How To Grill Duck Breast On A Gas Grill

How To Grill Duck Breast On A Gas Grill

Grilling Duck Breast on a Gas Grill: Achieving that perfect golden crispy exterior with a deliciously rich and pink center could arguably surpass steak in enjoyment. It’s puzzling why it isn’t a more common choice for home cooking. While I recognize that it’s an option I often overlook for date nights, it offers the simplicity of cooking chicken breast with the indulgent taste of steak.

To cook a beautiful duck breast at home that beats any restaurant prix-fixe entrée, all you’ll need is a pan and a few basic prep skills.

What’s The Point Of Cooking Duck At Home

One of the people’s favorite things to eat in restaurants is duck breast. The crispy exterior conceals a rich, pink inside that matches the greatest steaks. Cooking duck costs a fraction of the price of a plane ticket — or even a superb steak.

Aside from the fact that it’s tasty, another incentive to prepare duck breast at home is a good poultry option for visitors who don’t like red meat. It’s slightly lighter than steak, but it’s just as delicious.

Purchasing Duck Breasts To Grill Duck Breast On A Gas Grill

Be ready to part with some cash for a pair of duck breasts. They’ll typically set you back the same amount as a good steak. Duck breasts are pretty simple to get by in most supermarkets. However, they may arrive frozen. They may also be ordered over the internet. Two brands to consider are D’Artagnan and Maple Leaf Farms.

The terms duck and duckling are interchangeable, so don’t be put off by the terminology when it comes to ducks. The white Pekin duck is a smaller, gentler version of the Pekin duck (and easier to find). While Muscovy and Moulard breasts (also known as magrets) are bigger, they have a stronger flavor and are more difficult to cook.

For Your Consideration To Grill Duck Breast On A Gas Grill

  • To make this dish, you’ll need two Pekin duck breasts, which are simpler to come by in most markets. If you can get some wild or magret breasts, be aware that the rendering process will take longer because they contain more fat.
  • You will render about 1/2 cup of delicious duck fat from the breast. While the duck breasts rest, we’re using it to crisp potatoes, but you could also use it to sauté greens or soften onions and apples while it’s hot.

Cooking Duck Breast At Home: The Basics

  • Score the duck breast’s skin. You’ll take the duck out of the fridge to warm up a bit before cooking it, much like a steak. Score the skin with a sharp knife while it’s still cold from the fridge. Cut across the breadth and length of the body in shallow diagonal incisions, cutting through the skin but not the fat beneath it. This will assist in rendering the fat from the breast and crisp up the skin.
  • Place the duck in a chilly pan to begin. For this, I like a cast iron pan, but any large, heavy-bottomed pan would suffice. Turn the heat to medium and place the breasts skin-side down in a chilly pan. The pan and the skin and fat on the breast will cook gently, rendering the fat and making the skin very crispy.
  • Bring the duck to room temperature before serving. Part chefs like to drain some or all of the fat from the pan before turning the duck, but cooking the duck flesh in the fat makes it even more luscious.

Duck Breasts To Serve To Grill On A Gas Grill

You’ll have this tiny gift of heated duck fat once the duck breast is cooked and resting before slicing. An old buddy (and culinary director for Good Eats) taught me how to make a classic French duck dish by frying potatoes in this fat. I can’t get enough of the small potato cubes!

If you’re serving the duck for a date night, sautéing a little garlic and greens in the butter could be a better option. In any case, make sure to conserve any leftover duck fat. Refrigerate the duck breasts for up to two weeks before utilizing them.


“Can you grill duck breast?” you might be thinking. YES. A grilled duck breast dish may appear to be a difficult dinner to prepare. Grilling duck, on the other hand, is a breeze. Like a well-marbled steak, think of Moulard Duck Breast. Because there’s so much fat, there’s a lot of taste. 

The flesh of DUCKCHAR Moulard Duck Breast is lean, nutritious, and flavorful. The skin contains all of the fat. There is, however, a lot of duck skin! As a result, there’s a natural taste, so a grilled duck breast marinade isn’t essential. A little salt and pepper will be enough. To prepare and cook a great BBQ duck breast, all of the fat must be rendered out, leaving a crispy and delectable layer of skin on the surface and a lump of juicy, rich meat on the inside (preferably cooked to rare, medium doneness). You’ll need to limit the amount of heat exposure to the duck breast on the grill to get the duck fat to render without causing flare-ups.

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