How to Grill on Stove Without Grill Pan?

Learn about How to Grill on Stove Without Grill Pan? Best Alternatives

Wondering how to manage grilling on a stove when you don’t have a grill pan? It’s possible that this is your inaugural attempt at home grilling, and you’re unfamiliar with the essential grilling utensils, such as a pan or tongs.

Well, a grill pan can be a wonderful addition to your kitchen cookware. Especially when you are a meat lover, and you do not have an option of grilling outside, it can be a good substitute.

But what will happen when you do not have a grill pan? Do you have to grill on the stove, and do you not have a grill pan? Well! You do not have to be worried about that as in that case; we have many options too.

In this blog, we are going to discuss how to grill on a stove without a grill pan. Along with it, we also share some important tips you have to know when you are grilling without a grilling pan.

How to Grill on Stove Without Grill Pan

In case you do not have grill pans, that’s not an issue. Here we will tell you what you will use as an alternative to a grill pan while grilling.

A Griddle Pan

A griddle pan is a board metal plate or pan that has elevated ridges. These ridges of this cooking ware are responsible for the criss-cross lines or marked on your grilled meat and food. Using a grilling pan is one of the easiest ways to grill on a stove without a grill or even a grill pan.

You may use different means of heating a griddle pan such as gas, electricity, or charcoal. It is a very flexible cooking ware that you might love to have. Certainly, you can grill every kind of food you want to grill, such as chicken, meat, or steaks.

Cast-Iron Skillet

The amazing fact about grilling is that you can do it with the simple cooking wares you may have in your kitchen. So that if you have a cast-iron skillet in your kitchen, let’s get ready for grilling.

It can be made up of copper, aluminum, steel, or iron. It might be a flat and round cooking ware that is genuinely intended for shallow frying and sauteing. But it will also work great in grilling. Unlike a griddle pan, it does not come out with ridges. It is a bit deeper from the griddle so that it can retain all the juices from the food.

With the help of a skillet, you can make very delicious grilled food like meat, chicken, and amazing charred vegetables. When you are going to use a skillet for grilling, it is very important to ensure that it is hot enough. Along with it, also make sure that it is seasoned well before tossing your chicken or veggies onto it so that your end product will be amazingly charred.

Oven Boilers

If you are not in the mood for starting a backyard grill but have to grill some meat or chicken for supper, then an oven broiler may come in handy. This cooking ware has a broil function that may grill most of the food, including poultry, vegetables, and other meat.

Grilling with oven broilers does not disappoint you because it produces very nice grilled meat with preserved natural juices. For using this equipment for grilling, you have to preheat your oven for 2 to 3 minutes.

When it is heating, you can prepare your pan by drizzling it with some oil before even placing the meat on it. When your broiler is sufficiently heated, place the pan inside the oven and leave a small tiny opening as you have to close the oven door. It is to keep the temperature from getting very high and burn the food.

As the heating pads on the broilers are placed on top, you may turn over the meat halfway through so that it can cook evenly. While grilling vegetables, continuously check them as they will easily burn when exposed to high temperatures.

Important things to know when you are grilling on a stove without a grill pan

Here are some of the important things you have to know when grilling without a grill pan.

Set the Temperature and the Grilling Time

As it depends on the substitute you are going to use, you must adjust the temperature of your stove and the grilling time. However, different cooking ware has different levels of heat conductivity.

It usually means that the higher the heat conductivity, the faster your pan will heat up. While keeping that in mind, you have to make sure to either preheat your pan or use it properly. Some materials that may be higher in conductivity may include cast iron and aluminum.

Check Out Whether The Material Is Reactive Or Not

If your cookware is reactive that means it reacts with some of your foods and ingredients. For instance, cast iron and aluminum are reactive materials so you have to avoid putting something acidic on them.

If your sauce for the grill may contain lemon or tomatoes, then make it in another pan because acidic food may react with the pan and change the taste of the food. Along with it, it might be toxic when present in large quantities. Stainless steel is a good example of nonreactive material.

How Can You Make Grill Marks While Using A Grill Pan Substitute?

Making grill marks on the meat is one of the unique features of the grill pans. You can use a dull part of the knife to put the marks on the flesh before grilling it when using a grill pan substitute. If your meat is not soft enough, you have to cut the lines evenly as it may give you a similar result.

We hope that you understand How to grill on stove without grill pan by now. Grilling without a grill pan has its own unique perks as you can use many other alternatives. So you should try your best to understand them before using them.


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