How To Grill Haddock

How To Grill Haddock

How To Grill Haddock? The Haddock is one of the cod family members. It has a damp texture, firm flesh, and mild flavor. Haddock can be used in convertibles with cod, though it has a slightly sweeter taste, making it an ideal choice for smoking.

Haddock increased, ranging between 1 and 3 feet long at full capability. Though they can live a decade or more, fisheries generally catch fish between 3 to 7 years old.

According to the USDA, a 3-ounce portion of Haddock has 63 calories, less than half a gram of fat, and 14 grams of protein. Because of its health advantages as a lean source of protein, Haddock is worth including in your daily diet. Remember that using oil in your recipe can increase the fat content.

More About How To Grill Haddock

 Remember, Haddock typically has a very mild flavor, but with the correct seasoning, it can stand out!. Following these simple steps will help you make a delicious haddock. Let us start with the pre-steps 

Pre Steps To Grill Haddock

Before thinking to grill Haddock, following steps must be kept in consideration in order to grill it.

Smell The Haddock

Take a quick sniff of the Haddock and smell.  Chuck it if you smell anything “Fishy.”Fresh Haddock should have no smell to it at all. Honestly, if I buy it from the supermarket, I smell it right there.

Wash The Haddock

Clean your Haddock with some chilled water.  You can do this straight from your kitchen faucet. When it’s in your hands, make sure it is not slimy at all.

Dry Out The Haddock

grab a clean Haddock and put it on some paper towels. You want to pat it dry, but do not want to destroy the fish, So do it lightly.

Make A Tin Foil Oven

Grab a piece of tin foil about twice the length of the Haddock.  Dualize the layer of tin foil to give you a little extra assurance that you will not get a hole in the tin foil. .lastly, Place the Haddock in the center of your foil.

Not all tinfoil is made equal so look for the heavy-duty foil. It can stand up to a lot higher heat.

Season the Grilled Haddock

Ingredients for Grilled Haddock

  1. a pinch of salt
  2. pinch of pepper
  3. 1/2 stick of butter
  4. lemon wedges (after it’s cooked)

The main thing you will have to do is make the dry rub. With its woodsy kinds of thyme and juniper, this rub is particularly intended for the wild game even though it works on meat and pork.

The intense blend covers the outside of the midsection then, at that point, blends with the juices as the fish cooks to frame a flavorful hull.

Process to Grill Haddock

Following is the accurate process that can be used in order to grill Haddock.

Put in the salt and fresh ground pepper but ensure not to go too crazy. The salt and pepper will not flame up on the grill because it will be in the oven of tinfoil. The big reason that only using salt and pepper is to prevent overpowering the delicate flavor of white fish haddock.

Then, add 3 tsp or so of butter. Slice the butter into ¼ in wedges and spread on top of the Haddock. Skip adding the salt if you are using  “Salted Butter”.

After seasoned, seal up the tin foil oven you created. Must check that the foil has no holes on the bottom or sides.

Cooking Process To Grill Haddock

Prepare The Grill

It is necessary to have a clean grill. You do not want leftovers from your last grilling session to smoke up and add unwanted flavors to your food.

Make use of a wood scraper instead of a traditional metal wire brush. Once you are done with the cleaning process, preheat it.

Grill Your Haddock 

Now place your haddocks on the grills. Let them cook until the grill marks appear on each side.  Put a few drops of any cooking oil and flip the side. 

Keep on repeating this step until your Haddock gets thoroughly done. Next, squeeze some lemon over the top of the Haddock. It will add some acid to the dish and help balance it. Now that it is done sit and ENJOY!

The Right Temperature To Grill Haddock 

The ideal temperature to grill Haddock is 350°F. Because of the tinfoil, you have to be in the ballpark.  Insert a fork or a knife right in the center of the Haddock to determine the cooking progress. 

The quantity of mercury in fish, on the other hand, varies greatly. Flounder, tilapia, and salmon are examples of mercury-free fish. According to the Food and Drug Administration, you can consume two to three 4-ounce meals of low-mercury fish each week. On the other hand, Chilean sea bass is considered a moderate mercury source; therefore, you should limit yourself to one dish per week.

What to Serve With Grilled Haddock

Enjoying grilled Haddock with a little bit of some tartar sauce is a great option. The best side dish that pairs well with grilled Haddock is rice pilaf and broccoli. 


For sum up, haddocks are a great food to have. The meal is tasty and filled with tons and tons of health benefits. 

Furthermore, How to grill Haddock is one of the frequently asked questions. Hence we have mentioned the complete grilling process and all crucial information that you must know to maximize your enjoyment.

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