How To Clean Porcelain Enamel Grill Grates

Want to Learn How To Clean Porcelain Enamel Grill Grates ?

Grill grates serve the purpose of cooking food. By cleaning the grill grates, you minimize the accumulation of dust on them and guarantee that the food remains flavorful and delicious. Conversely, neglecting to clean the grill grates or failing to do so can lead to damage to the grates. Therefore, it’s essential to clean all types of grill grates, regardless if they’re made of iron or metal.

Porcelain Enamel Grill Grates 

Porcelain enamel grill grates are made of metal and coated with porcelain. Metal is of two types: iron or steel. However, iron is being widely used in porcelain grill grates. Because iron heats the grill grates faster than steel. If there are any chips or scrapes in the grill grates, it increases the risk of impurities in the food and damages the grill grates. In addition, there are also precautionary methods to clean the grill grates without damaging the porcelain coating. So, it is necessary to clean the grill grates regularly. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss how to clean porcelain enamel grill grates.  

How Many Ways To Clean The Porcelain Enamel Grill Grates 

There are different methods for cleaning the porcelain enamel grill grates. These are

  1. Scrubbing method 
  2. Soaking method 
  3. Use of dish soap cleaners 
  4. Use of baking soda  
  5. Deep cleaning method to clean grill grates 

1: Scrubbing Method To Clean 

Follow the steps to clean the grill grates by scrubbing method. 

Step 1: Equipment Uses For Scrubbing Method

The followings are the equipment you need for the scrubbing method. 

A soft surface cloth, such as plywood  

Two-gallon bucket 

Dishwashing soap 


warm water  

A soft-bristled brush 

Step 2: Add Dishwashing Liquid To Warm Water 

First of all, fill the bucket with warm water. Then, add some dish washing liquid to the warmer water. 

Step 3: Remove The Grill Grates From The Grill Hose

Now, separate the grill grate from the grill hose. To protect the surface of the grill grates, fold them with plywood or another soft surface.  

Step 4: Scrub The Grill Surface With Soaked Rag 

Put the rag in the soapy liquid and warm water. Scrub the grill grates with a rag until they are clean. If the baked cracks of food do not come off, go for the soft bristle brushes to remove the cracks. Do not use scrapers with brushes. It damages the grill grates with splits and cracks. 

Step 5: Dry The Grill Grates By Air

Rinse the water on the grill grates and allow it to air dry. Moreover, you can clean it with a soft towel before placing it on the grill hose.  

So, this is all about the scrubbing method to remove the rust or any kind of debris from the porcelain enamel grill grates. 

2: Soaking Method

Following is the soaking method to remove the rust from the grill grates. In addition, the soaking method takes a bit more time than yours but saves your biceps. 

Things You Need In The Soaking Method 

You need a large container, warm water, liquid soap, a soft bristle scrubber, a towel, or rag, etc. Almost all the equipment is the same as before in the scrubbing method. 

Step To Clean The Grill Grates With Soaking Techniques 

  1. Give a pressure wave to the grill for 10 minutes. Then cool it down completely.
  2. Take an empty container. Fill the bottom with water and add a few drops of liquid soap.
  3. Now, remove the porcelain grill grates from the grill hose.
  4. Then, place the grates in the water and soak in it for 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  5. After that, place the grate on the towel, and use a bristle brush to clean the grill grates.
  6. Nowadays, there are special porcelain bristle brushes to clean the grill grates without any damage to the porcelain coating.
  7. Finally, wash it with cool water and let it dry in the open air. Then, place it back.

3: Use Of Baking Soda 

One cup baking soda, 1/2 cup water, bristle brushes, and a washcloth are required. 

  • In a container, mix baking soda and water to make a thick paste. 
  • Then, apply this paste directly to the porcelain grill grates.  
  • Now, clean the grates with a bristle brush. 
  • As the final step in cleaning the grates, use a water bucket and a washcloth to rinse away any excess paste from the grill grates.

4: Use Of Dish Soap Cleaner

It is the best method to clean all types of grill grates, including stainless steel ones. So, in a bowl, mix water and dish soap. Dip the soft bristle brush in the mixed water. Moreover, rub on the grill grates and remove the cracks or debris from them. Then, rinse off the dish soap with water and a towel.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I season porcelain coated grill grates?

In order to season your porcelain enamel grill grates spread a thin layer of vegetable oil. Make sure you spread it evenly on the surface, including each and every corner, either with a brush or a paper towel. Here do not use any type of salted fat such as butter or margarine. after this, preheat your grill and oven it for around 15 minutes. 

Can I use steel wool on porcelain grill grates?

Chipping the porcelain enamel forces the cast iron beneath to rust. Do not use a wire brush or even a scraper tool, and avoid using steel wool. A grill brush that is with nylon bristles is always the perfect tool to use for scrubbing porcelain-enameled grill grates.

Are porcelain grill grates safe for a dishwasher?

No, do not put porcelain enamel grill grates in the dishwasher. The soap tablets for dishwashers are extremely abrasive. Therefore, it is not a good idea. For sure, dishwashing will get your grates clean; however, it will also severely reduce their working life.


Grill grates are used for the cooking of food. If there is any kind of impurity, it will increase the health issues and destroy the taste of the food. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the grill grates regularly. 



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