How To Air Fry Onion Rings Frozen

Do you want a crispy, delicious & healthy side dish for your mid-week dinner? Then Air Fryer Frozen Onion Rings are the best choice for you. In today’s article, we’ll be going to show you how to air fry frozen onion rings. 

There are many ways of frying Frozen Onion Rings but an air fryer will be the best option for you. Air fried Onion Rings are healthful and you don’t need a lot of time to prepare this. You can also fry the Onion Rings with the least effort. Also, you don’t need to use a large amount of oil while frying this. It’s a quick-witted and trouble-free swap for all of your family partners to love and also an excellent treat for the youngsters. 

The Frozen Onion Rings are usually toasted in the condition of pretty small rings. There are various strategies for frying this including the oven, regular cooking top, etc. Keep going through the article to learn more details about Air Fryer Frozen Onion Rings.

How to Air Fry Frozen Onion Rings?

The unique thing about Onion Rings, you can easily make them at home. But the homemade Onion Rings toasting procedure is a little messy. In this type of condition, you can think about picking up the frozen Onion Rings. You will get this in packaged condition for frying in your near grocery shop or supermarket.

Why use an Air Fryer for Frozen Onion Rings?

You may already know about air frying Frozen Onion Rings but thinking how it can benefit you? When you start frying the Onion Rings with your traditional cooking procedure, it needs extra oil. We all know that excess oil is very dangerous for our body fitness and skin.

The air fryer needs an extremely small amount of oil for frying the Onion Rings. That’s why it will not make any type of messiness and it will be lower cleaning cook work too. You can effortlessly monitor the temperature & cooking time with this air fryer. That’s the motive why Onion Rings will come out crispy & delicious as you want.

If you are a newcomer to cooking, you can also get an outstanding outcome with this machine. Now, we’ll talk about the steps you require following for air frying Frozen Onion Rings.

Things You Need 

First, you will need the Frozen Onion Rings. It should be accessible in your nearest grocery store or local market. You will get it packaged and frozen. You can take as many packets as you need. As the Onion Rings are frozen, you can stock them in your refrigerator. And then you need the air fryer. We hope that you already have one air fryer. The last stuff you need is Olive oil spray. You can grab a spray bottle & settle some olive oil in it. That’s all you don’t need anything else for air frying Frozen Onion Rings.

Step 1

The primary activity you have to do that is preheating the air fryer to 350 degrees. F. But if your air fryer does not have any preheat button, then adjust the temperature to 350 degrees F and the timer to 5 minutes. This is one of the most essential parts because it prepares the air fryer ready for frying. Also, through preheating this air fryer, the Frozen Onion Rings become very crispy, crunchy, and tasty. Also being fried very quickly. For preheating the air fryer machine you have to attach this with power and turn the air fryer switched on. 

Step 2

Now you have to cut carefully the frozen onion rings packets. Then remove the frozen onion rings from the packet. Commonly take off the onion rings and also get rid of the air fryer basket. Now, place your onion rings in the air fryer basket. One important thing you have to learn, don’t put all the onion rings at the same time. It will not be able to prepare the whole packet at the same time.

Step 3

If you are done placing all the onion rings properly, put the basket in the fryer machine. It’s an essential step that you have to modify the frying period faultlessly. Generally, it requires 5 to 6 minutes to fry.

Step 4

Open the basket of the air fryer and shake the basket after 2 to 3 minutes. Then spray some extra virgin olive oil and this will become a layer. Shut off the basket. Break out the air fryer for another 3 minutes. When the onion rings become golden then it’s fry finished. Turn off the air fryer & take off the Onion Rings carefully. Now they are flawlessly ready for serve.


How Do I Get Crispy Onion Rings In The Air Fryer?

I have the greatest tricks for getting Crispy Onion Rings, that is spraying olive oil in the frozen onion rings. After putting the full of Onion Rings basket in the air fryer, you can spray a little amount of olive oil.

Can I Cook These In The Oven?

Yes, you can. Most of the packages of frozen onion rings have oven instructions on them.

How Do I Reheat Onion Rings In My Air Fryer?

This is an outstanding topic, particularly if your onion rings are leftover from a fast-food cafeteria. You can again reheat your Onion Rings In the air fryer. 

You should preheat your air fryer to 350 degrees F, near about 4 to 5 minutes. Then you have to put the refrigerated onion rings for nearly 4 to 5 minutes.

What Are Some Good Dipping Sauces for My Onion Rings?

It depends on your taste quality. My personal choice is ketchup, although there have some other wonderful options.

  • Honey
  • Cocktail Sauce
  • Onion Ring Sauce


If you have an air fryer at your own house, this is one of the perfect side dishes for you and your family members. It is very easy to prepare, requires a very short time, and also tasty. Hope you will be able to air fry the frozen onion rings with help of the recipe.

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