Louisiana Air Fryer Coating Mix Where to Buy

An air fryer offers a fantastic method for creating fried dishes without the necessity for oil. Indeed, you read that correctly: air fryers are capable of frying a variety of foods such as chicken, fish, meats, vegetables, and more, using minimal to zero oil. This advantage has led to a surge in popularity among users. Their popularity has grown to the point where certain brands have started producing items specifically designed for use in air fryers. The Louisiana Air Fryer Coating mix is an example of such a product. Continue reading to discover where you can Purchase the Louisiana Air Fryer Coating Mix.

In this article, we will let you know about the Louisiana Air Fryer Coating Mix. Keep reading the article to know in detail about the mix and where to find it.

What is The Air Fryer Coating Mix?

The Louisiana Air Fryer Coating Mix is a mixture of the ingredients and seasonings for cooking fried food in the air fryer. Let’s assume, you want to cook some chicken fries in the air fryer. You will want to coat the chicken pieces with breadcrumbs and other seasonings to bring out the taste. As the name recommends, the Louisiana Air Fryer Coating Mix is something that you can use to coat the chicken pieces.

The Louisiana Air Fryer Coating Mix includes a lot of ingredients that make your air fryer recipe impressively good. You will love the deliciousness and the taste of the food. What’s more interesting is you don’t need to pass a long time collecting and mixing the ingredients. Everything comes pre-mixed for you, making the entire thing easier for you. There are not a lot of such products available in the market.

In case you don’t know about the manufacturer, this Louisiana is a popular US-based company and their products are made in the USA. They started as the manufacturer of the mixture of seafood and fish. The company begins its journey in 1959, and they are still one of the popular manufacturers of mixtures. Although they begin as a food dish seller, they are now more popular for their coating mixtures.  

Louisiana Air Fryer Coating Mix: Where to Buy

The Louisiana Air Fryer Coating Mix is available in a lot of online stores. If you are searching for the right place to buy this coating mix, we will recommend you the website of the manufacturer. You will find the product on the website of Louisiana. Along with the other products, you will find the Louisiana air fryer coating mix in there. You will find the product at the original price on the website. Buying directly from the manufacture also reduces the chance of ending up with fake products.

Apart from the official website of Louisiana, you can also consider purchasing from Amazon. Along with the other products from the brand, you will find these Louisiana air fryer coating mixes available most of the time. Especially, if you are a regular buyer of Amazon or use Amazon Prime, this will be the best place for you to find this mix. You will also find some of these mixtures at a discounted rate on this website.

Another place to buy the Louisiana air fryer coating mix is Walmart. If you find it easier to shop from Walmart, you should go there for purchasing the Louisiana air fryer coating mix. You can either buy them directly from the Walmart stores near you or their online shop. Apart from the mentioned shops, we have also found the Louisiana air fryer coating mix in some other popular online shops.

Note that the price may vary based on the platform you are using to buy. So, we advise you to check multiple online shops to find the best price.

What are the Available Variations of This Coating Mix?

Well, currently there are several variations of air fryer coating mix available from the Louisiana brand. Amongst them, the most popular one is the chicken coating mix. This mixture included enriched bleached wheat flour, panko bread crumbs, spices, salt, dried garlic, yellow corn flour, hydrolysed vegetable protein, dried onion, and others. It comes in a 5 oz pack.

The next popular Louisiana Air Fryer Coating Mix is the Fish coating mix. The ingredients of the fish coating mix are almost the same as the chicken coating. It includes yellow corn flour, salt, panko bread crumbs, dried garlic, paprika, and others. Some of the ingredients unique to the coating are crystallized lemon, monosodium glutamate, dried onion, etc. The fish coating is also available in a 5 oz pack.

Apart from these, there are Air Fryer Lemon Pepper Coating Mix, Air Fryer Barbeque Coating Mix, Air Fryer Garlic and Herb Coating Mix, etc. Some of the other coatings include Air Fryer Lemon Pepper Fish Sandwich, Air Fryer BBQ Chicken Sliders, Air Fryer BBQ Coconut Shrimp, etc. Note that the later mentioned products are not a mixture. Instead, they are foods for cooking in the air fryer.

Is Louisiana Air Fryer Coating Mix Good?

The Louisiana Air Fryer Coating Mix is a well-made fryer coating mix. This is something that you should go for if you do have not much knowledge about cooking. Especially, if you don’t know how to prepare the coating and what to add to it, the Louisiana Air Fryer Coating Mix will be an excellent choice for you. It will help the taste of your food to the next level.

As per the brand, the Louisiana Air Fryer Coating Mix also has nutrient value. It uses quality ingredients that make the food taste better while also making it healthy. You will find the nutrient value along with the ingredients used in the recipe on the package or in the description while purchasing the product.


If you want to make the best ever snacks in the air fryer, the Louisiana Air Fryer Coating Mix is what you should add. It is a done-for-you solution to make the food taste better and healthier. The coating mix is also very easy to use. We hope you will find this article helpful to make delicious air fryer dishes easily from now on.

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