How To Season Flat Top Grill

Seasoning Flat Top Grill

A Guide on Seasoning a Flat Top Grill: Flat top grilling is perfect for a variety of foods including steaks, chops, chicken segments, fish, vegetables, burgers, and all your favorite toppings. The finest flat tops are crafted from cast iron or high carbon steel. Seasoning them creates a non-stick layer and provides a barrier against rust and deterioration.

Instructions to prepare a flat top barbecue – Here are some straightforward strides on how to season a flat top grill.

Preparing A Cast Iron Flat Top Grill

Cast iron is a permeable metal that will rust when allowed to remain uncovered to air and dampness. Assuming you don’t prepare your cast iron flat top barbecue, you will see that food sticks, and the barbecue will give indications of erosion even inside only a couple of long stretches of cooking.

To prepare your cast iron level top barbecue, you will need:

  • Barbecue Scraper.
  • Paper Towels.
  • Cooking Oil.
  • Barbecue Tongs.

1: Clean The Cooking Surface To Season Flat Top Grill

Start by cleaning the cooking surface. Assuming you have quite recently bought the barbecue, you can wipe the surface down with sodden paper towels to remove oils left from the assembling system. Assuming you have cooked on the barbecue before, use a scrubber first to end any food flotsam and jetsam.

2: Turn On The Grill To Season Flat Top Grill

Turn your barbecue on high and trust that the surface will warm up. As the level top gets hot, it will obscure in shading. Most barbecues will be prepared in five to ten minutes.

3: Spread Oil On The Cast Iron To Season Flat Top Grill

When the barbecue is warm, use paper towels to spread cooking oil all over the cooking surface. Use a liberal sum. The overabundance will be scorched off during preparation. At the point when the barbecue is covered, delay until the oil begins to smoke.

At the point when the surface oil vanishes, and spreads more oil. Use barbecue utensils to hold the paper towels assuming it is too hot to even think about doing this the hard way.

4: Repeat The Process To Season Flat Top Grill

Since cast iron is so permeable, you might have to rehash the cycle three or many times until the barbecue takes on a recognizable sheen. You can likewise prepare your barbecue before putting it away to forestall rust and disintegration.

With these means, you are prepared to cook your beloved fixings on a cast iron level top barbecue.

How To Season Flat Top Grill

The most effective method to Season a Flat Top Grill: High carbon steel offers an ideal harmony between cast iron and tempered steel. It offers the hotness maintenance and nonstick properties of cast iron, with the high hotness and quick cooking of tempered steel.

In contrast to hardened steel, high carbon steel requires preparation. In case you don’t prepare your barbecue, you’ll dislike rust and garbage gathering on a superficial level. You’ll likewise observe that food sticks, making cooking a baffling cycle.

Preparing a high carbon steel level top barbecue is generally straightforward. Follow these means to keep your new barbecue in wonderful condition.

Using An Appropriate Oil To Season Flat Top Grill

To season flat top grill, you must use the right type of oil that can be helpful in griddling a high smoke easily. People found the best oils for seasoning that includes a griddle which includes canola oil, peanut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, sunflower oil or often grapeseed oil as well.

1: Clean The Cooking Surface

Hose some paper towels (you can likewise use a kitchen towel) and wipe down the outer layer of the barbecue. If there’s cooking trash on the barbecue, use your barbecue scrubber to remove it before cleaning. Try not to use any cleaning arrangements on the barbecuing surface. These can harm the metal and may leave deposits that taint your food.

2: Turn On The Grill

At the point when the surface is perfect and liberated from garbage, it’s an ideal opportunity to begin the level top flavouring process. Turn your barbecue to its high setting and trust that the surface will obscure. This will take around five to ten minutes by and large. At the point when you see the barbecue change tone, it’s an ideal opportunity to add some oil.

3: Spread Oil On The Grill

Cooking oil will make a non stick surface and secure the high carbon steel on your barbecue. While you can use any cooking oil, it’s ideal to go with something that has a high smoke point. Grapeseed oil is well known for barbecuing.

4: Cook The Oil Until It Smokes

Leave the barbecue on high and trust that the oil will smoke. Now, the barbecuing surface will obscure and take on a characteristic sheen. When a large part of the oil is singed off, it’s an ideal opportunity to rehash the interaction.


If the barbecue is too hot to even think about utilizing paper towels, bundle them up and grasp them in some barbecuing utensils before applying oil.

With these means, your high carbon steel barbecue is completely prepared and prepared for your cherished fixings.

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