How to Cook Yorkshire Pudding in Air Fryer

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Yorkshire pudding is a bit like roast potatoes. During family dinners, there is often a fight over who will take how much. Because it is so delicious that you can hardly control the urge to eat it. If you want to discover how to cook Yorkshire pudding in an air fryer without relying on the stove, then this article is for you.

There are several ways to cook Yorkshire pudding, including oven, air fryer, and stove. Although most commonly used through ovens and stovetops. We recommend you use an air fryer. This is because the air fryer allows you to cook Yorkshire pudding faster with minimal effort. You will find detailed instructions on how to cook Yorkshire pudding in an air fryer.

What is Yorkshire Pudding?

Yorkshire pudding is a British-style menu that is usually eaten with beef roast. It is like a kind of muffin and made with baked batter. You can compare it to a pancake. That doesn’t mean it’s a pancake. The inside of them is full of butter and soft with the outside. When they get heat from the pan, the swelling doubles and is crispy in texture.

Many wonders if Yorkshire pudding is a dessert. Yes, your idea is right. It is a kind of dessert item that you see at the end of your meal. The formula for making this pudding is almost the same as other cakes. Add enough milk, eggs, flour and bake until golden brown.

How to Cook Yorkshire Pudding in Air Fryer

Cooking the Yorkshire pudding in an air fryer is not that time-consuming. It takes around 15 minutes only. Now a nice dough prerequisite before making the pudding. Therefore, keep some ingredients in your collection. They are as follows:


  • All purpose-flour
  • Egg
  • Vegetable oil
  • Milk
  • Sault


Follow the steps below to make an ideal and successful Yorkshire pudding.

Step 1

The first step in cooking an air fryer Yorkshire pudding is making the batter. Add all the necessary ingredients together such as flour, egg, and little vegetable oil. Then mix them to make a batter. Run the mixing process until it is smooth and soft.

Though, when making the batter, you must keep in mind the issue of thickness. It should not be too thin or too thick. You can add a little water and honey for extra sweetness. Additionally, if you prefer a flavor such as chocolate, vanilla, or whatever you like, mix it with the batter.

Step 2

The second thing you require doing is to preheat the air fryer. Put it on a flat, open, and heat resistant surface in your kitchen area. Then attach the air fryer device to a nearby electric source that must comply with air fryer voltage. After that, press the power button to begin the process.

Now you have to set the duration and temperature for preheating the air fryer. For this specific recipe, we will recommend the preheating temp and time something around 400F for 2 to 3 minutes. Remember that preheating is an optional subject that depends entirely on your will. But it will help you to get the best out of the appliance.

Step 3

When the batter is ready, next is to prepare your pudding. There is a certain shape for Yorkshire pudding. To get this shape you need to take the help of traditional Yorkshire pudding tine. You can find it at any local cake-making shop. Then pour the batter into its pores in moderate size. It is usually round or cupcake-shaped.

However, you can give it any shape you want. Now if you put this Yorkshire pudding tine in the fridge for 30 minutes, the batters will be hard. As a result, it will not be a problem to put them in the tray of the air fryer. However, if you have less time on hand, you can pour the batter into 2-3 ramekins and set it inside the device.

Step 4

Next, you need to do is to take out the basket from the device and put your Yorkshire pudding in it. Add as much as you can in a single layer. Make sure to leave some space between them for better air circulation. Don’t add a lot of puddings at once. Because they can stick to each other and not cook appropriately which is not what we want.

If you need to cook them in a larger quantity at once, consider cooking them in smaller batches. It guarantees you flawless and consistent cooking although takes a little lengthier. Another thing you can do is use air fryer racks. As a result, you will be able to make more puddings together.

Step 5

After placing them into the air fryer you have to pick the right temperature and duration for the puddings to cook. The cooking period may vary depending on the air fryer and component. These puddings need to be checked frequently to defend them from overcooking or burning. The recommended time for cooking them is 15-18 minutes. Adapt the time according to your air fryer’s setting manual.

Note that, the temperature of the puddings remains similar to that you were adjusted during the preheating period. Now it’s time to start the cooking. This time, there is no need to reverse or flip them.

Step 6

When they are completing the recommended time, remove the air fryer basket from the inside of the device. If you notice that the puddings are not cooked to your liking or need to be cooked a little more, you can put them back in the air fryer. You should not touch the pudding or basket immediately. Because it is likely to burn your finger.

Let the hot and beautiful puddings cool for 3 minutes and then transfer to a plate or tray. That’s it; they are ready to serve with your favorite food items.


Yorkshire pudding is an English-style dessert item that is served as a side dish. This is a versatile food that you can also present as a gift. Whether you can enjoy it yourself or with your beloved ones. In a word, the Yorkshire pudding is one of the best mood cheers for everyone.