How To Build A China Box Grill

Building A China Box Grill

How To Build A China Box Grill? It’s a Cuban technique for cooking a pig in a container. Put a pig in the crate, consume charcoal on top, and after 4 hours, marvelousness arises with succulent meat and crispy skin.

It’s the fastest way of doing an entire pig. Simple to set up, simple to utilize, convenient, and doesn’t need a lot of room – practically any spot useful for a BBQ barbecue is useful for a Caja China. I’ve utilized one on a loft overhang. 

You can purchase a pre-made Caja China (also known as Caja adores, cajun microwave), yet That doesn’t seem fun at all. Assemble it yourself. Here are guidelines for DIY and how to cook an entire pig. As it is the quickest way to cook an entire pig, many people wonder how to build a China box grill.

Step 1

Cover the pig in the ground with hot coals and hot rocks. Uncover it when it’s finished. 

PROS – When the pig is in the ground, it requires no dynamic work.

CONS – Extremely long absolute time, requires burrowing a lovely profound pit, torching a fire for quite a long time to deliver hot coals, finding reasonable rocks that can be warmed in those coals and embedded into the pig, then, at that point, covering it. Pig comes out sodden, yet skin isn’t fresh. It prepares/steams in the pit. 

The most concerning issue, however, isn’t having any way of controlling the heat. You simply cover it, then, at that point, uncover it and implore it’s finished. In case it’s not, you’re in a bad way.

Step 2

Put the pig on a spit straight over a fire. 

PROS – Crispy skin. 

CONS  – Requires a hardcore rotisserie construct. Turning a pig ain’t simple. Requires consistent checking and work while it cooks.

Step 3 To Build A China Box Grill

Soot blocks are piled up to make a stove. The pig is spread level and sandwiched in an edge so it very well may be flipped. Foil covers the top. Hot coals are embedded into the base corners of the “broiler.” 

PROS – Pigskin gets quite CRISPY (seemingly the most amazing aspect of the pig), the pig stove is not difficult to gather and separate, absolute cook time is speedy. 

CONS – Need a devoted level surface, need 48 ash blocks, need to store 48 ash obstructs thereafter, need to construct a sandwiching pig outline.

Step 4 To Build A China Box Grill

Delve a rectangular pit in the ground and line it with foil. Fundamentally, the pit goes about as a crate (or the other way around, as this strategy presumably started things out). Spread, the racked pig goes in, put a steel sheet on top, then, at that point, consume charcoal on it. The hotness source is as yet on top. 

A Brief History Of La Caja China To Build A China Box Grill

The legend behind La Caja China is that the plan was initially presented by Chinese workers in Cuba who were building Cuba’s rail lines. The plan grabbed the eye of neighbourhood Cubans, who made the plan their own. Eventually, this crate turned out to be essential for their social legacy that was acquainted with the United States in the twentieth century. Strangely, the Cajuns are known to utilize a roaster that seems like the La Caja China for cooking nursing pigs. 

Numerous web-based merchants sell their variant of La Caja China, however, they’re not modest! Some more modest models start at about $400. Assuming you need to add adornments and instruments, that is extra. Also, that is the expense of purchasing/handling the actual pig. When you add that load of costs, you might have spent about $1,000 before you begin broiling the pig.

Weather is Essential To Keep A China Box Grill

What else can keep your grill from overheating? The weather, after all, is really important. When lighting the grill in a humid environment, the coals will burn out faster because they are predisposed to absorb and keep moisture. Of course, this doesn’t exclude you from lighting a grill on a hot day! It, however, will necessitate a significant amount of effort.

Don’t Forget the Importance Of Wood To Keep A Grill Lit

Also, if you want to know how to keep the grill burning, make sure you use only high-quality, dry wood. It will burn for a significantly longer period of time—this way. Also, when grilling with charcoal, don’t forget to add coals from time to time! Allowing all of the coals to burn out makes it more difficult to restart the grill, resulting in the meal being ruined.

Maintain Cleanliness Of Your China Box Grill

Finally, it is important to keep your grills clean at all times. Remember to empty the ashtray regularly, as a full ashtray will prevent the bottom damper from functioning properly. The airflow will be insufficiently strong and stable. As a result, the coals will not receive enough oxygen, making lighting charcoal more difficult than usual.


All in all, that is essentially how I prevailed concerning making my own Caja China. Because of this natively constructed broiling box, I lived it up with a shocking meal pig alongside my family. You can likewise make your own with such simple to-find materials. You must know how to build a China box grill if you love eating and cooking. It is a great way to cook a whole pig. It is not difficult to cook in it and gives you lots of flavour and crispiness on the outside.

Notwithstanding, attempt to be just about as cautious as conceivable while developing it. Realizing how to make a Caja China is significant, however shielding yourself from being singed or harmed is likewise fundamental. 


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