What Pans Can be Used in Air Fryer

Find What Pans Can Be Used in Air Fryer

Are you curious to discover which Pans are suitable for air fryer use? This is a common inquiry among many. In this piece, we will address this question. There are various kinds of Cooking Pans. Their differences lie in dimensions, designs, functionalities, among other aspects. Thus, all these points will be explored in our discussion.

This article will discuss the compatible pans with air fryers and the in-detailed features of the pans. Hence, by the time you finish reading the article, you’ll have comprehensive knowledge about pans and air fryers.

So, if we summarize, there’ll be a list of pans with features compatible with air fryers. Besides, air fryers with compliant cooking features will be there. We’ll also recommend a video to understand the ins and outs of air fryers and pans. So, let’s get into it.

What Are The Qualities of a Pan to Use in Air Fryer

Durable Pans For Air Fryer

Air Fryers operate at high temperatures. An air fryer can generate heat up to 400 degrees temperature. Now, cooking, baking, or bakeware should have the capability to absorb the temperature without any deformation.

For ensuring the heat absorption ability, a pan or pot should have the highest quality construction materials. However, pans with the housing components of ceramic, glass, or stainless steel can withhold a significant temperature.

Non Plastic Pans or Pots

Plastics can’t contain temperatures and will deform badly. Even so, they’ll melt into the food if you put them in Air Fryers. So, it’s the best practice to use non-plastic pots or pans.

But that’s simple. Nobody will use plastic pans. Then, what’s the problem? See, several stainless steel or ceramic pans have a plastic handle. There lies the problem. Hence, it’s better to use complete ceramic or steel materials.

Non-Sticky Pots and Pans

Sticky Pots and Pans will lead to difficulty in removing foods after you cook. Besides, you’ll find it hard to clean tacky cooking appliances. However, there’re several non-stick pots and pans available in the market.

Furthermore, products that stick will lead to rusting and become toxic over an extended period of use. Hence, it’s the best practice to use non-stick pots and pans.

How to Identify the Pans To Use in an Air fryer

There’re a few things to look for when you buy a pan to use in your air fryer. Find out the details below.

Housing Materials

Air Fryers require supreme quality pots and pans. To ensure the non-melting feature of containers, always buy air fryer or oven-safe products.

Several products maintain the fryer and oven-safe standard. Hence, it’s the best practice to buy those kitchen appliances.


The size of the container or pan you’ll be using in an air fryer should be compliant in both ways. For example, an 8-quart air fryer can handle no more than 8-quart pots or pans.

Hence, it’s the best practice to buy pans of smaller sizes than the air fryer you already own.

Handle Material

Handles come to our benefit in ways more than one. For example, you’ll require handles that grip well.

Besides, handles shouldn’t be of plastic materials. Hence, make sure to check out the handle housing material. A durable and ergonomic handle is necessary for a pan to be used in an air fryer.

Best Pans That Can be Used in Air Fryer

We’ll list some of the best pans to use in an air fryer with their detailed qualities. However, if you require finding more pots and pans, go here.

StyleMbro Muffin Pan for Air Fryers

The pan comes with a non-stick Teflon coating and has many compliant characteristics.

With a black color and carbon steel housing materials, the pan product is very durable. Besides, you can easily clean it due to its non-stick surface.

Furthermore, the muffin pan can withhold high temperatures without any deformation.

Rafael Dolce Barrel Pizza Pan

The barrel pizza pan from the Rafael Dolce brand has many compatible qualities to use in the air fryer.

The pan is 7.4 inches wide and 3-inches deep. So, it’ll go with most of the air fryers out there.

Moreover, the pans have food-grade safe housing materials and have an easy cleaning process. At last, this pan is the best due to its compatibility to cook different food items.

Aayu Baking Pan for Air Fryers and Ovens

This baking pan from the Aayu brand is compatible with 5-quart air fryers. Hence, the capacity of the pan is not a concern.

With a non-stick housing material and relatively more minor weight, it’s much compatible with many air fryers. Moreover, it’s a storage-friendly product.

Final Thoughts

So, we’ve discussed few qualities of pans that go well with an air fryer. Air fryers are very convenient for cooking. It’s because of their fast and precise cooking abilities. Besides, we’ve given a list of some best containers, pans, and pots available in the market.

Hence, you can easily pick if you require one. One of the sections in this article talks about the reasons and benefits of using pans or pots in an air fryer. So, make sure to check that out.

At last, we’d recommend you avoid plastic materials to use in Air fryers. Any cooking pot or pan with a trace of plastic can be harmful to your air fryer and the food inside it. However, we’ve got a video for you. It’ll help you further to find the most suitable pans to use in an air fryer. Hence, check out the video.

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