How Long To Grill Burgers At 350

Grill Burgers At 350

How Long To Grill Burgers At 350? The real BBQ lover can truly relate to how tastier a hamburger can be when you grill it. Burgers are a staple food of nearly every household, and grilling it enhances the taste to the next level. They are undoubtedly an essential part of any BBQ menu, so you’ll find this dish in all the restaurants that are famous for their grilled food. 

But grilling burgers at home gives you a different pleasure. You are the chef here and who cooks the restaurant-like dishes for the family, and it’s a fact that grilling burgers during family gatherings and birthday parties are common practice. People enjoy this thing. But grilled burgers taste good only when you know how to cook them and how long to keep them on the grill. 

So we have gathered information that will let you know how to grill burgers and the optimum time to grill burgers at 350. 

Choosing The Grill To Cook Burgers 

It all starts choosing the grill on which you will be grilling burgers. It might seem weird to newbies that you have to choose between different grills, but the ones who know the art of BBQ can relate how much role a grill plays in cooking the food, especially burgers. 

For example, if you are a person who is attached to the smoky taste that a charcoal grill gives to the food, then there will be no other thing for you to consider for grilling burgers. You will only like the burgers cooked on a charcoal grill with the smoky charcoal scent. 

But for those who aren’t into the depth of BBQ and want convenience, there are gas grills and electric grills that allow you to control the temperature. While using a gas grill, you can set the flames and control them using the gas regulator. But if you are going for an electric grill, then you have the added convenience of grilling the burger in your kitchen, 

So it’s up to you how convenient you want the grilling to be, but for the best taste and traditional BBQ process, using a charcoal grill is always recommended. 

Preparing To Grill Burgers 

Before starting with the grilling, you should consider keeping everything in range so that you don’t have to look for things while the burgers are on the grills. So, to start with the grilling, make sure that you clean the grills thoroughly and use a rust-free grill for the task. 

If you are using a charcoal grill, then it’s recommended that you use medium-sized coals so that they can catch fire easily. You can also use oil to moisturize the grills to prevent the burgers from sticking with them. 

Furthermore, keeping a good recipe book alongside you is essential. You can use different recipes to grill the burgers according to your taste, but the process is similar. 

Recipe To Grill The Best Burgers 

The following steps will assist you to grill the best burgers:

  1. Preheat the grills for 5 minutes and moisture them using cooking oil 
  2. Place the patties on a grill that are already marinated. 
  3. Make sure that the thickness of patties doesn’t exceed ¾ inches 
  4. Don’t press the patties as they will lose the juiciness that way. 
  5. Grill both sides of the patties for 3 minutes on a side and look for grill marks. 
  6. Afterward, take away the patties and fill them in burgers to enjoy the perfectly cooked grilled burgers. 

How Long To Grill At 350

People are often concerned about how long to grill as there are different temperatures on the grill. You can leave the patties for the same time on a hotter grill. So here is the simple explanation:

For medium-rare, grill each side of the patty for 5 minutes. For medium, increase the grilling time by 6 minutes on each side. To grill the burgers at medium-well, let them be on the grill for 7-8 minutes for each side. Remember, this grilling time is for a grill at 350 degrees. 

If your grill is hotter at the temperature of 375 degrees, simply reduce the grilling time by 2 minutes compared to grilling at 350. 

Adjusting Your grill to Grill Burgers at 350

Adjust your grill according to the type of meat you are cooking. The type of meat you’re cooking will determine how you adjust the heat on your grill. Different cuts of meat have different cooking times, so it’s important to know how to prepare each one, so it’s cooked just right.

If you’re grilling steaks, try using a hotter temperature that is somewhere between 375-500°F. Keep in mind that this will take longer than grilling burgers.

Burgers are quickly grilled, so they need less heat. Try using the high setting on the grill at 350°F—this should cook them in about 10 minutes. If you don’t want to mess with the grill settings, try cooking your burgers for 5 minutes on one side before flipping them over for another 5 minutes.

So there are some tips to help get your grill ready for summer! The easier it is to cook outside, the more time you’ll have inside with your loved ones—just remember these guidelines for what type of meat you’re cooking up!

Adjust your Grill According to the Thickness of the Meat

Different meats need different grill temps to cook to the right level of doneness. If you’re grilling a big steak, you’ll want to set your grill on high. This will help sear the meat and lock in its flavour.

Lower heat is best if you’re grilling something like chicken or fish. You can set your grill on medium for this kind of meat because it takes less time to cook all the way through.


Grilling burgers is no difficult task if you know all the details. You can be a pro after some grilling events. Remember to use an instant thermometer to measure the temperature and set the flames accordingly; setting the right temperature is critical as it will save the patties from burning. That all, enjoy the best-grilled burgers at home. 

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