Why Do Air Fryers have Prop 65 Warning?

The air fryer is a new invention that is becoming popular day by day. The special appliance is designed for cooking and reheating your food in the most efficient way. Compared to the usual process of cooking food, the air fryer provides you with some impressive benefits. These benefits include cooking food with less oil, faster cooking, and better outcome. But why do air fryers have Prop 65 warning?

If you are wondering why your air fryer includes the prop 65 warning, we will recommend you to go through the article. Below, we will discuss everything starting from the warning to the reasons for the warning as well as the risk consisting of it. Keep going through the article to find out everything you would love to know about these topics.

What is Air Fryers Prop 65 Warning?

Proposition 65, shortly known as prop 65 is a warning that the businesses in California must include in case of significant exposures of some chemicals. These chemicals can cause cancers, harm reproductivity, and cause birth defects. The chemicals can be present in the products that people from California purchase or in their homes or in the workplaces. With the warning, the businesses are letting people know about their possible exposure to harmful chemicals.

The proposition was formed in 1986 after becoming a law approved by voters. The list of the chemicals must be updated at least once per year. As of now, there are around 900 chemicals on the list. They can cause serious issues like cancers, birth defects, and a lot of other things. This law also prohibits discharging chemicals into drinking water.

One of the chemicals in the list of prop 65 is Acrylamide. A lot of air fryers nowadays arrive with the warning of prop 65 just because of producing the chemicals while cooking the food. If your air fryers include a prop 65 warning, then this might be caused by this chemical. In the below part of the article, we will let you know a bit more about the chemical and its effect.

A Bit More About Acrylamide

What is Acrylamide? The Acrylamide chemical may be produced when you are cooking some specific variation of plant-based foods. Especially, this chemical occurs when you are cooking the food at a high temperature such as roasting, frying, grilling, or baking. Usually, the chemical doesn’t produce when you are boiling or steaming the food.

One of the main sources of Acrylamide is the potato. Your French fries, potato chips, and some other backed snack foods may include it. Sometimes roasted nuts, prune juice, breakfast cereals, bread crust, toast, canned asparagus, canned sweet potatoes, etc. may include the chemical. As per the research of 2002, Acrylamide produces when you cook food at a higher temperature. The sugar and some other naturally available substances turn into Acrylamide when you are cooking them.

Apart from the above-mentioned things, tobacco smoke can also produce Acrylamide. Apart from the food, Acrylamide may be present in some variations of industrial objects. Such as they are used in the cement and grouts while also in the production of polyacrylamide. When you eat food that contains Acrylamide or breathes air with this chemical may cause Acrylamide exposure. It can even transfer to baby from mother to baby during the pregnancy.

Why Do Air Fryers have Prop 65 Warning?

As we said above, the air fryer may include the prop 65 warning because of the production of acrylamide while cooking the food. Usually, the air fryers arrive at around 400 F of the highest temperature. When you cook food at more than 338 F temperature, there are chances of Acrylamide production. Especially, while cooking food like French fries, potato strips, etc., there are higher chances of this chemical production.

As you see above, you should cook your food at a low temperature in the air fryer to prevent the chances of production of Acrylamide. The good thing about the air fryer is it allows you to control the temperature fully to avoid such issues. You should not go above the 338 F temperature or 179 F to avoid the production of the chemical. Furthermore, you need to be very careful while cooking food that can produce this like potatoes.

While cooking the potatoes, make sure to cook them till they are golden yellow instead of golden brown. The same thing goes for your toast. Make the toast the lightest color possible instead of giving it a burning color. Another thing you can do is soak the raw potato slices before you cook them. You should soak them for around 15 to 30 minutes which helps to remove some of the predecessors that can produce the chemical.

We know you love deep-fried food and cooking food in high heat to make them done in quick order. But as you see above, such things can be very much harmful to you.


Can an air fryers with the prop 65 warning give you cancer?

As we discussed above, air fryers can produce the Acrylamide chemical which can cause cancer. However, while cooking in the air fryer, there are fewer chances of this compared to the other traditional mediums of cooking. Furthermore, you don’t need to use oil while cooking in the air fryer, which reduces the chances of related diseases. So, we can say that air fryers can cause cancer but the chances are very low.

Which air fryers are non-toxic?

Nowadays, there are a lot of air fryers that don’t arrives with a prop 65 warning. Such as, you will find several air fryers from the Ninja brand which are believed not to produce harmful chemicals. Such as the Ninja Foodi Air Fryer, Ninja Air Fryer: SP101, etc. Some other air fryers from different brands are also advertised as non-toxic.


Acrylamide production depends more on your selection of the food than the air fryer. As we said above, you should be careful while cooking some variation of the food and cook at a lower temperature.


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