How to Use the Nuwave Brio Air Fryer?

How to Use the Nuwave Brio Air Fryer?

Air fryers have become one of the greatest inventions in the past decade. Finally, you can have perfectly cooked food without unhealthy oil or fat. People with health concerns and even who are weight conscious are taking full benefit from this wonderful invention. The fundamental purpose of air fryers is to provide healthy food, so ensuring you are using the best air fryer is quite significant. In this regard, the Nuwave brio air fryer has marked its place very well in the market. This fantastic air fryer comes with a smart body structure and digital touch screen system, making it stand out from the other air fryers on the market.

Parts description of Nuwave Brio Air Fryer

Let’s learn about the parts of the nuwave air fryer;

  1. Nuwave Brio Power Base:

The power base of the nuwave air fryer comes with heating elements, space for tray and basket, and a touch screen system.

  1. Base Tray:

The base tray is used to securely place the air fryer’s basket in the power base.

  1. Fry pan Basket:

The fry pan’s basket is used for cooking food. It is set perfectly inside the base tray.

  1. Fry pan Divider:

The most excellent quality of the nuwave brio air fryer is that it comes with a basket divider so that you can make different food items at the same time.

How to set up the Nuwave Brio Air Fryer?

Clean the waterproof parts of the appliance: It is vital to clean your air fryer before cooking. With mild dishwashing soap and water, wash all the waterproof parts and with a damp cloth clean the appliance.

  1. Place the Air Fryer on Heat Resistant Surface:

It is imperative to place it on an even heat-resistant surface and avoid placing it near the sink.

  1. Set the Base Tray and Fryer Basket:

Carefully place the base tray and basket in the air fryer to start your cooking process.

  1. Plugin the Air Fryer’s Cable:

In the nearest socket, plugin the air fryers’ cable. Nuwave Air fryer comes with 120cm long wire, so; it won’t be challenging to reach the nearest socket.

How does the Nuwave Air Fryer work?

 Nuwave brio air fryer is known for cooking your food perfectly and quickly. A fan in its top section circulates the hot air around at a very high speed. Because of this advanced technology, you get your food like they have been deep-fried, with less oil.

How to use Nuwave Brio Air Fryer?

Nuwave brio air fryer is not very complicated to use. This trouble-free air fryer is convenient and easy to use. Here is a guide on how to use a nuwave air fryer;

  1. On/Off Function:

To turn on the air fryer, press the on/off button on the digital display. It should light up after pressing the buttons, showing all the power controls. In addition, the display panel should read ‘O’ since it indicates that no time or temperature has been set.

  1. Preheating Function:

Nuwave brio air fryer comes with the option of preheating. So, all those people who want to preheat their food to get crispier food items can use it.

  1. Menu Selection:

In this air fryer, you can easily select the item from the menu you want to cook. Press the menu button and select the respective food category.

  1. Place the Food Inside:

Place your food correctly into the fryer’s base tray or basket. Just slide the tray out, put your food inside and slide it back.

  1. Use Brush or an Oiling S0pray:

This step is not at all compulsory, but if you want to use oil for your food item, you can use an oiling spray or a brush to do it.

  1. Begin Cooking:

Press the start/pause button to begin the cooking process. The default temperature setting is 360 degrees Fahrenheit for around 10 minutes.

  1. Set Time and Temperature:

Setting the time and temperature depends upon the food you are cooking. Generally, the temperature ranges from 350 ° to 400 ° F, whereas the time ranges from 5-25 minutes. If you don’t know what exact temperature you should set for your food, you can always refer to the instructional manual.

  1. Shake your Basket:

To ensure your food is cooking correctly, you can shake the air fryer’s basket as well.

  1. Press the Pause Button to Flip or Turn:

If you want to flip any food item such as steaks, you need to press the start/pause button and change the side.

  1. Reheat:

For example, to reheat your food, press the reheat button if you want to reheat leftover fish or a pizza slice. The default setting is programmed at 360˚F for four minutes.

Tips to make Nuwave Brio Air Fryer Last Long:

Well, every appliance needs special care to last for a more extended period. Here are some important tips which you can follow to make your air fryer last long;

Do not Over crowd the Air Fryer’s Basket:

Do not overcrowd the air fryer’s basket. If you put a lot of food inside it, the food may get caught in the heating fan, which will result in malfunctioning your air fryer.

Do not Forget your Appliance while it’s Still Turned on:

It would be best if you kept checking your air fryer during cooking. Then, once the food is cooked, make sure the air fryer is turned off.

Keep your Air Fryer Clean:

Cleaning your air fryer is very important. Because when you cook every time, the oil and food buildup inside it and making your food in it is not a good idea. Moreover, it is very unhygienic too.

To clean your air fryer, try to follow these steps;

Bottom line:

With different Nuwave models in the market, the nuwave brio air fryer has proven itself the best. Nuwave brio air fryer allows you to cook food in a healthier and faster way. So. If you are thinking of getting an air fryer, you shouldn’t have double thoughts about it.

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