What are the Disadvantages of Air Fryer?

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Everyone discusses the benefits and advantages of using an air fryer. But like other things, there are some disadvantages of the device too. What are the Disadvantages of Air Fryer? Keep reading the article to finds out.

The air fryer has become a trendy medium of preparing foods quickly and efficiently. The electric appliance allows you to prepare a variety of food with almost no effort compared to the other techniques. Apart from being easy and effortless to use, the air fryer also equally healthy as it utilizes 80% fewer oils.

However, this handy appliance also arrives with some cons. Below, we will discuss some of the cons and risks of using the air fryer. Check them out.

7 Disadvantages of Air Fryer

Now without further delay, let’s check out some of the disadvantages of an air fryer that may make you not buy the appliance.

1. They can be Difficult to Clean

One of the many benefits of the air fryer is they don’t require much cleaning. But it can be difficult to clean from time to time.  Typically, it is recommended to wash the air fryer basket and the tray that catches the oil and grease after every use. But due to the less mess, some users clean them once in a while instead. This makes the oil and grease sit strong and it becomes difficult to clean.

The greases along with the food residue and fats accumulate can turn your air fryer black by sticking on the surface. They can be very difficult to clean just like the grease of your stovetops. You can easily prevent this issue by cleaning the device after every use.

2. They are Expensive

The capabilities of the air fryer make them a versatile kitchen appliance suitable for a variety of cooking jobs. Beginning from the steak, feat, meat to vegetable, cake, eggs, they allow you to cook everything. But compared to their cooking capacity, they can be expensive. Specially, you will find them pretty costly while you want to purchase the one with a bigger capacity.

Air fryers are the healthier alternative to your deep fryer and other cooking appliances. As air fryers don’t require oils, you can keep yourself safe from the extra calories. They are also cost-effective as don’t require a lot of oils and fuel for cooking. So, these benefits of the air fryers come with a one-time expansive cost.

3. Requires More Time Than Deep Fryer

When compared to the oven and stovetop, your air fryers allow you to cook the food faster. Sometimes they can cook the food 2 to 3 times faster than your frying pan. However, when compared to the deep fryer, cooking deep frying foods, require a bit more time. For example, we can talk about air fryers. The air fryers require around 20 minutes to prepare the French fries while the deep fryer doesn’t require more than 10 minutes.

Note that the cooking time in the air fryer will vary significantly based on the unit you are using. Some cheap units of the air fryer may require more time compared to the powerful ones.

4. Require Cooking in Smaller Batches

Air fryers usually come in a smaller size. What it means is they have a smaller surface for cooking the food. While utilizing the air fryer, you can only cook them in a single layer. That means you cannot add a lot of food or stack them at once. Putting multiple layers of food will cause uneven cooking and inconsistent cooking. As a result, you will require cooking the food in multiple batches that will take a lot of time.

That means for a large family, the air fryer’s capability is typically not enough. You need to either pay an extra amount for bigger units or cook in smaller batches. There is one solution of the problem. You may add an air fryer rack that allows you to stack the food inside the machine at multiple layers without blocking the air circulation. However, purchasing this rack will cost you some extra amounts.

5. They can Be Troublesome at Beginning

Although the air fryer is impressively easy, it can be a bit confusing in the beginning and cause a lot of trial and error. There are a lot of air fryers available from different manufacturers and their using procedure may vary a bit. As a result, there can be confusing even when you are following online recipes or recipe books.

Based on the capability of the air fryer, its time and temperature of it may also vary. Considering all the issues, there are chances of ending up with burned, and dried foods along with the failed dishes. It will take some tries and experiments before you bring the best out of the device.

6. They can be Loud and Noisy

There are ventilators in the air fryer that can suck the air and circulate it inside the machine after passing the air through heating elements. The hot air leaves through the rear exhaust. This can cause some noises. The noise will vary depending on the different units.  Although the noise varies, it is noticeable most of the time. There are also some models that are advertised as quite operating.

7. They can Cause Smoke and Smell

Another issue can be the smoke. Sometimes the air fryer can cause smokes especially while cooking foods with high-fat content. Moreover, it may cause smoke while cooking for the first time. Besides, the device can produce smells and sometimes smokes when you keep the grease uncleaned. Sometimes the odor can even affect the food.


These are some of the most common disadvantages of the air fryer. You may find out some more depending on the quality of the appliance you are using. However, compared to the benefits of an air fryer, especially, its capability to produce healthy dishes, the disadvantages can be ignorable. We will recommend you to go for an air fryer from reputable brands to get the best out of it.


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