How To Fix An Air Fryer

How To Fix An Air Fryer That Keeps Turning Off

Today, let’s delve into solving the issue of an air fryer that persistently shuts down. Utilizing convection technology, air fryers circulate hot air to cook the food, effectively achieving a crispy exterior in about 30 minutes for certain dishes. However, like any electrical device, they can experience mechanical failures. Is it possible to stop the device from consistently powering off?

How To Fix An Air Fryer That Keeps Turning Off?

One of the problems with air fryers is that they shut off as soon as you start cooking. Here are a few things you can do to resolve any mechanical problems you may encounter with your air fryer.

Check The Power Connection

Make sure that your air fryer is connected properly or reset the breakers if it keeps turning off. In addition, make sure none of the components are faulty. Last but not least, you can have it repaired or replaced.

Check The Power Cord

If your machine is experiencing mechanical issues, check the power cord connection and breaker. The power cord should be checked first if there is a problem with your air fryer. Make sure the cable is not frayed or damaged in any way. This could lead to a bad connection. In addition, make sure that the cord is properly inserted into the outlet. If a cord becomes loose without anyone noticing, it is very easy for it to become damaged.

The circuit breaker of that particular plug can also be tested if both the power cord and connection are functioning properly. Resetting or repairing circuit breakers is important. Ensure that several appliances are plugged into the same plug you’ve been using before looking for the circuit breaker, so you are sure it is not your air fryer causing the problem.

Inspect the Components for Faults

If your air fryer does not work correctly, you can also inspect all of the parts to make sure they are not damaged. The air fryer should be inspected for missing pieces, loose parts, or cracks in the equipment.

Check The Door

A faulty door could also be impacting the performance of your air fryer. It is possible to loosen the door of the air fryer after several weeks or months of usage. If the air fryer door doesn’t click into place, it will prevent it from working properly.

How To Fix Your Air Fryer: Send It In For Local Repair Or Contact Customer Service

There are times when you can’t fix the machine yourself. Checking a lot of things can lead to discovering the issue is something that can’t easily be detected and solved. If you have discovered the cause of the problem, you lack the necessary skills to fix it by yourself. In the event that your machine is still under warranty, you can simply send it in to be repaired or replaced.

You can still send your machine for repair even when it is not covered by a warranty. Make sure to find a reputable repair company and send it there. Considering the price of a new air fryer alongside the repair cost is yet another factor to consider when evaluating air fryer repair companies. If you will have to spend more than $100 on repairs, it might be worth buying a whole new machine.

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Consult the Air Fryer Instruction Manual

Misuse of a machine can lead to mechanical problems. It’s crucial to read the instruction manual when using an air fryer for the first time as it can be confusing. There will be a diagram of the machine in the product manual, as well as a page (or pages) dedicated to safety rules.

In addition, this information will include instructions on how to use the machine properly, which will help prevent any damage caused by improper use. Also, the manual itself may contain the solution to your issue.

Keep the Air Fryer in Good Condition to Avoid Further Problems

By taking care of your air fryer, you can prevent operational problems with it. Even if you don’t use oil, air fryers can be messy. After every use, there will be leftover food residue and grease in the fryer.

It’s easier than you think to clean your air fryer following these five simple steps. Come on, let’s clean!

  1. Let the air fryer cool off after unplugging it. Cleaning with a hot device or while it is still plugged in could be very risky.
  2. Wet a washcloth and wipe the outside of the machine. To remove bacteria from the machine’s outside, spray vinegar on your washcloth.
  3. Components that can be removed and cleaned should be cleaned. Use hot water and soap to clean the inside components. You can also run them through the dishwasher.
  4. Tablecloths can be used to clean the inside components that are not removable. Be sure to wipe the heating element above the basket with a brush.
  5. Make sure all removable parts of the air fryer are completely dry before putting them back together. (The tray, pan, basket, and basket are included.)

You will have fewer mechanical problems with your air fryer if you follow these steps after each use.


Here’s what you can do to keep your air fryer from turning off. You should first check the connection of your power cord. Make sure it is properly plugged in and that the cord is not damaged. In case there is a problem with the plugin, you can reset the breaker.

In the event, your product is still under warranty, and after checking the integrity of all components, there is nothing that is obviously wrong (or something obvious that needs to be fixed), you should contact the air fryer company. For products that are not covered by a limited warranty, contact a reputable repair service or buy a new model.

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