How to Connect Green Mountain Grill To WiFi

Connecting Green Mountain Grill To WiFi

How to connect the green mountain grill to WiFi? Well, there is no rocket science in that. However, we need to keep updating the software of the mountain grill to the newest one before we start anything. Primarily you need to check if your Grill is operating on version 4.8 or not. If the Grill is not updated on the latest, you need to update it on the newest firmware, but before that, let’s understand how to check which firmware it is currently operating on.  

How To Check The Version Of Firmware to Connect Green Mountain Grill To WiFi

Following a few easy steps, we can quickly check if the current firmware is compatible with WiFi or not. All you have to do is long-press the Grill off button while holding the “up button.” You have to do this for the next ten seconds. Exactly after ten seconds, the LCD will show the version number. However, if the version number is not displayed on the LCD, the current firmware is not up to date, and it is considered the indication to update the software.

How To Update The Grill Firmware to Connect Green Mountain Grill To WiFi

To update the Grill’s firmware, you have first to connect the Grill to your WiFi network. Another thing you have to keep in mind is that your connection should be steady, and it should be in the range of 20 feet from the Grill. In case you don’t follow these basic instructions, there is a chance that the software update might fail. Generally, the process is very smooth, and you don’t face any difficulty in it.

Steps to Connect Green Mountain Grill To WiFi

  1. Make sure the grill is off, and nothing is cooking inside it.
  2. Select the “update grill” option.
  3. Now select your home network that you would like to use for the update. ( you can choose any network that is in the 20 feet range)
  4. Enter the password and select the “confirm” option.

Once you are done with this process, your grill panel will show “UPD” and automatically connect to your local network. On the interface, you will now see the time and percentage remaining in the successful update. “SUC” notification will tell that the Grill is updated successfully, and the “FAL” option shows that the update is failed.

In Following Conditions, Your Update Fails

  • Your Grill might not be within 20 feet range of the home network.
  • Grill is already updated on the latest firmware.
  • password you entered for the home network can be wrong

How To Connect Green Mountain Grill To WiFi

The first thing you have before connecting your Grill to WiFi is that if it is on “point to point” mode or not. Moreover, you also have to check that the app is telling the temperature and connect button is working.

Once you have checked all these details, you have to open up the settings and tap on the “WiFi mode. The Grill will show all the WiFi networks available to it, and you have to select the WiFi in your home. Now you have to type the password and tap on the connect button carefully.

 The Grill will now be connected to your local network if you have provided the right credentials. Usually, this process does not take more than 2 minutes. However, if it takes longer, you can repeat the process.

How To Connect Your Grill With Mobile Phone 

To connect your smartphone to the Grill, you have to make sure you have already connected local WiFi with the Grill. First of all, you have to download the app that is mentioned on the user manual of the Grill and then launch it on your smartphone. Once it launches successfully, you have to tap on the connect button. It will take some time to search for the grills available near you. Make sure you are near to the Grill when you are doing this process.

Once it shows a “Grill detected” notification on the screen, it means Grill is now be c0onnected to it, and you can easily manage it with the help of your smartphone.

In addition to that, you can also use a single smartphone to manage multiple grills. It would be helpful to you if you are a person that owns any bakery business or any food chain.

Final Verdict

Above, we have provided all the major and minor details about connecting the green mountain grill to the WiFi network. All you have to do now is to read the instructions and follow them accordingly carefully.


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