How to Hook Up Natural Gas Grill

Wondering How to Hook Up a Natural Gas Grill?

If you have a natural gas line in your house, you will probably get a natural grill, and it is a very good decision. The decision will save you your precious time, and you will never run out of fuel. Therefore,  Keep reading to know how to hook up a natural gas grill.

Now that you have got your natural grill, you will have to install it in your kitchen. Installing a natural gas grill is tough but not that tough that you couldn’t do it on your own. You are required to do is to be aware of the right procedure and follow it and make sure to take maximum precautions. You don’t want to burn yourself before even cooking on it.

Things you will need 

Now this project requires you to be a little preparation beforehand and use several different materials. You can easily buy this stuff from a nearby store or online, whatever you prefer.

  • Pipe-joint sealant
  • Galvanized steel straps
  • Gas shutoff valves 
  • Drill and drill bits
  • Dish soaps
  • Spray bottle
  • Quick-connect hose fitting
  • rust Oleum Rustproof Spray Paint
  • Pipe wrench
  • Standard adjustable wrench
  • Pressure gauge.

How to Hook Up a Natural Gas Grill

Step 1: Gas Line Extensions To Outdoor Cooking Area.

The first and foremost important step to hook up your natural gas grill is to make sure you have a line routed to the outdoor cooking area. If you don’t have one, you need to get one STAT and permanent coupling in you.

Step 2: Turn Off The Main Gas Line Valve

Now that your gas line extension process is covered, you can get down to connecting your grill to the natural gas. But first, please carefully shut off your natural gas main shutoff valve for safety. The switch for that may be located before your gas meter and is often the shape of a rectangular nub. 

Step 3: Install The Hose

For this, you will need to have a free gas coupling on an outdoor wall where you’ll connect your gas grill. Let’s say you have installed the coupling as you were told in step one. This is the point where it is most needed. Now that the coupling is closed, attach one end of your hose to it and the other end to your gas grill.


Step 4: Check For Any Leaks And Turn Off The Gas When You Are Done

The smart thing to do after setting up a natural gas grill by yourself is to verify if there is any leak or any mistakes you might have made to avoid any form of fire hazard. And after you are done and satisfied, make sure to turn off the gas. It is a very obvious step, but most people forget about this step after setting the grill up or after cooking.

Why Should You Use a Natural Gas Grill Instead of Propane Gas?

Everyone is well aware of the increasing popularity of natural gas. And you might wonder what the reason behind its popularity is. To answer that, there are a lot of advantages to natural gas:


Natural gas is the more economical choice that will be beneficial in the long run. Sure these cost you a little more to set up. When you start to finally cook on the grill, the natural gas will cost you way lesser than buying propane.

Natural gases are known to be a little cheaper than propane. If you are installing it in your home, I personally think that natural gas is a better and obvious choice for you. Sure the propane is energy efficient, but besides that, in all areas, natural gas wins.



When you use natural gas in your grilling system, you are free of the hassles of filling it every couple of weeks or even months, as these tanks are filled at a specific spot, therefore a far safer option to use at your house. 

Natural gases are also known to dissipate faster than propane gas when released into the atmosphere. Therefore they are less likely to cause a fire hazard.

Propane tanks are also at risk of bursting if they are not kept under a certain temperature. All of these contributing factors make propane an even dangerous choice.


Natural gas grills are way more convenient in every way possible. You don’t need to drag around a bulky tank and refill it every week or month. It doesn’t require that much care or specific guidelines to store or fix at a spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost you to hook up a Natural Gas Grill

Typically, it’s not that expensive to install a natural gas grill, and it will cost you something that ranges between $200 to a maximum amount of $400, which is not that bad. This amount will include all the stuff from the gas line to your grill and even installation.

Minimum low-end installation may cost you 200$, and the most high-end installation may cost you $800.

Does the natural gas grill require a regulator?

Every natural gas grill needs a regulator. Because this regulates the pressure into the grill, it is quite imperative to keep one on an LP grill. Especially one that has high BTUs.

Final Verdict

Hooking up a natural gas is simple. Just follow the steps mentioned earlier to get the task done and start grilling. Moreover, there is no need to worry about running out of fuel too. 



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