How Long To Grill Chicken At 400 Degrees

How Long To Grill Chicken At 400 Degrees

Grilling Chicken at 400 Degrees: How Long? Summer marks the peak season for grilling, with chicken being the primary choice for many. While we occasionally enjoy pork chops or burgers, chicken dominates our grilling menus. Here, we’ll offer some straightforward advice on grilling a variety of chicken dishes throughout the summer.

Grilling brings in a smoky flavor to the chicken and provides it with a crispy texture from the outside and a soft juicy flavor from inside. In this article, we will tell you about how to grill chicken and know when chicken is done grilling. We will also tell you about different chicken cards at the right time and temperature to grill chicken. 

Chicken is one of the commonly used poultry around the world because it is used in preparing various dishes. Where you can also cook the chicken alone and tests are only special flavors without adding it to some other dish. So read out the following article and grill the perfect chicken for you. 

Buying The Best Chicken

It all starts with buying the right chicken. You need to buy the freshest chicken to have the best taste from it. Local butcher shops usually prepare fresh chicken daily so you can head towards them and purchase fresh quantities of chicken. 

However, the local grocery stores also clear out their inventory every day so there are probabilities that they have fresh chicken of the day as well. Now it’s up to your convenience how much access the chicken sellers are to you. Just make sure that the chicken is as fresh as possible.

Let’s talk about how long to grill chicken at 400 degrees now!

For How Long Should Chicken Be Grilled At 400 Degrees

Cooking chicken for 8-11 minutes at 375-400 degrees Fahrenheit, determined by the size and thickness of the chicken, or until it reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit is the recommended cooking time.

The Art Of Grilling Chicken Without Burning It

Grilling chicken without burning them requires watching the grill temperature, moving the chicken around to avoid hot spots, and turning the chicken often. The best grill temperature is between 375°F and 400°F. Rotate the chicken pieces evenly between the hot spots on the grill or avoid them altogether if you notice any spots that are hotter than others. To finish, turn the chicken frequently on the grill, or about every 2-3 minutes.

Marinating Chicken And Freezing Them

You can freeze the marinated chicken. Chicken and marinade can be frozen for up to 3 months in freezer-safe bags or containers. You can grill the chicken best if you defrost it in the refrigerator for 24-36 hours before grilling.

The Best Way to Tell If Chicken Is Done

If you want to eat chicken, it needs to reach an internal temperature of 165°F at its thickest part. However, we recommend removing it from the grill after it reaches 160°F, as its temperature will continue to rise.

The Best Way To Grill Chicken Breasts Without Drying Them Out

During the first 8-10 minutes, cook on direct heat while flipping halfway, then switch to indirect heat and continue cooking for the remaining 5-7 minutes. Also, do not leave the chicken on the grill until it reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees, which is the temperature it needs to reach before it is safe to eat. Remove it from the grill at 160 degrees, between 155-160 degrees, and then let it rest. 

When it rests, it will continue to cook, increasing the temperature by nearly 10 degrees. Think about how it would taste if you left it on the grill until it reached 165 degrees. By the time you eat it, it may have reached 175 degrees! That’s too much heat, and it would be dry.

Skip the Guesswork To Check The Temperature Of The Chicken

You can ensure chicken reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit by using a digital meat thermometer when grilling. By inserting the thermometer into the thickest part of the cut and avoiding any bones, you will get the most accurate reading possible. Let it rest for five minutes so that it reaches a safe temperature before removing it from the grill. That will allow the juices to penetrate the chicken.

Use Direct and Indirect Heat When Grilling Chicken To Grill Chicken At 400 Degrees

Grilling chicken requires precise temperature control. For longer cooking times, such as whole chickens or dark meats like drumsticks and thighs, you will need both direct and indirect heat zones. 

When foods are cooked indirectly, they are cooked slower and more evenly as they are not directly exposed to the heat of the fire, which might burn chicken cuts that require a longer cooking time. The only time to grill directly over the heat is when you are cooking chicken portions that are less than a few inches thick, such as chicken breasts, tenders, and wings.

Tips For Grilling Chicken – Basting And Saucing To Grill Chicken At 400 Degrees

Almost all sauces, including barbecue sauce and pesto, scorch easily due to their sugar content, so don’t add sauce or baste until the end of grilling. To add a sauce high in sugar content, wait until the temperature reaches 160 degrees Fahrenheit. When you’ve finished sauteing or basting, you should grill on an indirect heat zone to prevent burning.

How Long To Grill Chicken At 400 Degrees

Now when you’re done seasoning the chicken. Please time onto the grill and make sure that you don’t. Have very high flames. Furthermore, The optimum chair time for cooking time to 12 ounces of chicken pieces at 350 degrees for heights is 30 to 40 minutes. This cooling time is on indirect heat. It’s recommended to cook the chicken on indirect heat throughout but if you still want to cook it on direct heat just move the chicken onto the direct flames for several minutes after cooking heat or indirect heat. You don’t have to close the lid of the grill throughout. 


The grill can be used in a variety of ways when grilling boneless, skinless chicken. Take some time to experiment. You do not need a long list of ingredients when you cook. Enjoy yourself and prepare some chicken while listening to music!

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