How To Light A Portable Propane Grill

Lighting A Portable Propane Grill

How To Light A Portable Propane Grill? Isn’t it true that all you have to do is light the burner on your trusty portable propane grill, and you’re set to go? Wrong.

This isn’t always the case. Gas grills may be extremely dangerous if not handled properly, and this guide will teach you how to safely light a portable propane grill.

The majority of people who are new to grilling have difficulty lighting a barbecue. They are unable to do so because they lack the necessary guidelines. Lighting a grill is not a difficult process, but if you don’t know-how, it may be a disaster.

What Is The Best Way To Fire A Portable Propane Grill

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Verify That The Tank Is Properly Connected And That There Is Enough Fuel In It

This is an important step. You’ll need to make sure there’s adequate propane because the grill runs on it. A whole 16 oz or 1 lb propane tank lasts roughly 2 hours as a rule of thumb.

What Are The Signs That A Propane Tank Is Empty

A gauge on some gas tanks indicates how much fuel is remaining. If you don’t have a tank, you can simply get one for a reasonable price (they normally range from $15 to $25). If you don’t have one, pour some hot water over it and cover it with your hand. Then gradually lower it. You’ll know how much propane you have left when the temperature changes from hot to chilly.

Before you start to ignite the burner, make sure the hose connecting the gas tank and the grill is correctly attached. You should also check an eye out for the scent of gas surrounding the grill, as this could indicate that there are leaks present, which could be quite dangerous.

  1. To Release The Gas, Turn The Valve On The Tank

This one step should happen without the need of saying. Hence just turn on the valve that is present on the propane tank.

  1. Light One Of The Burners

To allow the propane to flow through, you’ll need to open one of the burners. Make sure the temperature on the burner is set to “High.”

  1. Light The Fire

You must ignite the burner after allowing propane to run through it. To start the burner, place the igniter on the grill’s front surface.

When The Electronic Igniter Fails, How Do You Light A Gas Grill

If the igniter button does not light the burner, you will have to manually light it with a matchstick. In this scenario, the matches you use should belong, so you don’t burn yourself.

To fire your propane barbecue with a matchstick, follow these steps:

  1. Start The Engine
  2. Strike A Match
  3. Hold The Match Close To The Burner And Turn The Knob To High  On The Burner

The matchstick will generate the necessary spark to light the burner nearly instantly. If either of these methods fails to ignite the burner after several seconds, turn off the gas immediately and wait several minutes before attempting to relight the burner. If you don’t do this, gas will build-up, which can be very dangerous. Sparks from elsewhere could ignite the stored gas, resulting in a fire or perhaps an explosion.

  1. Light the Other Fire Pits To Light A Portable Propane Grill

You’ll need to light the remaining burners now that the first one is lighted (if you have them, of course). To do so, switch on the remaining burners’ knobs and set them too high. To light, the remaining burners, press the start button, and if that doesn’t work, use a match or lighter.

  1. Allow A Few Minutes For The Burners To Burn To Light A Portable Propane Grill

Allow the grill to heat up for at least a few minutes before starting to cook. The germs on the grates will be killed by the heat generated. The grill will also be preheated as a result of this. Closing the lid helps cut down on preheating time, which means less propane is used.

Attaching propane tank to your grill is quite easy however, you just have to monitor the safety steps as propane is flammable and can lead to any kind of unforeseen accident. You should have at least two propane tanks ready at any point as you do not want to run out of gas during the middle of the cooking process. Although you can rely on natural gas but the power of propane is twice or more than the normal BTU unit of natural gas.

Attaching the propane tank to natural gas involves simple steps you just need to remove the cap from the pipe of your propane tank and attach it to the grill coupler. However, you just have to make sure that you maintain a safe distance from the tank and the grill. In addition to this, make sure that the propane tank valve is closed, make sure that all the knobs of the grill are also in off positions and ensure that there are no flammable objects in surroundings of the grill and the tank including lighters, cigarettes, sprays and aerosols as well. When you have ensured all the precautions and safety protocols, you can conveniently attach your propane tank to grill.


It’s not difficult to light a portable propane barbecue. A grill can be lit by anyone. However, carelessness might cause people to commit mistakes. As a result, it poses an unappealing threat. I hope this piece of information has given you a good understanding of how to light a portable propane grill. That’s all for now; until next time, stay safe, have fun grilling, and look after yourself.

There are a few simple techniques to keep in mind when Lighting A Portable Propane Grill. Some may appear to be no-brainers, but in the heat of the moment, it is vital to be as cautious as possible. It’s just as risky to rush through emptying a tank as it is to rush through a full one.


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