How to Juice Guava

How to Juice Guava at Home

Guava fruit is full of vitamin C and dietary fiber. As per Wikipedia data, a single guava fruit comprises nearly 4 times the quantity of vitamin C as an orange.

Several people like to eat guava/amrud. But once the guava seeds get clasped in the teeth then it is disturbing. That’s one of the justifications we like to drink guava juice than to consume them directly.

To render this guava juice, you can utilize the regular guavas as well as rosy guavas. But keep in mind they have to be ready and the flesh should be soft.

You can similarly add lemon juice to provide a minor tang to the juice.

When the guava juicing is completed, thus serve instantly. You can moreover put in ice cubes to the juice. The recipe can be increased by doubled or tripled.

How to Prepare Guava Juice

  1. Wash the guavas very politely in water. Then chop in minor pieces and add to a big blender jar. Blend in packets if the blender size is tiny.

Guavas for Guava Juice Recipe

  1. Add one cup of chilled liquid and stir the guavas to a steady pulp. Mince the guavas in minor pieces so that they grind rapidly and so that the seeds are not fell.

Blending Guava for Guava Juice

  1. Don’t mash too much as then the seeds similarly get ground and you will receive tiny grits in the beverage and you get a sand-like touch in the juice.
  2. Add the pulp to a juice strainer streaked on tip of a bowl. You can furthermore line the strainer with a muslin fabric to get rid of the grain grits if there are any.

Straining Guava for Guava Fluid Recipe

  1. Here we retain the steady pulp without the seeds.
  2. Now add one cup of fridge water. Then stir. You can prepare the guava juice thinner by putting in more water. You can moreover add some lemon juice for a tangy flavor.

Water for Guava Juice Recipe

  1. Add three tbsp sugar. Sugar can be modified as per your flavor and the sweetness of the guavas.

Sugar for Guava Juice Recipe

  1. Stir furthermore till the sugar dissolves.
  2. Spill the juice into cups and Serve guava juice instantly.


  • 3-4 medium guavas or 500 grams or 3 mugs chopped guava.
  • 2 mugs chilled water or add as needed.
  • 3 tablespoon sugar or add as needed.


Wash the guavas very well in liquid. Then chop in little pieces and add to a huge blender jar. Stir in batches if the blender size is minor.

Add one cup of water and blend the guavas to a creamy pulp. Slice the guavas in minor pieces so that they grate faster and the grains are not ground. Don’t chop too much as then the grains also get ground and you will get little grits in the juice and you receive a sand-like sense in the juice.

How to juice guava? Put in the pulp to a beverage strainer lined on the lid of a bowl. You can furthermore line the strainer with muslin to get clear of the grain gravel if there are any.

Utilizing a spoon stir the pulp, so that the soft pulp is pulled in the bowl. Here we possess and have collected pulp without the grains.

Making Guava Juice

Now put in the one cup chilled water. Now stir it. You can prepare the guava juice thinner by putting in more water. You can similarly add some lemon juice for a tangy flavor.

Put in sugar and stir likewise till the sugar melts.

Squirt the juice into glasses and serve a guava beverage shortly.

It’s reasonable itself to make a homemade stimulating tropical fruit juice with this guava fluid recipe. Presently, there’s no necessity to worry about guava juice that is a sip that emits a guava aroma but is piled with unnatural colors and sweeteners.

Utilize our procedure on its own or as a strategy for other fluctuations. If you’re realizing creativity, you could furthermore blend in spices and additional favorite complementary ingredients.

Benefits of Guava Juice

Guava is an outstanding tropical fruit and an extremely common element in juices, jams, rums, jellies, and additional. Currently, it’s cultivated in several tropical and subtropical areas.

Guava has a remarkable nutritional profile it’s just richer in vitamin C than oranges and wealthier in potassium than bananas. It can moreover be very relatively priced, and is frequently known as “the needy man’s apple”.

Guava is moreover realized for being carotenoid-rich. Several of the particularly impressive advantages of carotenoids include.

  • Improves eye health.
  • Enhances cardiovascular health.
  • Lessens inflammation, which assists protect against heart disease.
  • Boosts antioxidants, thus adequately conserving the body’s cells from available radicals.
  • Deters the development of cancer cells, encompassing lung cancer and skin cancer.

Categories of Guava That You Can Use

Guava is poor in acidity and prosperous in antioxidants.

Whichever variation of guava you use, gratify be sure to purchase the ripe fruits with weak flesh so they produce an extra liquid when juicing.

  1. Red Guava or Pink Guava

Red guava, moreover known as pink guava, is an outstanding tropical fruit in Florida and precisely Miami. You may have been knowledgeable with this variety they’re chubby or pear-shaped fruits with blushing flesh and smooth, palatable yellow skin.

The red guava flesh includes dozens of minor edible seeds. When completely ripe, these fruits can provide juicy pulps with a pleasantly beautiful fragrance.

Once their flesh matures from light pink to intense red complexion, the skin differences from dark green to light green, and then yellow earlier they’re grabbed. Carotenoid, an organic pigment existing in red guavas, is told to be credible for its distinct pink tint.

Red guava’s fragrant skin is strong when immature, and both the skin and pulp deliberately soften as the fruit ripens. Their juicy pulp prepares an outstanding option for jams, marmalades, and condiments.

In comparison to white guavas, red guavas produce extra pulp. They furthermore have a higher antioxidant category, additional pigment content, and bioactive solvents.

  1. Yellow Guava or White Guava

Yellow guava, or white guava, is greatly prominent in California and Mexico to the juncture that it’s also understood as Mexican white guava. It stays yellowy white almost as the name indicates.

Yellow guava is relatively sweet with an additional tannic-tasting skin. Thanks to occurring richer in vitamin C, it moreover comes with an extra hint of tartness and acidity.

While the red variety is the favorite option for drinks and properties with fruity tastes, yellow guava is mainly used as a corresponding ingredient.

If you are searching for other choices besides guava juice, you could similarly consider pear juice as it transmits identical freshness and an equatorial vibe, but with barely more sweetness.

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