How to Reheat Pizza in Air Fryer Oven?

How to Reheat Pizza in Air Fryer Oven?

Is there anything in the cooking world that an air fryer cannot perform? Yes, there is nothing an air fryer can’t do. An air fryer can do all this single-handedly and with exceedingly exceptional efficiency from baking, frying, roasting, toasting, to reheating. Air fryers have proved to be a game changer in the history of cooking gadgets. There are many inventions men have tried to make cooking easier, relaxing, and fun. But the way air fryers have become a need of every kitchen, and everybody wants the air fryer on their kitchen top.

Air fryers are perfect for busy families and weekend family dinners and parties. You can prepare your breakfast quickly and worry-free. Your kids can have their favorite lunch, and you can prepare your lunch for the office without being late for work. There are so many ways an air fryer can save you from trouble. One of them is reheating.

Reheating  the Leftovers:

Heating the leftovers is a nightmare—especially cheesy leftovers, like pizza, cheese sandwiches, and stuff like that. You might get your cheese burned; the bread crust will lose its moisture and become too hard to chew. You may also get your dishes or microwaves in a mess. So one must be thinking about what could be the best solution to deal with this situation. Where will you get perfectly reheated leftovers that taste just fresh without creating a mess? Let’s look at the comparison of different heating gadgets below and see who is going to win the game.

A comparison between Heating Gadgets:

Here is a comparison between heating gadgets people usually use to reheat leftovers like ovens, microwaves, and air fryers. But do you know which one is a perfect fit to reheat leftovers, especially pizza and cheesy snacks? So let’s check out.


while the oven yields smoking hot reheated pizza but here is the problem. The oven requires preheating and then reheating the pizza, which almost takes 12-15 minutes in total. Apart from timing, you have to wash several dishes just because you reheated two pizza slices. You have to place pizza on a baking sheet, another addition to the dishes.


No doubt it is faster than the oven, but how many times have you got an evenly heated pizza out of the microwave? I certainly have not experienced this. The heated slice is either too hot or heated in patches, which means some areas are hot and others are cold. It also requires a baking sheet. Another drawback, I would say, is that it dries out the crust and toppings. Nobody likes a desiccated pepperoni.

Air Fryers:

Now comes the gadget that has a hefty vote bank in its favor. If we compare the air fryer with the timing of the oven, it can reheat the pizza in just 5 minutes. If we compare it to the heating method of the microwave, it keeps the moisture of the Cryst locked because of its moist warm air circulating the slice, and it doesn’t cause the drying of topping or cheese burn. So whether it’s a homemade pizza or you just ordered from a restaurant, whether it’s a thick crust or thin crust, it can be reheated with efficiency and perfection.

Who is Best? Air Fryer Oven or Air Fryer Basket?

You must be wondering, is that a thing?. Well, two air fryer models exist. One is an air fryer oven, and the other is an air fryer basket. Here is how they differ:

The air fryer oven has pull-out trays, and it is used for baking. You can bake anything from scratch in an air fryer oven. Another plus point is that it has vast space that can accommodate a good number of food items.

The air fryer basket has a pull-out basket, and it is often used for cooking fried food items. However, baskets have smaller space than the oven, so you must cook the food in small batches.

How to Reheat in both Air Fryer Models?

Now that you know that two types of air fryers exist, you must be thinking about which one is good for reheating the leftovers, specifically pizza. So the answer is both. Yes, you can use both models for this job. So let me teach you how you can perform reheating in both models.

  • In the air fryer oven, there are three shelves. For reheating pizza, you shall not use top and bottom shelves. It is because at the bottom shelves, reheating takes more time to heat pizza. If you put the slices on top shelves, it will burn the pizza toppings. So the best place to put the slices is on the middle shelf. It will reheat the slices perfectly without burning the topping or cheese and without taking more time. It will only take 5 minutes. You can reheat up to 5 slices in a single go.
  • In an air fryer basket, it can accommodate three slices in one batch. Don’t keep the temperature extraordinarily high or low. Keep it at medium to low heat. For my air fryer, I keep the temperature at 325F. But it varies from model to model. If you are an amateur to air frying and reheating, you have to experiment with the temperature to get an ideal temperature to reheat the pizza.

How Long to Reheat the Pizza Slices?

It depends on the thickness of the pizza as well as the quantity of the slices. More pizza slices take more time, and if the crust is thick, it will also take more time. So here, you can find an idea of the temperature and timing for different pizzas and quantities.

  • Two slices of thick crust take 3-4 minutes, and with thin crust, take 2-3 minutes
  • 3-5 slices of thick crust take 4-5 minutes, and with thin crust, take 3-4 minutes
  • 6-8 slices of thick crust take 5-6 minutes, and with thin crust, take 4-5 minutes

Bottom line:

I hope that I have succeeded in convincing you through my points that nothing can beat the air fryer in any way. That is why we are so adamant in favor of the air fryers. They are love.

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