How to Cook Frozen Quesadillas in Air Fryer

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Want to know how to cook frozen quesadillas in the air fryer. Well, you have arrived at the right place. Below, we will discuss everything about the recipe.

Quesadillas is a popular snack which is originated from Mexico. It consists of tortillas, cheese, shredded chicken, and some other ingredients. There are different variations of quesadillas nowadays. Although a Mexican snack, they are becoming more and more popular in the USA nowadays. That is because they taste amazing, are easy and quick to make, and don’t require a lot of ingredients.

Usually, the quesadillas are made on the stovetop through pan-frying. However, you can also cook this in the oven, microwave, and other ways. An air fryer can also allow you to cook this snack perfectly. In this article, we will let you know how to cook frozen quesadillas in the air fryer. Keep reading this article to prepare this amazing dish in the easiest way.

A Bit More about Quesadillas

Quesadilla is a Mexican delicacy that usually consists of a tortilla wrapper that includes different variations of the filling. Some of the primary choices are cheese, chicken or other meats, spices, seasoning, etc. Following the tradition, they should be made with corn tortillas. However, if you don’t have it, you can consider using the flour tortilla. As per Wikipedia, the food was formed during the colonial Mexico period.

However, they are now evolved a lot and changed with time. There are also different variations of it. The original Mexican quesadillas are filled with Oaxaca cheese. They are cooked until the cheese is melted and usually no oil is used during the cooking. The traditional stove for cooking this is the comal, which is also utilized while making the tortilla.

These quesadillas are very popular in the USA, especially in the southern parts. However, the USA version of this snack is a bit different compared to the one from Mexico. You will find a lot of similarities to the grilled cheese sandwich with the USA version of a quesadilla. It is made with high-moisture cheese and other ingredients like meat, seasonings, etc. are added when the cheese is melted.

In the USA, you will find it in several variations. People prefer them at the restaurants more than at home as an appetizer. Some of the ingredients of the dish are goat cheese, spinach, zucchini, tofu, black beans, etc. There is also dessert quesadilla which consists of fruit, chocolate, butterscotch, etc.  The breakfast version of the quesadillas consists of eggs, cheese, and some other ingredients.

How to Cook Frozen Quesadillas in Air Fryer

The frozen quesadillas in the air fryer are pretty easy to make when compared with the other variations of cooking. You can easily prepare them within the shortest time. Furthermore, you can prepare them like the traditional way without making use of any cooking oil. As you will not require using much of the cooking oil, they will come out perfect.

There are some other benefits of preparing your quesadillas in the air fryer. You don’t require cleaning a lot of mess as the air fryer doesn’t use a pan on grease for the cooking. They cook in a close compartment, which assures there will be no mess. There is also less chance of burning your quesadillas as you will be fully in control of the cooking duration and cooking temperatures.

Now, let’s see how to cook the quesadillas in your air fryer.

Things You Will Need

The first thing you need to do is to gather the ingredients for the cooking. You will require two flour tortillas. Other variations are also okay. Then you will require around half a cup of shredded cooked chicken. You will also require a half cup of shredded cheese. It is better if you can prepare the cheddar cheese where the other variation of the cheese is also okay. Then you will need one tablespoon of olive oil to prevent the tortilla from sticking to the bottom of the air fryer basket.

If you are purchasing frozen quesadillas from the shop, you will not require any of these ingredients expect the oil.

Steps You Need to Follow –

Step 1

Note that if you have frozen tortillas, skip this and move to the next step.

At first, we will prepare the quesadillas for cooking. Begin with brushing one side of the tortilla. Now you will require adding the ingredients to another side. Sprinkle the shredded cheese first then the shredded chickens. Then you can add the seasonings as you prepare to bring the preferred taste. Now add some of the cheese again.

Now fold the tortillas to cover the fillings. That’s it. They are now ready to cook.

Step 2

The next thing you need to do is to prepare your air fryer. Position the air fryer in your heat-resistant kitchen cabinet. Then connect it to the electric plug nearby. Now you can consider preheating the air fryer or moving ahead without doing that. The benefit of preheating the air fryer is it can make the tortillas a bit crispier, which you may leave.

Step 3

Now take off the air fryer basket and add the quesadillas to the air fryer basket’s bottom. Organize them nicely so that you can add two of them at once. If you need to cook more, don’t stack them inside the air fryer. This will cause uneven cooking. If your air fryer includes a metal rack, you can put it on top of the tortilla. If it is not available, proceed without it.

Step 4

Now set the temperature of the air fryer to 375 F. The cooking duration will be around 8 minutes. Once after cooking for around four minutes, make sure to flip the quesadillas to cook both sides properly. Once after cooking them for the recommended time, open the air fryer and check. Take them off if they are done. If it requires a bit more time, continue cooking for a minute or two.

Take out the basket and remove the tortillas if they are done. Now you can serve them the way you want.


As you see, it is extremely easy to cook the frozen or fresh quesadillas in the air fryer. We hope this article will be effective for you to cook the quesadillas.