How to Cook Over a Fire Without a Grill

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Cooking Over a Fire Without a Grill 

It’s summertime, and that can only mean one thing- BBQs! A traditional barbecue is not complete without a tasty steak or chicken. Well, you don’t have to worry about how to cook over a fire without a grill? You can easily cook over a fire without a grill especially when you are out with family or friends.

But what if you have no grill? Fear not! Here are 5 easy steps to cooking over an open fire without a grill.

How to Cook Over a Fire Without a Grill?

Not any other food can beat the taste of a delicious grilled steak or chicken breast with the seasoning of some peppers, onions, and zucchini. But the question is what do you have to do when you do not have a grill? You can certainly cook without one.

Here we are going to share some of the techniques you may use to cook food that looks and tastes like it was grilled.

1- Oven Broiling 

You may know that your oven comes with an amazing function of broiling that you can use to grill meats, poultry, fish, and vegetables. This function may cook food quickly, same as a grill, with meats being crispy and delicious on the outside as well as juicy and tender inside.

During broiling, heat comes from the top of the oven instead of the bottom because it cooks at a high temperature generally from 500 degrees F to 550 degrees F. In case your oven does not come with this function, get a broiler pan. However, a cast-iron grill pan could be a good chance to have ridges that allow excess fat to drip down and into the bottom of the pan.

2- Cast Iron Skillet 

Although a cast iron skillet is used on the stovetop and will not give you the full smokiness of grilling, it may cook foods for you that are full of taste and flavor. You have to choose a flat cast iron griddle pan or the one having ridges. The one with ridges is ideal for cooking steak or sausages.

A well-seasoned cast-iron pan gives you the food having a taste that mimics an outdoor charcoal grill. It is better to prepare the meat or chicken by seasoning or marinating a few hours before cooking. This mirantion well before time allows the flavors to infuse.

3- Crock Pot 

With the help of a crockpot, you may cook foods that have a tasty BBQ-style flavor. However, foods that are cooked well in a slow cooker may include pork shoulders, chicken thighs, pulled pork, and briskets.

You have to put the meat in the crockpot by adding some BBQ sauce and smoking spices. Now cook on low flame overnight or during the day so that it would be ready for your supper. If you want more BBQ flavor to your dish you can add Saute sweet onions with a tablespoon of brown sugar unless nicely caramelized.

4- Smoking Seasonings for Flavor 

Adding some seasonings to food may give you a grilled and smoky flavor. Sprinkling these seasonings right on poultry, meat, and fish or use in a marinade and let the flavors soak into the meats for some hours.

However, some of the good seasoning choices for getting a grilled flavor may include chopped chipotle chili peppers, cumin, onion powder, hickory-smoked sea salt, garlic powder, smoky paprika, and chili powder blended with cocoa powder.

You can mix them or make a combination of some spices with a bit of olive oil, ground pepper, and a touch of honey or brown sugar. Sprinkle it onto the meat and place it in the fridge after covering for about 6 hours before grilling in a cast iron pan or broiling.

5- Liquid Smoke 

Another way of cooking grilled food without using the grill is with the help of liquid smoke. You can buy it either online or from a specialty culinary store. The liquid is made from condensed smoke as well as filtered and concentrated to enhance the flavor of smoke.

It is available in different flavors like mesquite and hickory and you can use both liquid smoke sparingly or it may overpower foods. For use, brush a little bit of liquid smoke onto burgers, steaks, and sausages before and during cooking.

How to Cook Food Over a Campfire Without a Grill?

When you are cooking over the campfire without a grill, you have to keep the following points in mind:

  • Ensure that you are building the fire in a safe and secure place.
  • Utilize the right method and equipment for the food you have to cook.
  • Do not use plastic in this type of cooking because plastic melts.

What is the Main Thing you Need While Doing Open-Fire Cookware?

Cast-iron is a piece of cooking equipment that you must have for your camping trip. However, steel, aluminum, and titanium are also common materials in camping cookware. On the other hand, wrought iron uses a totally different manufacturing method instead of cast iron. And that’s the reason you may unlikely see it in the equipment of campfire cooking at the campground.

Is it Fine to Cook the Food on the Naked Flame?

No, it is totally not fine to cook the food directly on the naked flame. Because the only thing you may get from it is burnt food. The extreme heat will sear the exterior layer of your meat and may cook the dish unevenly. That food is not only unappetizing but also not good for your health. It is better to wait until your coals are white-hot and then use a cooking surface to cook.


Well, that’s it for now. We hope that you enjoyed our blog about how to cook over a fire without a grill. Now follow these steps to enjoy a grill without a grill.