How to Cook Frozen Perogies in An Air Fryer

The Perogies is a variation of dumplings that are typically filled with savory or sweet ingredients. When cooked correctly, perogies can be a great and delicious treat. Are you a Perogies lover and searching for the easiest way to cook them? Well, you should consider the air fryer for cooking the Perogies. In this article, we will let you know how to cook frozen Perogies in an air fryer.

You can cook the frozen Perogies in a deep fryer or oven. But the air fryer can be the most efficient and easy way to cook the frozen Perogies. Cooking them in the air fryer is also impressively first. Keep reading the article to find a step-by-step recipe on how to cook these dumplings perfectly on an air fryer.

Why Air Fry the Perogies?

Perogies are something that people typically prefer deep-fried and cooking them requires a lot of oil. But an air fryer can help you to cook them like deep frying without using a lot of oil. With a few drops of oil, you can get same texture and crunchy exterior of the Perogies by utilizing an air fryer. Besides, by cutting the excessive oil, you can be fully assured of a healthy and low-fat dish.

Another benefit of cooking the Perogies in the air fryer is the entire process is extremely first. You only require around 10 minutes to fully complete the cooking. Compared to the other ways of cooking, this is a whole lot faster. The process is also fool-proof. All you need to do is to put the Perogies in the air fryer basket and turn on the cooking after setting the time and temp. That’s it; they will be ready within a while.

You can get an even and consistent cooking of the Perogies in an air fryer. There are very low chances of burning or failing to get the perfect result as you can cook at a controlled temperature and duration. None of the other variations of cooking can offer you such flexibilities and conveniences. For these reasons, we recommend you to use an air fryer for cooking the Perogies.

How to Cook Frozen Perogies in An Air Fryer

Below, you will find the step by step guide for cooking the Perogies in the air fryer. Here is what you will need for the recipe: the preferred amount of Perogies frozen/packaged Perogies, some drops of canola/vegetable oil, and nothing else. Now let’s see how you can cook frozen Perogies in an air fryer.

Step 1: Preheat the Air Fryer

We all love the crispy outside and softy inside of the Perogies. Make sure to begin the cooking by preheating the air fryer to assure the perfect crispiness of the Perogies. Turn on the device after putting it to a flat surface and connecting to the electricity. Then preheat at 400 F for around 2 to 5 minutes. Utilize the specific buttons or mode to set the machine for preheating.

Step 2: Prepare the Perogies

Now remove the Perogies from the freezer and put them in a bowl. After that spray, the oils on the Perogies and shake them to create a coating. You may also rub the oil lightly on the Perogies to coat them. Then take off the air fryer basket after the preheating is complete. Spray some oil at the bottom of the basket. Now you can add the Perogies in the air fryer in a single layer.

Make sure that you are not adding a lot of Perogies at once as this will cause uneven cooking. If you need to cook a lot of those at once, you can cook them in smaller batches for the best result. Or, if your air fryer comes with a rack, you can also use it to stack a lot of Perogies. The key to getting the best cooking is to assure proper air circulation. Put back the basket inside the machine after adding the ingredients.

Step 3: Set the Cooking Time and Temp

Once you have put back the Perogies in the air fryer, you can begin the cooking. Utilize the right buttons to set the cooking time and temperature. The recommended cooking duration will be 10 minutes and the temperature will be the same as preheating. So, you will require using the time control knob/dial to adjust the cooking time. Begin the cooking after that by pressing the required button.

Step 4: Let it Cook

Once the cooking is initiated there is nothing much you need to do. But make sure to flip the Perogies in halftime to assure perfect texture on both sides. Pause the cooking and bring out the air fryer basket. Then use tongs to flip them and put them back when you are done. Let the Perogies cook for the remaining time. Once you are close to the cooking duration, begin checking the Perogies.

Depending on the air fryer unit you are using, the cooking duration may vary a bit. So, it’s crucial to check the Perogies frequently when you are close to the recommended duration. If you find the Perogies require a bit more cooking, you can continue for a few more minutes. If you think they are perfectly cooked and done, you can turn off the air fryer and take them out.

Step 5: Compete the Cooking

Carefully take off the air fryer basket from the device by holding it from the handle. Then put the basket on a heat-resistant surface. Don’t touch the food or the basket immediately as they will be very hot. Wait a few minutes and then you can use tongs to move the Perogies to the serving plates. That’s it; your Perogies are ready. You may serve them with your favorite dipping like sauerkraut, BBQ sauce, cheese sauce, cheese sauce, etc.


The Perogies can be a great and unique dish that you can prepare for your family when they are just bored with the usual recipes. We hope that you will find the above recipe for preparing the Perogies in an air fryer.

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