Best Air Fryer Oyster Recipe

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There are several bivalve mollusks, that are found in saltwater. Oyster is the general name for several families belonging to these species. They live in brackish or marine habitats. Some of these species have extremely calcified valves. Though, most of them do not have any proper shape or design.

Although oysters are rich in micro-nutrients, yet they have very few calories. The fact makes them worth eating and that is why oysters have a large fandom around the globe.

The interesting part of the story is that you can swallow whole the oyster without chewing it. But it is believed that to experience the flavor profile of oysters, you are supposed to chew them for a while before swallowing so that you can get introduced to the briny flavor hidden inside the shell. Though slurping is considered to be a rude way to eat oysters.

Best Air Fryer Oyster Recipe (A Must-Have)

Most commonly, the oyster is treated as an occasional cuisine. Because of their exotic nature, they are not commonly used as regular food.

So far as the nutritional chart of the oysters is concerned, there are 199 calories contained in 100 grams of oyster intake. The same quantity contains the 13 grams of fats that are around 20 percent of the daily value, while there are also 71 milligrams of cholesterol 9 grams of proteins.

How to cook the best air fryer oyster

Besides the cooking ingredients, what else you are going to need through the process, is parchment paper and a baking sheet. Further, there will be the need for three bowls for preparing seasoning and mixtures. Choose the third bowl a bit shallow.


  • ½ teaspoon Seasoning (Cajun or Creole)
  • ½ cup flour (All-purpose)
  • 1 cup bread crumbs
  • 2 Eggs (Choose bigger eggs)
  • 3 tablespoon hot sauce
  • 12 shucked oysters (Plump fresh)
  • Salt (According to taste)
  • Pepper (According to taste)
  • Cooking spray

Getting done with the checklist is all that you need to do before moving toward the cooking process.


Take one of the bowls and add the hot sauce to it. Further, add the eggs to the sauce and beat them together until they are well mixed.

The second bowl will be used to put the flour in it, while the third bowl which is the shallow one is for bread crumbs. Add the ingredients accordingly to the bowls. It would be a good idea to grind the bread crumbs a little more.

Spread the baking sheet on a safe side for later placing the oysters on it. Do not forget to line the sheet up with parchment paper.

Now it is time to start the seasoning process. Start dipping the oysters in the flour bowl first. On covering well, take them to the egg mixture and dip each oyster perfectly in it. You can shake them a bit for getting rid of the excessive coating. In the last, dip the oysters in the bread crumbs for a final coating and shake again for avoiding the excessive crunch. Repeat the process with all the oysters and keep placing them on the sheet.

Now you can have a break for 30 minutes as we need to put the sheet with the oysters lined up, in the refrigerator for half an hour.

Once the time is elapsed, take the oysters out and preheat the air fryer for a couple of minutes. The temperature should be set at 400°F. You should never forget to lubricate the air fryer basket or tray with the cooking oil before starting to cook.

This is the time to put the oyster in the air fryer and start cooking. You need to remain attentive through the cooking process as you are supposed to keep shaking the basket from time to time. Meanwhile, keep an eye on the oysters and cook until they are done according to your preference.

Normally, your oyster will take from 8 to 10 minutes for cooking. But you are the best judge, so you can cook for additional time accordingly. Take the salt and pepper and sprinkle them on the oysters. You know your taste better so use the spices accordingly. Your air fry oysters are ready to be served.


Most commonly, the oyster is used to be served with lemon wedges. You can also use your favorite hot sauce with the dish. Using sour orange mignonette will also be a good idea.

Serving your food with unique ideas is all about experiments that a cook keeps doing. Try garnishing your favorite oyster with different ideas so that your guest will appreciate your cooking and presentation skills. To avoid wasting the oyster’s juice on opening, use a cradle rack.

Health Benefits

Oysters are a true powerhouse of vitamins and minerals along with other healthy nutrients. They are the rich source of the most important vitamin C that helps the repairing and construction of human body tissues. It is also vital for immunity boosting.

Oysters are further rich in vitamin D, copper, zinc, protein, and iron. Riboflavin, phosphorus, and niacin are the other benefits you can get from the intake of oysters. That is not all, your body also receives healthy cholesterol as well as omega-3 fatty acids, and loads of antioxidants from oysters.

Possible Health Risks

Eating more than 6 to 8 oysters per sitting is not a good idea at all. They are enriched with healthy fats, proteins, and lots of other nutrients. Eating more oysters can exceed the daily need that is not advised.

If you are intending to eat under-cooked oysters, you can be vulnerable to several infections such as Vibrio, and norovirus as well as there may be a high risk of hepatitis A. If eating oysters causes you vomiting, nausea, or other disorders, you should immediately consult with your doctor. Modifying your diet patrons can save you from many health complications.

Final Thoughts

Let me tell you the interesting part of the story in the end. Oysters are so much beneficial for hair growth being a rich source of zinc. It supports the production of hormones that resultantly help hair rebirth.

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