How to Cook Bacon-Wrapped Scallops in Air Fryer?

How to Cook Bacon-Wrapped Scallops in Air Fryer?

Air-fried bacon-wrapped scallops are one of the most mouthwatering appetizers around the world. This delicious snack is relatively quick and easy to make. It is a perfect starter for all weekend parties. This versatile treat goes well with Bourbon Jalapeno Sauce or sriracha mayo dipping sauce. Whether having fun with friends or just craving for an evening snack, they are missing out on air-fried bacon-wrapped scallops is not a good idea!

Why are Air-Fried Bacon-Wrapped Scallops so Popular?

Bacon-wrapped scallops are pretty much everyone’s favorite. What makes it quite good is that it is considered one of the healthiest foods. Around 80% of protein and low-fat content makes it ideal for all. So if you are on a weight-loss journey, it is an excellent option for a healthy diet.

Why is Air Frying compared to other Cooking Methods?

Air fried foods have become people’s favorite since air fryer has stepped into the market. A specific reason for that is people are seeking ways to enjoy their favorite fried items healthily, and the air fryer is the master of it. Providing your food with minimum to no amount of oil-air fried food is beneficial for all.

There are various methods to cook bacon-wrapped scallops, including pan-frying or baking in an oven. But why air frying is better, let’s find out;

Why is Air Frying better than Pan-Frying? 

Pan-frying or deep frying fried items is pretty much standard. The significant difference between the two is that the air fryer cooks your food with little to no oil. Thus, it does not only provide healthy food but also makes it crispy, tender and finger-licking!

Why is Air Frying good as compared to a Standard Oven?

Well! We all have experienced the hassle while baking food in the oven. Not only just the oven gets preheated, but your whole house too. On the other hand, air frying saves you time too! The air fryer’s advanced heating mechanism tends to cook food way faster as compared to s standard oven. The fan in its top section rushes the air very quickly around the food, providing you with crunchy, golden-looking, and delicious food.

How Long do you Cook Bacon-Wrapped Scallops in an Air Fryer?

Most of the time, the primary concern is to know the correct time and temperature to set. Generally, it takes around 10 to 15 minutes, but it depends upon the thickness of the bacon. If you use thin strips, the cooking time would be less, but you may need to set accordingly.

How to use an Air Fryer?

Cooking bacon-wrapped scallops in an air fryer is altogether fun and easy. In around 10 to 15 minutes, you can enjoy this fantastic snack. Here is a small guide use an air fryer;

  • Preheat:

The initial step is to preheat. It is not compulsory, but if you desire, you can always preheat your air fryer depending on the type and size of food you are cooking. You can preheat your fryer at 350 °F for 5 minutes.

  • Place Food:

After preheating, open your fryer’s basket and place your food in it, considering that overcrowding food is a sin!

  • Set Time and Temperature:

It takes around 20 -25 minutes to cook bacon-wrapped scallops at 350 °- 400 ° F.

  • Let it Cook:

After setting time and temperature, let the food cook, but occasionally check the fryer as sometimes food gets cooked pretty quickly.

Tips for making Air-Fried Bacon-Wrapped Scallops:

Here are some helpful tips;

  1. It is good to use thin bacon strips as thick ones will take much longer to cook.
  2. An easy way not to overcook scallops is to wrap two scallops in one strip of bacon.
  3. You can use a 6-inch skewer to grip bacon and scallops. It will help you place two wraps in one skewer, and you can make significant portions at a time.

What to Serve with Bacon-Wrapped Scallops?

Here are some perfect yet unique side dishes which you can enjoy with air-fried bacon-wrapped scallops;

  1. Rice:

Enjoying bacon-wrapped scallops with rice makes it a full complete meal for everyone.

  1. Pasta:

Whether making your favorite pasta salad or a separate meal, it compliments perfectly bacon-wrapped scallops.

  1. Potatoes

The good thing about it is that you can be as much creative as you want with potatoes. For example, you can make mashed potatoes, potato wedges, French fries, or any other potato-style side dish.

  1. Leafy vegetables:

You can make spinach salad or include lettuce, cabbage in any of your favorite fruit salads.

  1. Peas and Beans.

Beans and peas possess a lot of protein, which makes it an ideal side dish with bacon-wrapped scallops to enjoy. Just season it with some spices and enjoy!


  • Serves- 4 person


  • Cooking time: 10 to 15 minutes


  • Sea scallops (16 to 20)
  • Bacon slices (10 slices)
  • Toothpicks (as needed)
  • Olive oil for drizzling (for spraying)
  • Black pepper (to taste)
  • Salt (to taste)


  1. Preheat the air fryer at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 minutes.
  2. Pat dry scallops with a paper towel.
  3. Wrap one or two scallops in a slice of bacon and hold with a toothpick. Repeat the same process for the remaining scallops.
  4. Spray with olive oil and season with black pepper and salt.
  5. Now, place scallops in the air fryer’s basket and cook at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 to 15 minutes or till scallop and bacon is tender.
  6. Serve hot and enjoy with fantastic side dishes.

Bottom line:

Air-fried bacon-wrapped scallop is a delicious appetizer- a star of your menu for weeknight parties. Air frying is a perfect way to enjoy this mouthwatering snack. Cooking in the air fryer saves time and healthy food yet with the same crust and flavors you get in traditional cooking methods.

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