How To Make Lemon Concentrate

How To Make Lemon Concentrate Juice

Appreciate raw lemonade year-round with my homemade lemonade concentrate! Merely four, all-natural components and 15 minutes are all it seizes. You’ll never utilize the powdered compound or store-bought variety again!

Glass maw with lemonade and lemon on the lid on a blue and white towel with a flask of lemonade on the stage.

Why We Love This Recipe

When we strode to our current dwelling several years ago, I was so eager that the previous owners had harvested. Thankfully our barrier produces plenty of lemons. I wanted to strive for all the lemon formulae and I thought, how enormous would it be to materialize with a homemade lemonade process that we could enjoy year-round?

With barely four ingredients water, lemon fluid, lemon zest, and sugar. This homemade interpretation of lemonade concentrate is so exquisite susceptible to bring. I also prefer that we can govern the percentage of sugar in it adequately.

Lemons usually mature in November/December in our district so I also prefer to beverage, zest, and freeze the lemons to utilize in recipes throughout the year. You can realize more about how I accomplished that with my 3 ways to preserve lemons for the freezer. Subsequently juicing all those lemons by the script for a duo of years, I turned out acquiring an electric juicer last year and it is so much effortless!

What Ingredients Are Needed To Make It?

Labeled Ingredients To Make Homemade Lemonade Concentrate.

As I’ve spoken of, there are merely four ingredients desired to prepare this lemonade concentrate prescription. Since our fence is a Meyer lemon hedge, we utilize that variety of lemon but any lemon variation will toil.

The recipe dubs for three mugs of sugar. I reveal that periodically even that is too precious so perceive free to diversify the sugar in your gathering.

How To Make This Recipe

To zest the lemon peel, you will require a zester. You can alike utilize a tiny paring knife to carefully scrape off the colored quantity of the peel (not into the white portion as that is frequently bitter). Then you can put up with that scraped shuck and chop it up further if you desire to.

Begin with an agency or vast saucepan and expand the liquid and sugar. You’ll crave to make convinced and whisk it the whole juncture as you fetch it to a blotch. Whisking will stave off it from simmering. This is one of the valued whisks that I utilize all the juncture! This strategy of warming up the sugar liquid is yelled giving rise to a modest syrup.

How to make lemon concentrate? Sprinkling lemon beverage into a silver saucepan with modest syrup in it for fragile lemonade.

Previously you’ve carved your simple syrup, let it rejuvenate slightly before augmenting the lemon fluid and hence the lemon zest, and then permit it to come to room climate before cataloging in the refrigerator.

Gushing lemon zest from the minor pitcher into a saucepan with lemon and sugar variety for lemonade.

The lemonade concentrate can be cataloged in the refrigerator for up to a week or stiffened for up to 6 months (although, I’ve amassed it for up to a year in the freezer and it nonetheless sips great)

I will repeatedly double or triple this lemonade concentrate recipe so that we can frost it and have a delightful stockpile of it on a script to give rise to homemade lemonade all year bout.

Make-Ahead Preparation Tips

As this procedure is inherently made previously, I won’t unleash a wide lot of additional about how that operates. But that’s the beauty of this mixture you can give rise to some for presently and for overdue and enjoy fragile homemade lemonade any juncture you’re in the climate!

Is This Lemonade Concentrate Freezer Friendly?

For inevitable! If you haven’t huddled by now, preferring to have frigid lemonade concentrate on the script all year bout was what stimulated me to arise with this procedure.

I appreciate freezing the concentrate in silicone muffin mugs, souper cubes, or reusable silicone satchels being sure of on your freezer domain and desires. Souper cubes come in 1/2 cup size, 1 cup size, and 2-cup extent so it earns it susceptible to freeze some tinier blocks for individual tumblers of lemonade or larger barriers for making up an urn. You can also catalog it in any freezer-safe crate.

Previously frozen, the muffin mug or larger sectors can be popped out and cataloged in a labeled gallon-size freezer satchel. Don’t shirk to interval and dub your containers!

Did you comprehend you can furthermore freeze lemon zest (or any sort of citrus zest)? Yes, it’s susceptible! Merely zest your lemon then disseminate it to a freezer-safe container or backpack. I appreciate wielding the bags as it gives rise to it easier to adjourn or scoop unpopular barely what I expect for recipes.

Top belief portrait of a pitcher of lemonade with cracked lemons wafting at the lid on a blue and white towel.

Bringing about your homemade lemonade concentrate for the Freezer is dandy susceptible and admits you admire raw lemonade year-round!

Homemade Lemonade Concentrate

Relish raw lemonade year-round with my homemade lemonade concentrate! Barely four, all-natural components and 15 twinklings are all it puts up with. You’ll never wield the powdered blend or store-bought variety again!


2 cups water

3 cups granulated sugar

2 cups lemon juice

2 teaspoons lemon zest


With it, a vast saucepan, expand the liquid and sugar and whisk concurrently to fuss. Fetch to a boil and culinary until all the sugar is thawed. Swirl regularly so it fulfills not burn.

Omit the pan from the warmth and let it exhilarate scarcely.

Enlarge lemon beverage and lemon seasoning to the sugar syrup and uproar to meld. Allow it to replenish to chamber temperature.

Meanwhile, instruct a muffin container. I appreciate using silicone mugs seated on a baking pan so that they are merciful to pop out when frozen. If you don’t give birth to silicone muffin goblets, you can wield an ordinary tin. You will have got to run it under warm liquid to whack them out more skillfully.

Squirt homemade lemonade Concentrate in adept muffin cups. Deposit pan on a horizontal shelf in the freezer. Freeze until actual (at least 2 hours). When frozen, pop out concentrate and hoard in a labeled zip-top backpack.

The magnificence of instant lemonade is that you can restrain it around for intervals. The conspicuous downside is that it’s nowhere imminent as pleasing as the homemade interpretation (and constantly huge of artificial ingredients). Ample lemonade recipes notify you to bring about a concentrate that you then curtail with liquid and ice. For this storable interpretation, you just prepare the concentrate component so you can and saturate it with liquid and glaze whenever the personality attacks.

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