How To Brine Chicken Pieces For Grilling

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How To Brine Chicken Pieces For Grilling

How To Brine Chicken Pieces For Grilling? If you are planning to grill chicken pieces, you must Go for bringing it perfectly. It enhances the flavour and assists in grilling the chicken perfectly. But if you are confused about how to brine the chicken pieces for grilling, then this article is the one for you. We have gathered the perfect recipe for bringing chicken pieces to help you a lot.

Grilling is an art that can be learned in days. But as soon as you explore different grilling techniques, you come to know that there are plenty of prerequisites that need to be involved in the whole grilling process. One of the important prerequisites for grilling is bringing, Especially when cooking chicken pieces. In addition to the taste factor, bringing the chicken pieces is an essential part of the grilling process. You Cannot simply play the chicken pieces on the grill directly, And if you do, you will end up burning the chicken pieces, and all your effort will go in vain.

So let’s start with bringing the chicken and making it ready to grill.

Importance Of Brining The Chicken Pieces

Most of you familiar with marinating and preparing the food for frying can relate to bring but for newbies, brining is the process of dipping meat into saltwater to let it absorb the moisture and tenderness. So whenever you are considering the term brine the chicken pieces, you are preparing to give it an enriched taste.

But why is bringing so important? The following three factors will justify it.

  • The chicken pieces soak as much moisture as possible while bringing them. So you will be able to cook the juiciest pieces of chicken on the grill.
  • The saltwater you are bringing the chicken pieces brings in tenderness to it. 
  • Lastly, after brining the chicken pieces, the overall taste will enhance to the next level. As brine consists of sugar elements and mixed flavour of other liquids that you are using, it enrages the taste and health of the chicken to grill perfectly.

Preparing Chicken Pieces For The Brine

Preparing the pieces involves two basic steps to make them ready to dip in the saltwater and get all of the tenderness.

  1. Clean the chicken pieces and remove any failures left during the booking process. It would be best if you also trim loose bones with a sharp knife so that it does not fall apart during the grilling process.
  2. Secondly, shape the chicken pieces according to your desire. You can use the whole piece or v  wings, but it is totally up to you.

Recipe To Brine Chicken Pieces

Once you’re prepared with all the elements and clean the chicken, let’s start with the instructions to bring it perfectly. Note that these instructions are for 2 pounds of chicken wings, so variate the quantity accordingly if you are using less or more.

  1. Firstly, take Three tablespoons of kosher salt into four cups of water. Use warm water to dissolve the salt easily.
  2. Ensure not to substitute normal caution salt as different salts have their properties.
  3. Afterwards, allow the solution to cool completely before adding chicken pieces.
  4. Add a quarter of soya sauce, half cup of brown sugar, three cloves of crushed garlic, a couple of springs, and mix it with the chicken thoroughly. You can also add two tablespoons of your favourite hot sauce to bring a spicy flavour  
  5. Let the chicken pieces dipped in the solution overnight to be marinated as much as possible.
  6. Shake the chicken pieces if you have play state inside an airtight bag as it will help the chicken pieces to get the Mary nation more correctly
  7. That’s all you are done with, bringing the chicken pieces perfectly.

Brining The Chicken To Know When Chicken Is Done Grilling

Before grilling the chicken you have to brine it thoroughly. To do that you can follow the simple recipe explained below.

  • Take three table spoons of kosher salt into four cups of warm water and mix the solution make sure that you are not using the normal salt because kosher salt is a bit different and provides the best flavor to the chicken.
  • Afterwards allow the solution to cool completely before adding chicken into it.
  • Did the chicken into the solution and seal it into an airtight bag and left it overnight.
  • You can also shake the chicken pieces into the airtight bag so that chicken could absorb the saltwater perfectly
  • Then take out the chicken pieces and they will be ready to be on the grill.

How Long To Cook Chicken Breast On The Grill

Now when you’re done seasoning the chicken. Please time onto the grill and make sure that you don’t. Have very high flames. Furthermore, The optimum chair time for cooking time to 12 ounces of chicken pieces at 350 degrees for heights is 30 to 40 minutes. This cooling time is on indirect heat. It’s recommended to cook the chicken on indirect heat throughout but if you still want to cook it on direct heat just move the chicken onto the direct flames for several minutes after cooking heat or indirect heat. You don’t have to close the lid of the grill throughout. 

How To Know Chicken Is Done Grilling

You can take your chicken off the grill when it reaches the internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use an instant thermometer to measure the internal Make sure that you don’t cook any Further because it will lead to overcooking the chicken.


So following all these steps, you will brine the chicken pieces thoroughly and with due perfection. Brining the chicken pieces isn’t a challenging task if you know the simple steps mentioned above. So use them wisely and grill the perfect chicken pieces. All you have to make sure of is using the quantities mentioned above. However, if you have more quantity of chicken, then increase the amount of salt, water, and sauces. But if you are a newbie, use only two pounds of chicken for the first trial.