How To Grill On A Stove

How To Grill On A Stove

Grilling Over a Stovetop? The human fascination with culinary delights isn’t a recent phenomenon. For centuries, humanity has dedicated immeasurable amounts of money, labor, and time in pursuit of tasty meals. Moreover, the methods of cooking these meals have advanced significantly. Gone are the days when individuals would spark fires with flints or cook over a coal burner. Nowadays, electric stovetops and grills stand as the preferred choices.

Grilling does add a unique taste to your food. However, we know that not everyone can afford to buy it. Hence, if you also belong to that enormous group of people who cannot afford to buy a whole separate grill, then look no further as you have found yourself on the right page.

In this article, you will get to know the complete procedure of how to grill on a stove. Also, the article obtains other essential information accordingly. So without any further discussion, let’s get straight into the article. Let’s start

How To Grill On A Stove 

Grilling on the stove requires you to buy a grill pan. However, stay sure to buy a fine-quality pan to assure its durability. So once you are done with getting a grill pan for yourself, follow the below-listed guide to grill the food of your choice on the stove. Please have a look.

Steps to Grill on A Stove

Arrange Your Grill Pan On The Stove:

Hold your heavy grill pan and set it on the burner. If you are using a pan of larger size, it can take up more than one burner. Thus, place it across the two burners of the same size. It will ensure that the pan gets evenly heated. 

Heat The Pan On Medium Heat-High Heat for 5 minutes.

Turn the burners on under the grill pan to medium-high heat. Leave the pan to heat for 5 minutes before putting the food on it. This step ensures that the entire pan surface is hot. Missing this step can lead you to have overcooked food. Thus do not skip it. 

Wipe The Pan With Oil To Prevent Food From Sticking On The Surface

Bunch up the paper towel into a ball and dip it into a bit of canola or vegetable oil. Now rub the paper towel all across the surface of your preheated grill pan. 

Ps: A small tip here is to hold the paper towel with the tongs to prevent your fingers from getting burned during your pan greasing

Dry The Food You Want To Grill And Brush It With The Oil

Pat dry the food and then brush it with a little bit of olive oil to create the best sear on the grill. You can also sprinkle your food with salt, paper, or any other seasoning of your choice at this stage. 

Cook The Food

Now that we are done with all of the initial steps, here comes the most exciting part: cooking. Place the food into your grill pan and cook it until it’s half done. Now turn the food with the help of tongs and finish grilling it, until it is as cooked as you want. 

However, do not forget to follow the safety recommendations while cooking

Clean The Grill Pan Once You Are Finished Cooking

Last but not least, cleaning your pan is the last step. Once the pan has cooled enough, hold the grill brush and scrub the pan thoroughly under the lukewarm water. 

Keep scrubbing it until the pan is thoroughly cleaned with food leftovers. Now, rinse the pan and dry it solely with the help of a paper towel. 

Some Small Yet Smart Tips For Stove Grilling

  1. When buying a grilling utensil, consider buying a cast-iron grill pan as they are suitable for stovetop grilling. The cast-iron pan holds heat well and gives your food the classic grill marks. What else do you want? 
  2. You can also use any regular pan if you don’t want to spend your money buying a new one.  However, your food won’t have those grill marks with the standard pan
  3. Flick the water onto the pan in between the preheating process to test if the pan is ready to use or not.
  4. Do not grill food that you have marinated with herbs or garlic, as it can quickly get burned.

Reintroduce Yourself To Your Broiler

Consider your broiler to be an inverted grill. You can generate the heat from the top rather than the bottom. While you won’t get the same beautiful grill marks (or the same smokey flavor) as you would with charcoal, you can typically produce a nice char. The broiler will work well with most quick-cooking grilled dishes (low and slow recipes with indirect heat will not work with the broiler’s strong heat, though).

If your oven has a broiler drawer, put your rack anywhere from 4 to 8 inches from the heat, depending on how rapidly you want the dish to cook.

Place the meal on the broiler tray that came with the oven or a strong rimmed baking tray, depending on the kind of broiler you utilize. If you don’t like cleaning, line the pans first with foil.

Allow the oven door to remain slightly ajar during broiling, and check the food often to ensure it does not burn. Dislocate the pan from the heat and turn the meal halfway through. The majority of steaks and chops are ready in 8 to 10 minutes.

Prepare A Grill Pan As Follows

The oil runs off and out from the meal in a cast-iron grill pan’s ridges, giving you fantastic grill marks if it’s warm properly. Grilling pans are hefty and take up a lot of room, so they aren’t perfect for a small kitchenette. The best thing is that they are reasonably priced. Grill pans, like the broiler, are great for quick-cooking dishes and won’t give your food a smoky flavor


Grilling on the stove is a good idea, especially when you do not have a separate grill at your home. Hence we have listed its complete process and specific tips in the article above. 

So, now that you know how to grill on a stove, you are all good to go and make some food. Rest, we wish you Good Luck!


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