cooking evenly.


Variations in grill temperature will affect the cooking duration. Vaster sweet potatoes will require roughly 20+ minutes longer.

Serving Options

There are so many different methods to jazz up these potatoes.  Be creative.

Later than grilling, the opened foil packets indicate a flawlessly grilled prepared sweet potato.

Prepare it taco pressed by utilizing corn, black beans, red onions, and closed with stale cream or guacamole.

Prepare Cowboy Caviar and finish the sweet potatoes with it.

Utilize these for breakfast food prep and add scurried eggs, bacon pieces, and tomatoes.

Prime with homemade salsa, leafy onions, and a dollop of pungent cream.

Pack it with homemade chili, cheese, and rotten cream.

Alternatively, prepare them on the grill and eliminate the inners and whisk them into a mashed sweet potato all accomplished without ever having to use your cooker.

Anyhow, you select to appreciate these tasty Sweet Potatoes, you are taking off to love them. Couple them with a dish indoors or your dearest pulled pork, barbecued steak, or grilled chicken recipe.

How long to grill sweet potatoes in foil? Sweet Drizzled Sweet Potato Wedges add tiny honey to your grilled candy potatoes for an incredible side dish. Slashing them into wedges hacks on the grilling time.

Grilled Parmesan Sweet Potatoes. This Cast Iron Skillet food formula is almost as tasty as it is elegant.

Later than grilling, the exposed foil containers indicate a perfectly grilled baked sweet potato.

Sweet Potatoes Baked on the Grill

These foil-wrapped sweet potatoes on the grill are dandy simple and rich with deliciousness.


  • 1 Sweet Potato intermediate
  • 1/4 tsp Olive Oil sprinkled
  • Sea Salt touch


  • Arrange the grill to 350 degrees and practice fine heat. For steam grills, turn off the burners instantly under the sweet potato
  • Ready the Sweet Potatoes for the Grill
  • Chop a part of aluminum foil large sufficient to cover around the sweet potato
  • Saltish and oiled sweet potato in foil keen to be wrapped and grilled
  • Sprinkle with a tiny bit of olive oil to assist the skin to become crispy
  • Drizzle a touch of sea salt
  • Utilize a fork to poke limited holes through the skin. Cover the sweet potato tightly with the foil
  • Grill all the Baked Sweet Potatoes
  • Spot the foil tied potato on the grill
  • Tightly fastened sweet potatoes on erratic warmness on the grill

Gfoil-wrapped etc warmness for almost 40 minutes. The sweet potatoes must be fork-tender. Bigger potatoes will require additional time.

Double grilled baked sweet potatoes on a paper pan read for serving nearly on the extent of your sweet potato and the temperature of your grill, the sweet potatoes might require a little longer. Ours requires roughly 40 minutes but we are utilizing a ceramic grill (the Big Green Egg) where the air spreads evenly. I understand some communities might have to barbecue these upwards of one on your grill and watch how it goes.

This is unique to our dearest grilled side dish food formulae. You are going to like how simple and delicious this Grilled Sweet Potatoes Recipe is.

Grilled Sweet Potatoes

Each person will this sharp and simple barbecued sweet potatoes recipe. Do you like sweet potatoes? I do.

Though, I’m not a huge fan of the conventional sweet potatoes recipe that we all appreciate on Thanksgiving. I like the savory sweet potatoes recipe and this is on term special grilling side dish recipe.

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If you love this, you will adore this Calm Grilled Broccoli Side Dish Recipe or Grilled Green Beans. They are also nice! I likewise understood how to grill corn on the cob and the children like that too.

Can You Digest Sweet Potato Skin?

Yeah, you can. If we are preparing sweet potato fries, I generally leave the skin on.

Though, I want the diced sweet potatoes trimmed. Only accomplish what you prefer.

How to Grill Sweet Potatoes?

You will need to utilize huge duty foil for a foil bag so it won’t smash when you are barbecuing. You can utilize formal foil but I propose you dual wrap it to avoid it breaking.

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