How To Grill Brauts

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Easy Way To Grill Brauts

How To Grill Brauts? Imagine it is the last day of work, and holidays are starting; what will be the first thought hitting your mind to do on vacations? Grilling is the first thing on the to-do list for foodies, and it is justifiable. There is no better way to cook food outdoors except for grilling it. The crispiness and juiciness

 you get while eating perfectly grilled food is simply delicious. 

It’s a fact that you can grill any food items except a very few of them. Brauts stands among the dishes that are cooked deliciously on a grill. So read out the following article to know how to grill brats. 

What is Brauts Actually

This dish originated in Germany and is usually encased in a pork casing. Various things are used to make brats like beef, pork, and veal. It’s a richly flavored dish that you can locate at any grocery store in the hot dog section. You can also get fresh brauts from the local butcher shop. 

They are easy to cook, so you can go for these while grilling BBQ food. However, there are further details about the right way to cook brats for the newbies. 

Methods To Grill Brauts 

It is simple to cook brauts; all you have to do is arrange a grill with two zones, one burning into coals and the other with indirect heat. It is  recommended cooking brauts on indirect heat. 

Afterward, brush some cooking oil on the grills to moisturize them. It will help in preventing brauts from sticking with them. Otherwise, if the brauts stick, it will eliminate the juiciness, and pork meat will also flow out. 

Preparing For Cooking To Grill Brauts

Grilling the brauts starts with some prerequisites, like boiling them. It ensures that the brauts are ready to be grilled and not left raw from inside. Boiling adds an extra flavor to the sausages too. 

The best way to prepare the sausages is by using beef broth. Place the sausages into a pan and submerge them with the liquid, put the lid, and wait to bring it to a simmer. 

Before placing the sausages on the grill, wait for an additional 10 minutes and make sure that they have warmed up. 

Setting the right Temperature To Grill Brauts

A critical thing to consider while grilling brauts is to keep an optimum temperature. The recommended temperature to cook brauts is 160 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s better if you use an instant thermometer to take the readings. 

If you are lucky enough to have a thermometer with a stick, then you won’t have to puncture the bratwurst. Simply insert it on the opening of the braut casing. 

Duration Of Grilling Brauts 

You will be cooking brauts on indirect heat; it will protect the outer layers from burning but will take time. So refrain from opening the lid too much as it will lose the heat. So the more you’ll open it, the more it will take to cook properly. 

However, the cooking time is recommended to be 18 to 20 minutes with the lid closed. You can place the brauts on direct heat afterward for 2 minutes while rotating all sides after 30 seconds intervals to give it a dark brown color. 

The Correct Way To Know When Brats Are Grilled

Determining brats cooking progress is not rocket science at all. You will notice they are done when there is no pinker shade left in the brat meat or when the thermometer reaches 160 degrees.

Once the brats are taking on color, turn them a quarter. Keep turning till every side of the brat has a rich brown color. When the exterior gets done before the brats finish cooking, move them to the next side of the grill away from the burning coals so that they can cool down a bit.

Steps To Cook Brauts 

  1. Preheat the grill and let the indirect heat warm up for several minutes 
  2. Moisture the grills using oil to restrain the brauts from sticking
  3. Place boiled brauts onto the grill and close the lid 
  4. Cook on indirect heat for 18-20 minutes 
  5. Afterward, move the brauts on direct heat and cook for 2 minutes by rotating them every 30 seconds 
  6. Take them off the grill and serve. Enjoy the perfectly grilled brats. 

Tips to Remember To Grill Brauts

  1. Brauts are to be cooked at indirect heat because they have a soft base. 
  2. Don’t overcook them on direct heat, it is only for giving a brownish color to the outer layer
  3. Don’t use dry grills as it will stick the brauts
  4. Use a larger bun as you will be adding additional things like and voila and condiments of your choice.
  5. To prevent sticking, oil grates with a paper towel soaked in vegetable oil
  6. Place brats on grates over charcoal and grill on every side till browned. When the casing bursts or burns, move brats away from the coals to a low cooking temperature
  7. Keep brats warm in a Brat Bath till ready to serve.
  8. Make sure to Serve w onions, sauerkraut, brat sauce, and bun along with your grilled brat to enhance the taste.

An ideal grilled brat combines heat, charcoal placement, and brat temperature. Don’t worry. The scene isn’t complicated to master. So let us start with the article to tell you how to cook brats on the charcoal grill like a pro


Brauts are an amazing dish when grilled. People prefer to eat boiled sausages, but if you try to grill them on a charcoal grill, you might not like them cooked any other way. Grilling gives them a perfect smoky taste that enhances the flavor. All you have to do is keep an eye on the grill, as these soft sausages can burn easily if exposed to direct flames. That’s all, enjoy the perfectly grilled brauts.