How to Clean Stainless Steel Grill Exterior 

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How to Clean Stainless Steel Grill Exterior 

Do you own a stainless steel grill and you are worried about how to clean the stainless steel grill exterior? Well! It is a very easy and simple task, all you have to do is get the best guideline so that you will not damage the exterior of your grill.

After some use, you may realize that the exterior of your grill is getting dirty. Just because they call it stainless does not mean that it will not stain, rust, or even discolor. You have to use proper precautions as well as authentic cleaners when you want to keep your grill shiny and neat, and clean.

In this blog, we are going to discuss how to clean your stainless steel grill exterior on your own.

How to Clean Stainless Steel Grill Exterior

There are a lot of things that can be done so that you do not damage the exterior of your grill. Here are some steps you should follow when cleaning your grill exterior:

Inspect the Grill Before Cleaning

Before you start cleaning, inspect the entire grill. Try to look for any damages or dings on the outside and make sure that they are not a safety hazard in any way. A lack of maintenance might cause any damages or just simply wear and tear from regular use.

Whatever the reason may be, it must be immediately addressed and fixed before you proceed with cleaning. If there is any dent or ding, then it will be better to take your grill to a professional and let them fix it for you. Scratches and dents are not something you should ignore.

Clean the Grill Regularly

Many people forget that their grill needs to be cleaned periodically. It is important to clean anything that can get dirty so that it will not cause damage to the interior of your grill.

Cleaning is not as simple as it seems, but you have to do it at least once a week. In this season, when you are about to use your grill, you must think about how you want to clean it so that when you finally use it this summer, you will not clean it for a long time and leave dirt everywhere.

Cleaning the Stainless Steel Grill Exterior

Before you start cleaning your stainless steel grill exterior, we should first decide on the area where you have to clean it. You have to remember that there are parts on the grill that can get dirty easily as well as rusty.

Since rocks have minerals in them, they can stick onto your stainless steel grill and they can rust out very easily, which is a safety hazard. So be sure to clean rust and dirt off your grill as soon as possible.

Things you need while cleaning the grill exterior:

  • Scrub Brush
  • Spray Bottle
  • Paper Towels
  • Soap or dish wash

Remember that if you want to thoroughly clean your grill, then you might want to take it to a pro. Check the size of your grill exterior before you start cleaning your stainless steel grill, you should first make sure that it is big enough for the task so that you can manage the cleaning easily and quickly.

When you decide to clean the stainless steel grill exterior, you have to think of the things that can damage it. And you have to clean it very thoroughly so that nothing will ruin your grill.

Cleaning the Grill Surface

To clean your grill surface, start by applying a thin layer of soap with a soft sponge. You can use dishwashing liquid as well as a soft scrub and give it a quick rinse with warm water.

Do not use a hard-bristled brush because it can scratch the surface, damaging your exterior. Scratches are something you have to avoid at any cost.

Cleaning the Steel Grill Upright

Next, you have to clean the steel grill upright. This is a very important step because the grill utensils you use in cooking will touch them. You have to make sure that the container where you put your utensils is clean to not get dirty.

To clean the steel grill upright, you can use a brush and a mild detergent with warm water. Clean it regularly so that it will not accumulate dirt, rust, or grease. If you do not do this regularly, then your utensils might get stuck in the middle of your grill and this can cause damage as well as safety hazards to your grill.

Cleaning the Grill Grate

To clean the grill grate, you have to clean it regularly because it collects food debris and other stuff from the grill. You can use a soft scrub and soap and warm water to clean this. But make sure that you do not leave soap overnight because it will damage your stainless steel grill grate.

Why does cleaning the exterior of a stainless steel grill matter?

Many people think that the exterior of a grill is not necessary to clean, but this is not true. The exterior of our grill can get dirty and rusty after we use it for several days; this can cause problems like rusting out, holes in your grills and make it hard for you to clean.

Cleaning your stainless steel grill regularly will help you maintain its exterior in good condition and keep it shiny so that when you use it, everything will look good on the inside and look new again.

Hope you get all the information on cleaning the stainless steel grill exterior. Next, whenever you have to clean the exterior of your grill, do it properly, as mentioned above.