How Long to Cook Sweet Potatoes on Grill

How Long to Cook Sweet Potatoes on Grill with Foil Wrapping

Foil Wrapped Grilled Overheated Sweet Potatoes make the seamless healthy side dish for your BBQ. Foil enfolded sweet potato with a wad of butter on a piece of the pan. This is a great simple side dish we are all desire to make. You discern the one that everybody loves and wants to consume. Sugary potatoes are tender and syrupy and luckily, don’t want a lot of extras to make them flavor out of this world. Once you are petite on time but still want a badass banquet, prepare the A1 steeped steak or the grilled darkened Dover sole along with these humble sweet potatoes for a whole meal with almost no exertion.

Grilling Instructions

Take a part of foil and lay it out on the pawn. Stab a few holes into a spotless sweet potato with the help of a fork. The slums will help the steam leak easily. Salty and oiled sweet potato in foil prepared to be draped and grilled.

Entire Sweet Potato Prepared for the Grill

How long to cook sweet potatoes on grill? Use a fraction of olive oil sprig to provide a very nimble coat on the sweet potato. Shake with sea salt or kosher saline. I discover the mixture of the coarse salt and the oil assists the skin gets a little crunchy when it is done grilling. Cover the sweet potato up and closure the aluminum foil snug.

Place the enfolded sweet potato on a warmth grill set to 350 degrees temperature. I used incidental heat by toting the salver setter to the grill. For vapor grills, turn off the heats immediately below the potato. Grill for around forty minutes, rotating halfway for an average-sized potato. My sweet potatoes were fairly large, and I wanted additional twenty minutes until they were split tender.

Recipe Tips

When I need an even crispier coating, I chef the sweet potato deprived of the foil. Place it conventionally on the harsh. The peel will become exactly crispy but the inside will still be lenient and fluffy.

A Word of Warning

You will want to really watch it carefully as it is very easy for the potato to blister. Whichever way, you can vary this yummy side with trifling effort and hitherto, a high reappearance on flavor!

Grilling Time

A middle-sized sweet potato will require about forty minutes for grilling. Turn it above halfway through to ensure it is cooking consistently.

Note: Variations in grill temperature will influence cooking time. Superior sweet potatoes will have around more than twenty minutes longer.

Serving Options

There are numerous techniques to jazz up these potatoes. Be artistic!

Later than grilling, the opened foil packets disclose a perfectly grilled seared sweet potato. Added now is some butter.

  • Butter and Pepper with a Sweet Potato
  • Butter with brown sugar
  • Butter with sour cream
  • Make it taco replete by utilizing black beans, corn, red onions and coating it with tart cream or guacamole
  • Make Unreliable Caviar and top the sweet potatoes thru it
  • Use these for mealtime meal prep and add knotted eggs, bacon hunks, and tomatoes
  • Topmost with household salsa, green onions, and a blob of sour cream
  • Weight it with homemade chili, cheese, and tart cream

Otherwise, burn them on the grill and eliminate the insides and whip them into a pounded sweet potato all done deprived of ever having to use your oven.

Anyhow, you choose to relish these delicious Sweet Potatoes, you are working to love them! Couple them with a dish inside or your favorite dragged pork, meshed steak, or grilled chicken process.

Lately, I’ve tumbled hard for the art of sluggish grilling. Using the low but penetrating heat of the grill in its place of cranking up the oven alters even the most everyday clips into something magical.

Take the modest sweet potato, for instance, adored for meal prep and everyday feasts. Gradually grilling entire sweet potatoes until tender strengthens their sweetness, crisps their peel, and adds a trace of smoky flavor, preparing them a showstopping cross dish for summer.

How to Slow Grill Complete Sweet Potatoes

Grilling entire sweet potatoes is beautiful and simple. Keep the sweet potatoes straightly on the grill and let them haunt over medium-high heat but you cook the rest of your feast. The crucial is gullible your grill, and not get very intolerant once the skin of the sweet potatoes looks glossy. You need to permit the potatoes to get fork-tender earlier to remove them, since only then will you be pleased with sweet, slightly misty, really magical sweet potatoes.

For the serving of grilled sweet potatoes, you can top them with herbed lard, basic yogurt, and/or pesto or lively chimichurri sauce. I’ve been ingesting them weekly by yogurt, different pineapple, and browned coconut.

Grilled Slow Heated Sweet Potatoes

Entire slow-baked sweet potatoes from the grill are a relaxed, strong side for summer chef outs and banquet prep alike.


Warm an outdoor grill to average high flame, direct heat. At the same time, rinse and brushwood the sweet potatoes underneath cool water and pat arid.

Keep the potatoes straightly on the grill grates concerning the rear side of the grill if you’re grilling further foods? Shelter and grill, flipping halfway over until they can be effortlessly pierced with a blade and the skin is crunchy, 35 to 40 minutes total. Riven and fill with wanted toppings. Serve quickly.

Portions of sweet potatoes grilled and slathered by a cilantro-lime bandage.

Grilled Sweet Potatoes

Have you ever strained to grill sweet vegetables? It’s rapid and easy. You just skin off the sweet potatoes cut them in portions of 1/4-inch slices, coat them with a little quantity of olive oil, sprinkle on about salt, and keep them on a hot grill.

To work, you need to slather them with roughly about a sort of vinaigrette olive oil to save them from tasting super dry, and an acerbic-like lime fluid or lemon juice to stable the sweetness of the sweet potatoes.

Sweet Potato Chips

We frolicked around a bit through this recipe, later than thinking we had “revealed” the delightful combination of lime juice, cilantro, and sugary potatoes, only to search out many others who have made a similar discovery. It’s an abundant combination!

You can supernumerary lemon liquid for the lime, lime juice is better but lemon juice will grind. And you can auxiliary basil for the cilantro, particularly if you are one for whom cilantro palates like soap.


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