How To Use a Searing Burner On a Gas Grill

Do You Want To Know How To Use A Searing Burner On A Gas Grill?

No matter what you are cooking, whether grilled chicken, ribs, a burger patty, or any BBQ cuisine, you need to set up the gas grill. To achieve a whole BBQ experience, you need to add a searing burner to your grilling set.

The question arises that do you know how to use a searing grill so that you can cook your food the right way and get the juicy brown, crispy, flavor-loaded steak.

The sear burner is a potent cooking tool. The super-heated element in the burner radiates infrared radiation, which helps you cook your food with nice brown color and a beautiful sear.

What Is An Infrared Searing Burner? How To Use It?

The infrared searing burner comes with three burners that are a lot closer to one another under the ceramic side plate. It creates heat at a very high temperature which results in rapid searing than any other searing equipment. These are known to provide that kind of heat that can easily sear meat stakes in less time.

By definition, searing is known to be the process that cooks meat at a very high temperature so that the meat gets crusty, crispy, and brown. The crispy part is not always genuine, though, if you cook at a very high temperature.

Is The Searing Burner Worth It?

Well, if you are opting for a convenient option for searing your steaking, you can just put down the grill grates or just man grate and put it over the entire grates. You don’t really NEED a searing grate. The grilling gates will do just the same job for you.

So, is it worth it to buy or not? A searing burner sure does improve the quality of your BBQ experience and gives you a juicy, flavorful taste that almost everyone adores.

What Is The Main Purpose Of A Searing Burner?

Again as explained above, a searing burner is a high temperature that includes a gas grill which is great cooking equipment. It operates on a higher number of collective flames, which heats the ceramic plates underneath and provides maximum temperature. These hot plates ignite and cause the plates to emit radiation which helps you sear your meat and cook your food just right.

This can also be used as a side burner. You can use the lower portion for pans and pots. A Searing burner’s sole purpose is to cook your food at a high temperature within minimum time.

Things You Should Have On Your Searing Gas Grill

Before you use your searing burner, there is a list of things you must require within the sealing procedure. Having these tools prepared for you beforehand will help you cook even better.

  • Sear burner for searing the meat
  • Gas grill on which the sear will be installed
  • Meat stakes or whatever form of meat you require as an ingredient
  • Salt for seasoning
  • Pepper for seasoning
  • Serving spoon for handling the meat
  • A sharp knife ( if you are cooking steak)
  • Serving dish
  • BBq apron

In most cases, the searing station is installed with a gas grill. But if your grill is of a different feature or specification, you can just install a simple sear station. Either one will be enough for you to enjoy searing your meat.

How To Use A Searing Burner On A Gas Grill

Even with a tutorial to see or anything you learn, you need to take it to step by step, which is precisely what you will be doing here. It will not only be easy for you to understand, but it will also make learning comfortable for you. Doing things the right way will put away the risk of any hazard.

Here is a step by step guide for you on using a searing burner,

Basic Step

First thing first, I know everyone refrigerates their meat to avoid the risk of it rotting, so you need to defrost it first. And once you start cooking it, you need to adjust the meat to room temperature to start searing.

It is a very simple process to adjust the meat at room temperature. All you need to do is let the meat out of the fridge and let it sit for about 2-3 hours before cooking, and keep it in a safe place.

  • Step 1 After letting the meat adjust at room temperature, season it.
  • Step 2. Now that you have seasoned and marinated the meat, you need to oil the grates to prepare them for searing.
  • Step 3. Now that the grates are all greased up and ready for cooking start the fire and light up your grill, and sear the burner.
  • Step 4. It is a wise decision for you to use a thermometer and check the temperature inside the grill before putting your meat on it
  • Step 5. Now that the temperature is all set place the steak on top of the searing burner.
  • Step 6. Now that you have successfully completed all the necessary steps, it’s time to exchange the steak from searing burner to primary grilling grates.
  • Step 7. All the necessary steps are over. All you need to do is offer indirect heat and serve.

Bottom Line

To experience restaurant-style caramelized flavors of your meat can be daunting. For this, a searing burner helps you achieve fantastic sear for BBQ.

Hence, these searing burners are perfect for searing your food with perfection. To get your desired level of crust and flavor, follow the steps mentioned earlier on how to use a searing burner on a gas grill.



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