how to clean propane grill burners

How to Clean Propane Grill Burners  

Are you searching for how to clean propane grill burners? Well! The propane grill is a convenient and popular way to prepare food outdoors. However, despite the convenience of the propane grill, it can be difficult to keep it clean. The best way to keep your gas grill from being dirty is by cleaning the burners after each use.

However, the task of cleaning can be a bit intimidating. If you want to clean the burners on your gas grill and not make a mess, follow these instructions. You’ll find that it is much easier to clean the grill without making a mess than you’d think.

How to Clean Propane Grill Burners      

Items You’ll Need   

  • Paper towels 
  • Propane grill 
  • Carbon cleaner 
  • Rag or paper towels

Turn the Grill On and Let it Heat Up

The first thing you want to do is turn on your gas grill and let it heat up. The gas in the grill should be hot enough to evaporate any carbon residue. If you don’t have time for this step, you can skip ahead to step two.

Cover the Burner with a Paper Towel       

Take one paper towel, put it over the burner, and then put some pressure on the paper towel. You can use a small object like a small screwdriver to help you press down on the paper towel which will help you lift it off of the grill. The key is to get as much of that residue off of the burner as possible. If you can’t get it all, that’s okay. Repeat this step with each of the burners.

Clean the Burners

You are ready to clean the burners now. Get a rag or some paper towels and wipe down the grill. Make sure the burners are free of any residue before you begin cooking again.

If you don’t have a rag or paper towel, you can use a carbon cleaning product to clean your gas grill burners. You can purchase a carbon cleaning product or make your own using kerosene and a wet paper towel. 

Repeat if Necessary

If some residue is still on the grill, you may need to repeat this process. You don’t want any residue to be left on the grill when you are finished cooking. The best part about cleaning your propane grill burners is that it is easy and won’t take up much of your time.

Step-by-Step Guide to Clean the Grill Burners

Step: 1 Supplies:

Whenever you are going to clean your grill’s burners, ensure that you may have all the right tools to make it easy for you. You don’t want to get frustrated when you have to stop and go to the store in the middle of the cleaning process. All that you should need is:

  • A rag or paper towels for cleaning up after the carbon cleaner has been applied.
  • A can of carbon cleaner with a spray nozzle. You may also purchase one specifically for grill burners if it isn’t too costly.
  • This job can be a little bit messy, therefore a pair of gloves for this is recommended.
  • Aside from all these, you may also need a drill bit and/ or toothpick, grill brush, cleaning rags, and putty knife. 

Step: 2 Preparation for Cleaning Grill Burners:

Ensure that you prepare your grill for cleaning, this will be of great help to you during the process. For this, first of all, you have to turn off the gas and also remove any food residue after each use. Remove the grill grates and then spray the degreaser on them and let them sit for a while. After that, use a grill brush or scrubbing pads to remove the grime.

Step: 3 Access the Grill Burners:

Once you have cleaned the grill grates and the grease off, turn on the gas again. You can now access the burners and you can get a little bit of help by using a putty knife and doing so that it will give you an easier time to clean.

Step: 4 Cleaning the Burners:

Clean the burners using paper towels or rags. If there is any residue, then repeat steps 2-3 again to remove it. Once you have cleaned the burners, ensure that you turn off the gas by turning off the valve and then turning it off. 

Step: 5 Cleaning the Gas Ports:

If you can still see residue, then clean the gas ports as well. However, ensure that you don’t make a mess out of it and clean them very carefully. This will prevent any accidents or injuries. However, you will not have to repeat this step if all is cleaned well. But remember that never use water to clean the burners, only a stainless scrub or a grill brush is recommended. 

Step: 6 Tidy Up:

Once you have cleaned the grill, you can tidy it up properly. Ensure that the hose is nicely coiled and then ensure that two burners are not connected because of it. Ensure that all the vents and pipes are clean as well.

Step: 7 Final Step:  

To ensure that your grill lasts for a long time, ensure that you clean it after every use. This will help to remove all the residue and keep it clean for good use.

Final Thoughts      

These are the instructions for how to clean propane grill burners. Hope you understand them well and this post will help you greatly in cleaning the grill. Enjoy your propane grill!



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