How to Cook Cheese Sticks in Air Fryer

Pre-packaged cheese is one of the favorite snacks for both kids and adults. They are available pre-packaged and extremely easy to prepare. Besides, the air fryer allows you to cook them extremely fast without much effort. You can also be assured of consistent and even cooking while cooking the cheese sticks in the air fryer. Check out how to cook cheese sticks in air fryer.

If you have an air fryer in the home and if you want to cook the cheese sticks properly, then keep reading the article. Below, you will find a detailed guide on how to cook the cheese balls properly.

How to Cook Cheese Sticks in Your Air Fryer

Nothing can beat the air-fried cheese sticks when it comes to fulfilling your craving for cheese. They are impressively quick, effortless, and don’t leave any mess. Below, you will find the steps to follow:

Step 1: Preheat the Air Fryer

At first, put your air fryer in a flat place that is free from any blockage that can prevent air circulation. Then turn on the air fryer after connecting it to a nearby electric outlet. The electric source must be compatible with the voltage of the air fryer. Now you can press the “preheat” preset to begin the preheating.

If there is no preheating option in the air fryer, simply use the temperature and the time control knob to adjust the temperature. Put the preheating temperature to anything around 360 F and the duration should be around 2 to 3 minutes.

Step 2: Add the Ingredients

The next thing you need to do is to add the cheese sticks to the air fryer. Take off the air fryer basket and add the cheese sticks to the surface of the air fryer. Note that you don’t require thawing the cheese sticks while cooking in the air fryer. Put the cheese sticks in a single layer with enough gap between them to assure even cooking. Don’t add multiple layers of the ingredients as this will cause uneven cooking.

If you need to cook a lot of the cheese sticks at once, consider cooking them in smaller batches to assure proper cooking. If you try to cook them a lot of them at once, you will end up with uneven cooking. You can also utilize an air fryer rack to cook a lot of them without blocking the air circulation.

Step 3: Set Up Cooking Time and Temp

Now you need to select the right temperature and cooking time for the recipe. Typically, the recommended temperature is around 390 F and it takes around 5 to 8 minutes to prepare the cheese sticks in the air fryer. Make use of the buttons of the air fryer to adjust the time and temperature of the device.

Note that the cooking time may vary depending on the unit of the air fryer. That means you may require adjusting the time a bit to get the best cooking. Besides, the next batches of the cheese sticks will require less time compared to the first batch. You can remember the settings of the first successful batch and adjust it accordingly while cooking for the next time.

Step 4: Let them cook

After setting the time and temp, put them for cooking by pressing the start button. After that, you have not much of the work to do apart from flipping the cheese sticks in halftime. Pause the cooking for a while and then take out the basket. Then use tongs to flip them over to assure better cooking.

Once you are close to the cooking time, begin checking the cheese sticks frequently as the cooking time may vary. You can take them off whenever you find them perfectly cooked and browned. If you think they will require a bit more time, you can put them back for cooking for a while more. Be aware of overcooking the cheese sticks as this can cause the cheese to ooze out.

Step 5: Complete the Cooking

After cooking is complete, carefully take out the basket by holding it from the handle. Put it on a heat-resistant surface. Don’t touch the air fryer basket or the food for a few minutes after taking them off. That’s because they will be very hot and you may end up burning your fingers.

Make sure to use tons to take out the hot cheese sticks from the air fryer. You should use non-stick tongs to prevent damage to the basket surface. Now you can serve them with your favorite dipping. You can utilize the same recipe for cooking the mozzarella cheese sticks. You need to follow the exact same steps.

Tips for the Recipe

Here are some of the tips related to the cheese sticks air fryer recipe that you may find useful:

  1. You can utilize the desired sauce or dip for the recipe. Some of the dippings that go well with the recipe include marinara sauce, bbq sauce, ketchup, etc. You can even make your own sauce with your favorite ingredient.
  2. If you want to prepare the cheese sticks faster, consider preheating the device although the step is optional. This will allow them to become cooked perfectly.
  3. You may think that the microwave or oven can cook them faster. But that’s not true. The air fryer requires less time to prepare the cheese sticks.
  4. As we previously mentioned, overcooking can make the cheese ooze out. So, carefully cook as long as requires. They can leave a mess in the air fryer basket.
  5. You don’t need to spray oils on the cheese sticks while preparing in the air fryer. They cook impressively well without any oil spray.


If you want to prepare the cheese sticks efficiently within the shortest time, you should consider the air fryer. The device is fool-proof, which means there is less chance of going wrong while preparing the food. We hope that you will find the cheese sticks recipe useful and effective.

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