How to Heat Up Pizza in Air Fryer

Are you a pizza enthusiast? If so, you likely find yourself with leftover pizza slices in your fridge quite often. The problem with these slices is that reheating them in a microwave or oven rarely restores their original deliciousness. However, using an air fryer could effectively resurrect the delightful flavor of your leftover pizza slices by properly reheating them. Continue reading to discover the method for warming pizza in an air fryer.

The air fryer is a new innovative device that is taking over the usual ways of frying some varieties of foods. This machine is designed to offer you a stunning cooking performance without any oil or leaving messiness. Although you can utilize the air fryer for a variety of works, today we will show you how to reheat the pizza in your air fryer.

How to Heat Up Pizza in Your Air Fryer

As we said earlier, households typically utilize the oven or microwave to reheat the leftover pizza. With these cooking methods, you typically end up with soggy and oily pizza slices which never taste greats. The air fryer can be an excellent solution to this issue. You can utilize it to make your leftover pizza taste like the fresh ones. Here are some other reasons why you should utilize the air fryer for the pizzas:

  •         Make your pizza taste better by making them crispy and gooey.
  •         No chances of burning; you can set the right temperature and cooking duration.
  •         Perfect for all types and styles of pizza out there with any types of coating.
  •         Air fryer can prepare the pizza 3x times faster when compared to the other methods.  

Now let’s see how we can heat up the pizza in the air fryer. Below, we will let you know the right way of doing this work.

Step 1: Preheat the Air Fryer

The first thing you need to do is to turn on the air fryer device after connecting to an electric outlet. Press the start/stop button to turn on the machine. After that press the preheat function if there is an option in the control panel. If there is no preheat option, simply put the machine at 325 Degree F and allow the machine to become hot for 2 to 3 minutes.

Step 2: Add the Slices in Air Fryer Basket

Now take off the pizza slices from the refrigerator and then organize them in the air fryer basket. Make sure to put them in a single layer and don’t overlap. Overlapping may let you cook more slices at once but this will cause uneven cooking. If you have a lot of pizza slices to heat up, simply heat them in smaller batches.

If you have an air fryer rack, you can also consider utilizing it for cooking a lot of them at once. These racks allow you to stack the food to cook more of these at once without impacting the air circulation. It doesn’t matter which way you put them; you will need to be aware of assuring proper air transfer for heating adequately.

Step 3: Time to Heat Up

Now you can begin heating up the pizza slices. Begin the operation of the machine and set the timer settings to 6 times. That means it will take around 6 minutes for your pizza slices to be heated properly. Note that it may require some more or less time based on the capability of your device and the type of pizza you are heating.

After cooking for around 3 minutes, pause the operation and check the pizza. Guess how long it will take to complete heating and then cook for the additional time. If you want the slices to be a bit crispier, you will require few more minutes. Note that pizzas with a thin crusts will require less time while deep-dish crusts will need more time.

Step 4: Complete the Cooking

You are almost done. Once you find that the slices are heated properly, you can take them off from the air fryer. Carefully take out the air fryer basket by holding it from the handle. Then wait for a while to let them cool down. Don’t touch instantly as you can burn your finger. You can move them to the serving dish once they are cool to touch.

If you have multiple slices to cook, you can repeat the process from step 2 to the rest. Note that you will require less time to heat the slices as the machine is already adequately heated.

Tips for Heating the Pizza Slices in Air Fryer

Below we will discuss some tips that may help you while heating the pizza slices. Check them out from below.

  1.   You may put parchment paper on the surface of the air fryer basket before adding the slices to make it easier for you to cleaning. However, don’t add many slices while utilizing them.
  2.   Unlike the oven, you can open the air fryer as much time as you want while cooking. So, check them in a few minutes intervals to know how is the cooking going. Take them off as soon as they are done as you overcooking may impact the taste.
  3.   You may utilize tongs to take the slices off from the basket to prevent burning your beautiful fingers.
  4.   Spraying oil is optional while heating them. If you prefer a bit crispier crust, you can consider spraying little oil in the crust and the basket surface. Do the same thing if you think the slices are going to stick in the basket surface.
  5.   The above-described steps are suitable for heating pizza in any air fryer. However, you may require modifying the cooking duration a bit to get the optimum outcome.


The air fryer is a great way to make your leftover foods taste like freshly baked/fried one. However, the key to getting the best result from the air fryer is to utilize it in the right way. We hope you will be able to get the best taste from the pizza slices by cooking them in the air fryer

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