How to Cook Frozen Potatoes O’brien in Air Fryer

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How to Cook Frozen Potatoes O’brien in Air Fryer – With Recipe

Air fryer is an advanced counter top appliance that has replaced the  old ways of cooking. It stimulates deep frying technique with a unique way of combining air and heat. Air fryer circulates the hot air between the food placed in a specific unit to make the food crispy and heat helps in cooking. Preparing food in an air fryer is a healthy and smart option as it provides low fats, low calories and low cholesterol food with crispy , juicy and tender texture. Air fryer is not only the replacement of deep frying appliances and techniques in fact it also helps in baking, roasting and reheating of left over food. Various kinds of  desserts can also be cooked in an air fryer with great ease and delicious taste.

Replacement of Microwave and Oven

Air fryer is a high oven which can serve in many ways. The food which was previously prepared in oven can also be prepared in an air fryer. Heating the left over food which was obviously done on stove or microwave can now easily be done in an air fryer.


For destination parties and get together air fryer can be carried along easily if electricity is provided on spot. Your guest will enjoy crispy , hot and fresh food on spot without any hassle.

How to Cook in an Air Fryer

Using an air fryer is not a hard job at all. It is user friendly interaction and operating system is so easy even for the beginners. If preheating is required  we can easily select the time and heat and start the appliance with empty container. Various food type like fish, poultry, meat, steak, vegetables and frozen food are available for the convenience of the user. Baking of scrumptious desserts and waffles will also please your taste buds. In some air fryers you also have the option of auto set and the advanced sensors that are used in the air fryer determines the temperature on which your food should be cooked, so it makes cooking, baking, roasting and frying easy for even the beginners.

Potatoes O’brien

Potatoes O’brien is a classical dish that dates back to 1900’s. It is the most favourite dish of everyone when it comes to breakfast. Some says it is a popular dish of Boston, some says it is from New York and many says it is from Manhattan. So in potatoes O’brien usually small cubes of potatoes are used and green and red bell peppers are used in it. You can also add a some onions in it too. You can also use frozen potatoes cubes if you do not want to waste your time and energy in cutting fresh potatoes.

If you want to freeze it for later use that is also very convenient. You just have to cut the potatoes in ½ inch cubes, in a pot put some water and let it boil, after that put the potato cubes in the boiling water and let it simmer for 10 minutes. Take out the potatoes, pat dry it; then you have to cut green and red bell pepper and one onion in the same manner (1/2 inch cubes) toss it in some oil and it is ready to go in the freezer. Please make sure to use any air tight container for it.

Air Frying and Cooking Frozen Potatoes O’brien

Cooking frozen potatoes O’brien is not difficult at all. You can get the delicious meal on your table within 20 minutes. Use any non stick pan, add 1-2 tablespoons of oil and toss the frozen potatoes, bell pepper and onion mix in the pass. Let it cook for 15-20 minutes, keep tossing it in between for a perfect golden colour and crunchy texture, and it will be ready.

Air frying frozen potato O’brien is even easier than the regular cooking method. You have to preheat the air fryer at 375 degrees and then set the timer for 20 minutes. Once the temperature is set just put the potatoes in the air fryer basket spray some oil and let it cook for 10-12 minutes. When it is done, add onion, bell pepper and any seasoning of your choice and stir it and pop it in the air fryer basket for another 5-8 minutes. This time set the temperature to 390 degrees until you get golden and crispy potatoes. These potatoes will not only turn out to be delicious but it will be a more healthier option as compared to other ways of cooking.

Since, potatoes are considered to be the most favourite and used vegetable in the world. There is another easy and quick recipe which you can make in the air fryer. Making potatoes cheese balls will give your table a very elegant look and your guests and kids will love it.

Potato Cheese Balls

Potato cheese balls are basically mashed potatoes croquettes coated in bread crumbs and filled with cheese. To prepare these you need to have boil potatoes and mash them. Add ½ tsp salt, ½ black pepper and a hint of  oregano. Mix it together. In a separate bowl add the bread crumbs and in another one make egg wash (egg+water). Take a small portion of mash potatoes in your hand and in the centre add some cheese and then shape it like a ball. After making all the ball, coat it once in the egg wash and then coat evenly in the bread crumbs. You can deep fry them or air fry and you will get crunchy golden cheese balls.


Potato O’brien is most liked dish when it comes to breakfast menu. It is favourite of kids and as well of older people. The best part is that you can get it in frozen form and air fry it. Or, if you want you can also prepare it easily at home and add spices and seasoning of your choice. It is a very healthy breakfast to do and in contains all the required nutrient to give you energy to begin a good day!