How to Cook Without Electricity

Cooking has never been easier than now. We have machines like microwave, oven, and others that can make our food within a matter of seconds. The process of making our foods edible is now faster and almost effortless. That has become possible because of the expansive use of gas and electricity.

The expansive availability of modern cooking equipment even makes some of us think that it’s impossible to cook without gas or electricity. But the thing is many countries around the world still cook their foods following the traditional methods that don’t require electricity and gas.

How to cook without electricity or gas is a skill that every individual should learn. It can benefit you in a variety of situations where you will not get the convenience of cooking through electricity and gas.

Best Ways to Cook without Electricity and Gas

You will be glad to know that there are a variety of ways to cook without gas and electricity. Some of these even don’t require making a fire. Here are some of the best and convenient ways to prepare your food without electricity.

Cook Through Fire

Well, the most obvious way to cook without electricity is through fire.  That’s the oldest way which our ancestors used to prepare food for thousands of years. Perhaps, most of the under-developed countries around the globe use fire for their regular cooking. It’s a practical solution for cooking outside.

To cook in this way, you will require some supplies to produce the fire. You will need a match or lighter, dry woods, or dry leaves to make and continue the fire. It will better if you can make a hole for the fire to put the cooking pot or skillet on top of it. If you are unable to create a hole, you may use a grill top for cooking on it.

Another feasible option can be to cover the food with foil. You can directly put the food covered with foil on fire without any pans or grill top. Be aware of your safety and pay close attention to the surroundings to avoid any fire hazards.

Cook on Solar Cooker

A solar cooker is the most eco-friendly and cheapest way to cook your meal. As it uses the power of the sun, you don’t require using any fuels or woods. All you need to do is invest in a sun oven, available in both related online and offline stores. If you are living in a comparatively sunny and warm climate, a solar or sun oven can be an excellent choice to cook food without fuels.

Those types of cookers can produce up to 300F of heat within 20 minutes. Besides, it can take your temperature up to 225F, enabling you to quickly cook the food. Typically, these types of the cooker are lightweight and portable, making them a perfect pick for camping trips where an open fire is not allowed. You can also use the sun cooker to dry the foods.

Camping Stoves

As the name recommends, the camping stove is designed to accommodate you the most in the outdoors. They are convenient, portable, and available at a cheap price. You will find some decent variations of the camping stoves under $10. Camping stoves typically equip a small gas cylinder or canister that allows you to cook for a pre-determined period.

There are refill cartridges available to refill the canister or cylinders. Because of these characteristics, they are only suitable for occasional uses.  Note that camping stoves are not recommended to use indoors. If you still want to use them make sure to be careful and keep your windows open.

Charcoal or Propane Grill

Apart from preparing delicious BBQ, the charcoal grill can be used to cook your food. You can put the foods on the grill top just like BBQ to make them ready for eating. Or, you may cover them with foil for preserving the juice and flavor. Instead of charcoal, you create a fire with dry woods, leaves, or papers to cook the food quickly.

A propane grill will be a more practical solution to cook than a charcoal grill. It uses propane as fuel and cooks the food pretty quickly. You can even dry foods through a propane fuel stove. However, you will need to be aware of the fuel as it can run out pretty quickly.

It doesn’t matter whether you choose the propane grill or charcoal grill, never use them indoors. While using the propane grill, be aware of the gas cylinder and put it in a secured place.

Volcano Stove

The volcano stove is one of the smallest and collapsible stoves that you can use on emergency or camping trips. It has a collapsible design and the folded size is 5 inches, allowing you to take it anywhere. Operating the volcano stove is also pretty easy as you can use different types of fuels on it. These types of the stove are also available at a cheap price.

You can use propane, charcoal, wood, and some other substances as fuel in the volcano stove. Besides, it offers you the flexibility to cook as you want. It can be used to grill, barbeque, fry, smoke, or bake the foods.  Considering all the benefits, the volcano stove will be an excellent choice for occasional and emergency outdoor cooking sessions.


It may sound award but you can use the fireplace for cooking things. Here is how to do it – cover your food properly with a good quality foil. Now run it over the hot charcoal in the fireplace. It can be a great way to cook solid foods like potatoes, vegetables, etc. during the winter. As the fireplace produces high heats, foods will be well-cooked and tasty.


As you see above, there are plenty of options available when you want to cook without electricity or gas. What’s impressive is all the mentioned techniques are pretty easy to try for anyone. The most feasible ways are solar cookers, volcano stoves, propane grill, etc. If you often require cooking off-grid, they will be the best option for you.

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