How To Brine Chicken Wings For Grilling

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How To Brine Chicken Wings For Grilling

How To Brine Chicken Wings For Grilling? Chicken wings taste the best when brined perfectly before placing them on the grill. But if you are confused about how to brine chicken wings for grilling, then continue reading this article that has all the answers to your questions. 

Grilling is an art that you can learn in a couple of days, and by the time you start grilling food, you come to understand that there are so many prerequisites involved before placing the food on the grill. So is the case with chicken wings. You cannot directly place them on the grill, and if you do, you’ll end up having tough, burned, and tasteless chicken pieces that no one would like to eat. 

So brining the wings is as important as cooking it on the grill cautiously. Read the following article to know the best recipe to brine chicken wings like a pro. 

Fried chicken wings are the most common type of chicken wings consumed. Fried chicken wings are a significant health risk due to the amount of cholesterol and fats they contain. These days, anything fried will suffice. Boiling chicken wings are a good alternative to fried chicken. To prepare them, all you need is a basic understanding of boiling chicken wings.

Chicken Wings Brining Instructions

It may appear like boiling chicken wings is a simple task, but it is not. You can’t just throw chicken wings in a pot of water and wait for them to boil. To get the most out of your boiling chicken wings, you must follow a certain procedure. Everything you need to know about boiling chicken wings is listed below:

Step 1: Cook One Kilogram Of Chicken Wings

The first step in boiling chicken wings is, of course, to obtain them. We recommend starting with a kilogram of chicken wings. You can, however, be useless if you don’t wish to boil as many. Furthermore, you must ensure that your chicken wings are correctly chopped, cleaned, and processed. Then, in a boiling utensil, place your chicken wings.

Step 2: Add-In 2.5 Liters Of Water To The Mixture

To boil the 1 kilogram of chicken wings, fill your utensil with 2.5 liters of water. The amount of water you use is determined by the number of chicken wings you’re cooking. Additionally, make certain you have a large enough utensil for a huge amount of water.

Step 3: Bring The Mixture To A Broil

Place a cover on the pan and boil on the heat until it has reached the desired temperature. You don’t have to boil it for a specific amount of time. Remember to remove it from the heat as soon as the water boils.

So What Does Brining Do And How To Brine Chicken Wings For Grilling

People familiar with marinating and preparing the food for deep-frying or grilling can relate to this term but for newbies, brining is a process of soaking meat into saltwater to help them get the moisture tenderness and enriched taste, all at the same time. 

The main benefit of wet brining is that you can add any desired flavor to the saltwater and bring your desired flavor to the meat. The following reason might explain well why brining the chicken wings makes so much sense:

  1. By bringing the chicken wings in saltwater for any time, you allow it to soak as much moisture as possible. It will result in the juiciest wings cooked on the grill. 
  2. The second property that saltwater gives to the wings is tenderness. It relaxes the will between the proteins in chicken wings. The results are more tender cooked wings that taste amazing.
  3. Thirdly, the overall taste of the chicken wings enhanced to the next level. Brine consists of sugar elements and mixed flavors of other liquids and herbs. This enriches the overall wing’s flavor.

Prepping The Wings For The Brine

Preparing the wings for brine isn’t a difficult task. It consists of some si,ple steps. So follow the steps below to prepare the chicken wings:

  1. Make sure that the wings are clean. This involves cleaning any feathers left during the butchering process. Trim any loose bones with a sharp knife. 
  2. The next step is more personal preference. whether you like whole wings or V wings, it is up to you, so prepare accordingly.

So it’s as simple as two short steps, and your chicken wings are prepared to be brined. 

Prepare The Brine Chicken Wings For Grilling

So after you are done cleaning the chicken wings. Let’s prepare the brine mixture to get the chicken prepared for the grill. For this, read out the instructions below:

  1. These instructions are for two pounds of chicken wings, so if you are using more or fewer wings, adjust the salts accordingly. 
  2. Take kosher salt as it’s recommended for brine. Do not substitute it with normal table salts, as different salts have different properties. The only salt you can substitute it with is flakey salt.
  3. Add three tablespoons of salt into four cups of water. They heat the water to dissolve the salt easily. 
  4. Afterward, allow the water to cool down completely before adding chicken wings into it. 
  5. To add more flavors, use three tablespoons of salt with only one cup of water in the beginning into a saucepan. The rest of their cups you will add in the end. 
  6. Add a quarter of soya sauce, half cup of brown sugar, three cloves of crushed garlic, a couple of sprigs, and just give it a little kick. Then add two tablespoons of your favorite hot sauce.
  7. Bring the solution to a boil while stirring constantly. Afterward, cool down the solution, add the remaining three cups of water, and mix it well.
  8. Then add the chicken wings and place them into the freezer overnight. The minimum time to brine is four hours; however, it’s good to leave it overnight. 
  9. Shake the brined wings if you have placed them in an airtight bag; it will help the wings get brined perfectly. 


So by now, you are set to grill chicken wings. Following the simple steps above will enable you to give perfect marination to the wings, and the results will be juicy, tender, and flavourful chicken wings. Keep in mind to cook them on indirect heat. 

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