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Grill London Broil on Gas Grill

London Broil is a cut of beef steak typically found in fine cuts of steaks. It has a thick, white and red marbled appearance with an eye in the middle that is surrounded by tender and flavorful meat. But how long to grill London broil on a gas grill?

London broils quickly browns when cooked above medium to high heat, but it remains quite moist due to the fat content. The thickness makes it impossible to overcook, so you can happily cook this steak low and slow or until it reaches your desired level of doneness.

In this blog post, we will discuss how long to grill London broil on a gas grill along with some other commonly asked queries. 

How Long to Grill London Broil on Gas Grill?

When it comes to how long to grill London broil on a gas grill, you should always start by preheating your outdoor grill. You can also use your indoor cast iron griddle over high heat. Once hot, add some oil or butter. After that, place your steak on it once again and leave it alone until you see that it has been browned.

Next, turn down the heat to medium-high and continue cooking it for about one minute. After this, check your steak to see if it is nicely brown and begin flipping it over to the other side.

Turning the meat over too early is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when cooking London broil on a gas grill. If you do so, then the surface which is facing down will burn before you get the chance to cook it.

Cook the meat on this side for about 2-3 minutes before flipping it over and repeating the process until it is fully cooked.

Keep in mind that different cuts of steak and those with different levels of thickness will require varying cooking times. Remember, you always need to check the internal temperature of your steak before you decide whether or not it is ready. 

There are two main indicators that you should look out for; 130 degrees F for medium doneness and 140 degrees F for medium-well doneness. While it may take you about 20 to 25 minutes to grill the London broil on a gas grill. 

Impact of Marinade on Grilling Time:      

London broil differs from other cuts of steak in that it benefits from an extra-long marinating period. Since it has a higher fat content, marinating helps to break down the connective tissues and enhances the flavor.

Also, the marinade you choose will make all the difference to this cut of meat. If you opt for a stronger flavored marinade such as lemon or soy, you will find that there is just enough time for the meat to absorb its flavor before it cooks.

If you are not in a hurry and are opting for a more subtle flavor, then you might find it better to soak the meat. Or you can marinate it and leave it over time.  This will give you more time for the flavor to permeate the meat and will ensure that the outside of the steak doesn’t burn before you get to enjoy it.

What kind of steaks are used for London Broil?

Any cut of beef steak that has a white, red, and occasionally orange marbled appearance is considered to be a London broil. 

In addition, the meat may also have an eye in the middle with meat that is extremely flavorful. If you enjoy the flavor of this cut of meat and want to avoid overcooking it, you should consider buying London broil online.

Is it necessary to marinade the London Broil?

Marinating the London Broil is crucial as it will break down connective tissue and allow flavors to permeate the meat.

Some people strongly recommend that you marinate your steak for a minimum of 8 hours before you cook it. Therefore, if you have several hours to spare, then this would be a great opportunity for you to marinate for a long time. 

What marinades work best with London Broil?

The best marinades for London broil include those with a citrus flavor. Lemon juice and orange juice are particularly good for this as they both have a subtle sweetness that is commonly associated with beef.

In addition, soy sauce is another great marinade option as it is packed with umami flavor. It also has antibacterial properties that will ensure that your meat stays fresh. It stays fresh between the time of purchase and the time when you eat it.

Tips for Grilled London Broil

Following are some of the tips for perfect grilling of London broil:

  • You must start by preheating your grill or stovetop before you place your meat on it. This will increase the surface area of the meat and allow it to brown properly. 
  • Also, covering your grill with a piece of aluminum foil will enable you to get the steak evenly cooked without having to worry about flare-ups.
  • As mentioned earlier, make sure that the steak is cooked on both sides before you begin flipping it over. This is especially true for thicker cuts of meat which need to cook more evenly.


London Broil is a delicacy that you should be able to enjoy any time that you want. Therefore, to make sure that it is cooked to perfection, it is always advisable that you follow this guide on how long to grill London Broil on a gas grill.

And most importantly, always remember to marinate your beef steak before you place it on the grill. Grill it now and enjoy it with your loved ones. 

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