How To Cut A Whole Chicken For Grilling

How To Cut A Whole Chicken For Grilling

Breaking Down a Whole Chicken for Grilling For those who are aficionados of both non-vegetarian cuisines and the art of grilling, grilled chicken represents an ideal fusion of their culinary preferences. Grilling stands out as a premier method for preparing chicken, endowing the dish with a distinctive barbecue taste.

That enhances its stay to the next level. So if you’re looking to grill chicken but confused about how to cut the whole chicken for grilling, this article is filled with related information. You will explore different kinds of chickens available in the market and cut them for grilling.

Chicken is one of the commonly used poultry throughout the world used to prepare various dishes. But there are still many people who are confused about cleaning and cutting a chicken compared to buying it from the store directly. But as you will read this article, you will be pretty confident about cutting the whole chicken rightly. 

Buying The Best Chicken For Your Favorite Dishes

To buy the best chicken, you can go for two options.

  1. You can go to the local stores and buy the frozen chicken that is tightly packed with a longer shelf life
  2. Else, you can head to the local butcher’s shop where they prepare fresh meat every day. 

It’s up to your convenience, but remember that chicken taste also depends on where it was purchased from.

Types Of Chicken Meat To Cut A Whole Chicken For Grilling

Most of us recognize all types of chicken meat as the same. But some variations will be explained below

  • Broiler is a chicken praised for its meat that lays its egg for the table. It’s mostly found in poultry farms and can be recognized easily by its white color.
  • Roasters are chickens that weigh between 5 pounds or higher. They have 55 to 65 days, so you can say age of fewer than ten weeks. 
  • Capon are surgically desexed male boilers waiting for seven to nine pounds and have 14 to 15 weeks. They are very rare now but once were very common in the market.

Different Type Of Chicken Cuts To Cut A Whole Chicken For Grilling

After you know about all the main types of chicken, let’s jump towards the different cuts you will use for barbecuing. 

  • A whole Chicken

First of all, you can use the whole chicken without cutting it from any side. All you have to do is clean all the feathers in this intestine and wash them thoroughly with water. You can use different marinating recipes to marinate this chicken, but the grading process will have the chicken whole without separate pieces.

  • Half a chicken

If you are not willing to use the whole chicken or don’t have much space on the grill, you can cut the chicken in half. You have to use a sharp knife to cut the chicken right down the center to do that. The marinating and grilling process will be similar to other cuts, but this we can cut is usually served with large portions of rice. 

  • Quarter Leg 

A quarter-leg chicken will include thigh and drumstick. It will also use a portion of the back, and it’s convenient for baking, grilling, and roasting. 

  • Chicken Legs

As per their name, chicken legs will include thighs and drumsticks, so you can cut the roast where the joint of its legs starts. Further, you can cut the thighs and legs from the center, which will separate both.

  • Chicken Thigh

It is the top portion of the chicken’s leg that grills deliciously. It is usually served for one part dishes, especially rice.

  • Chicken Drumsticks 

Chicken drumsticks are the lower portion of the chicken’s leg that I used for deep frying but grilling them is the best option. They are the softest part of chicken meat, so people love to eat grilled drumsticks. Grilling chicken drumsticks gives them a crispier texture from the outside and soft me from inside.

What To Expect When Cooking Chicken For Grilling

When cooking chicken for grilling, you should be aware of a few things. First, you’ll want to make sure the chicken is cooked through. This means that the skin should be crispy and the meat should be cooked through in all parts. Second, make sure the chicken is well-seasoned. This will help ensure that your chicken tastes delicious and doesn’t have any bad flavors. Third, make sure you have a grill that can cook chicken perfectly. This way, you won’t have to worry about it getting too charred or over-cooked. Fourth, give the chicken time to rest after being cooked. Resting the chicken will help prevent it from becoming dry or overcooked on the grill. Finally, don’t forget to use a Grill Safe thermometer to ensure that your chicken is cooked through!

Which Knife Is Best To Cut A Whole Chicken For Grilling

This is a tough question. It depends on what you’re looking to achieve with your chicken – whether you want it to be cooked through or not. If you want it to be cooked through, then a sharp knife is the best way to go. But if you just want to grill the chicken, a dull knife will do the job just as well.

How To Season The Chicken To Cut A Whole Chicken For Grilling

Before you start cooking the chicken, it’s important to season it. Seasoning helps to ensure that the chicken is cooked through and tastes great. You can use a variety of spices to season your chicken, but some of the most common are salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder.


Cutting the whole chicken isn’t a difficulty at all. You can cut the chicken according to your desire or the type of cut you want to grill. You can either use the specific cuts for grilling or place all the chicken pieces onto the grill if you have many people to serve. Now you will be confident about cutting the pieces after knowing details about each type of cut. Good luck with your grilled chicken!

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