How To Make A Propane Grill Burner

How To Make A Propane Grill Burner

Crafting a Propane Grill Burner? Designed as elongated pipe-like burners, propane grill burners facilitate in barbecues by maintaining a constant gas and heat flux inside the pipe. This action results in an ignited flame essential for cooking food and can also be utilized to warm up any cooking surface. 

Safety Warning

Building a propane burner is a dangerous project, therefore, safety measures are a must to follow. Wear safety goggles, gloves, and non-flammable clothes. Also execute this project in a well-ventilated area, outside, or in an open garage, to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

Materials You Need

Following is the list of materials you need

  • Stainless steel tubes 
  • Malleable iron fittings
  • Brass NPT pipe fittings and end caps
  • Gas valves
  • Stainless steel bar stock
  • Low-pressure gas regulators and hose 
  • Flare fitting thread
  • Hollow propane tank
  • Teflon PTFE tape

Tools You Need

  • Drill machine and its bits in size small
  • Tap NPT set
  • Welder with welding rods made of cast iron 
  • Metal Bandsaw 
  • Centre hole punch
  • Metal angle grinder with cutting disc
  • Reamer 

How to Build Propane Grill Burner At Home

Purchase the correct length of stainless-steel pipe to fit the propane grill burner. Wrap Teflon PTFE tape on both ends of the pipe. Along each side of the pipe stick the duct tape, to serve as an insulator and tighten the pipe horizontally in a metal movable vise. The tape will prevent scratching between vise jaws and the pipe.

Use a small steel brush to clean both ends of the pipe. Use the same brush to apply the threading compound around the thread wrapped around one end of the pipe. Screw on the brass end cap to the thread on the end containing the threading compound. Use the pipe wrench to tighten the brass end cap in place.

How To Punch Holes In The Propane Grill Pipe

Mark the series of the holes on the pipes at equal distance from one another. The number of holes you’ve marked on the pipe will show the number of slits desired on the pipe. Now bring the center hole punch to the scene! Place the center punch right above the mark and hit it with a hammer to mark a notch on the pipe. These marked notches will assist the future procedure of drilling holes on the propane grill pipe. 

Drill the holes on one side of the pipe using a drill machine and steel drill bits. Rest the steel bits right over the marked notches and turn the drill machine on to slit open it through. With the use of a reamer to smooth out any harsh ends of the drilled holes. Loosen the clasp of the vise, remove the pipe, and unwrap the tape from both sides.

How To Run Test The Propane Grill Burner Pipe

Attach the gas burner to the propane pipe using a tap NPT set and a gas valve. Use the low-pressure gas regulators for a BBQ, make sure that the regulators are large enough to handle the burning capacity of the holes drilled in the propane grill pipe. The flow rate of the regulator is the same as the pressure it provides. Turn on the gas valve to allow the gas to flow into the propane pipe, make sure the flow of gas is audible. Now ignite the propane pipe. If everything is going as planned, then you should see light blue flames. Try adjusting the flames rotating the gas valves.

Installing Method of the Propane Grill Burner

To install the propane grill pipe on the barbecue, apply the threading compound on the thread on one end of the gas pipe and tightly screw the brass end cup over the threading compound. Tighten the brass end cups in place with the wrench. Attach the end cups onto the gas supply line using the same thread on one side of the barbecue, holes of the pipe must face up. With the wrench make sure the pipe is not attached loosely. The connection between the propane grill pipe and the barbecue needs to be tight to avoid any sort of leaking. Loosely connected propane pipe could cause carbon monoxide poisoning and explosion when using it.

A DIY propane burner can be gathered with a couple of materials and introduced in a grill to permit the gas to light a fire underneath the barbecue rack.

Follow wellbeing insurances when lighting propane gas to stay away from blasts or wild blazes. Read ahead to find out how to make a propane burner for a grill. 

The Most Effective Method To Build A Homemade Propane Burner

The following steps explain how to make a propane burner for a grill. 

  • Buy the right length of the 3/4-inch steep gas line to fit the handcrafted propane burner. 
  • Ensure the line is plant strung at the two finishes. 
  • Place a part of protection or conduit tape along each side of the line and fix the line in a tight clamp (the tape will lean against the tight clamp jaws and forestall scratching).
  • Clean both end strings utilizing a steel brush. 
  • Use a little brush to apply a string compound around the string toward one side of the line. 
  • Screw on a steel end cap to the string.
  • Fix it set up utilizing a line wrench.

Add Gas Holes To The Pipe

Measure a progression of imprints in an orderly fashion along with the highest point of the line. The quantity of imprints relates to the number of gas openings wanted in the line. Rest the finish of a middle punch on each imprint and tap the opposite finish of the punch with a sledge. 

Rest the tip of a 3/16-inch steel boring tool in each score and drill openings through one side of the line. Place the tip of a reamer into each opening and turn it a few times to remove any little metal burrs. Release the tight clamp, remove the line and pull off the tape from the sides.

Introduce The Propane Forge Burner To The Barbecue

To introduce the gas pipe on a grill, apply the stringing compound to the string on the leftover finish of the gas line and screw on a steel coupling. Fix the coupling set up with the wrench. String the coupling onto the gas supply line on one side of the grill, ensuring the openings on the line face up. Once more, fix it with the wrench. These associations should be tight to stay away from gas spills.


Making a propane grill burner is a very dangerous piece of work, so, make sure you follow all possible safety measures before executing your plan and take professional help if you’re inexperienced in this field of work.


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