How To Start A Charcoal Grill Without A Chimney

Starting A Charcoal Grill Without A Chimney

How To Start A Charcoal Grill Without A Chimney? During any BBQ season, most people find that starting a chimney fire is a practical way to ignite their charcoal grill. Even if it is convenient, it is not required. You can ignite a charcoal barbecue without utilizing a chimney starter in a few different methods.

A few simple principles and appropriate items are required to fire the grill. You’ll be pro without the hassle of chimney starter setup or the time it takes.

Pre-Requirements For Charcoal Grill Lighting

You should clean the grill before beginning the procedure. It will help to eliminate any residual flavor from past grilling sessions.

Selecting The Appropriate Charcoal

Electric and gas barbecues are more intuitive than charcoal grills. The first thing to remember is to select the best charcoal from the several varieties available. When you burn the charcoal, it should emit a faint smoky aroma. Use a mixture of maple, hickory, or oak wood to make some charcoal. These charcoals are quite simple to ignite, and we’ll spare you a few small annoyances.

Set Up The Charcoal For The Grill

Placing the charcoals on your grill and leaving the rest to God would be a lot of fun. This isn’t the case, though. To get the finest results from your charcoal grill, you must know how to lay the charcoal.

Not to add that the approach will forecast how you will arrange the charcoal. If you use lighter fluid instead of a fire starter, you will have a certain configuration. Let’s talk about the many ways to get the charcoal barbecue ready for the forthcoming barbeque event.

Without A Chimney, How To Start A Charcoal Grill

The Method Of The Looftlighter

If you want to start your charcoal barbecue using a looftlighter, you’ll need to combine the blower and heater. Direct the excess warm air will towards the charcoal due to the combination.

When the air gets in the way of the charcoal, it helps it ignite in a fraction of a second. Using the looftlighter approach has two distinct advantages. Because it lights the grill in under a minute, you can also use it to open bottles—the looftlighter’s built-in stand doubles as a bottle opener.

To start your charcoal barbecue with a looftlighter, follow the steps below.

To begin, connect the looftlighter to any available power outlet. After that, use the tip of the lighter to contact the bottom of the charcoal pile.

You must also press the button on the looftlighter while doing so. Do this for a minimum of 10 to 15 seconds, or until sparks appear on the coal. Hold the lighter backward approximately an inch, still aiming at the previous location, as soon as the coal begins to glow.

What’s the key to a fantastic barbecue? All it takes is a temperature change. Two hundred twenty-five degrees Fahrenheit is the golden number for roasting fish.

That’s the sweet spot on your grill, the temperature at which soft, succulent, pull-apart-without-trying grilled meat emerges with a little skill and patience. All you require is a mix of four tactics for effective temperature management. 

1) Build A Fire With Two Zones

  • Follow these procedures to make a two-zone fire.
  • Arrange all of your coals on one side or a portion of the grate.
  • Coverage should range from 12 to 23% of the total area.
  • Remove and replace the stove grate.

Often known as direct cooking, grilling is now done directly over the coals. If you wish to cease cooking the meat or cook it indirectly, simply move it to the face of the grill without the coals underneath.

The Electric Charcoal Starter

It’s also a way to get your charcoal barbecue going without having to use any chemicals. A stove burner element resembles an electric charcoal starter. Despite the electric stove burner element, the charcoal starter has a flexiblepart with the handle fixed at the end. How To Start A Charcoal Grill Without A Chimney?

After you’ve set the charcoal, you’ll need to plug the cable into an electrical outlet. Once you observe that the coal starts to light after 30 seconds, you may unhook and remove the burner element.

On the other hand, this approach merely fires a small portion of the charcoal. It takes a little longer to spread around and build a large fire across a large region.

Firestarter Method To Start A Charcoal Grill Without A Chimney

For Kamado-style grills, the fire starter method, also known as firelighters, works effectively. But how will these firelighters be used?

Compressed cardboard covered in wax or any sort of wax-coated wood shavings is commonly used as lighter fire starters. You may also use paraffin wax to light your grill’s charcoal. It works wonderfully and, unlike other methods, does not leave any ashes behind.

Method With Lighter Fluid To Start A Charcoal Grill Without A Chimney

Whatever the cause for soggy charcoals or rain, you’ll be able to ignite your charcoal barbecue correctly using these lighter fluids.

The main disadvantage of this procedure is that it frequently produces a chemical aftertaste. It is also one of the riskiest approaches. You’ll need to build a coal or briquette pyramid to test this approach. It would be easier if you performed it in the grill’s basement. Apply a generous amount of lighter fluid to the coal or briquette pile. Allow at least 30 minutes for the briquettes to soak up the lighter fluid in this state. Before igniting the fire, double-check everything, and keep the bottle at least 10 feet away from the charcoal grill.


You can now master some of the ways to light your charcoal barbecue after reading this article. Always have a lighter or some matches on hand as a backup. On the other hand, you can use electric fire starters adjacent to a power source.


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