How To Use A Kamado Grill

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Using A Kamado Grill

How To Use A Kamado Grill? Kamado grills might be scary at first if you have never used one before. These hefty ceramic grills differ from kettle grills in a few ways. The essential principles remain the same: provide adequate oxygen flow, ignite and arrange the coals, wait until the temperature reaches the required level, and add the food.

However, small variations might lead to enormous changes if you don’t know what you are doing. In this post, we will show you how to utilize a kamado grill in a straightforward way for novices. 

We will go through how to avoid a flashback fireball, how to get to know your new kamado, fundamental kamado cooking methods, and much more. Let’s start with the kamado grill.

Setup To Use A Kamado Grill

Before using a kamado grill, you must put it together. Follow and act according to the directions that came with your grill to the letter. Because the ceramic models are so heavy, you’ll most likely need more than one person to lift them into the stand.

Remember that not all kamados contain a stand or are made to sit on stone or rock. If you do have a stand-alone, keep it away from wood, plastic, and other heat-sensitive materials. Kamados may be rather hot!

Your Grill’s Safety And Burping

Let’s talk about safety before we go any farther. The heat from a kamado grill is intense. Opening your grill without burping it first when cooking at high temperatures might result in a flashback. When too much oxygen rushes in to meet the coals, heat (and even fire) jumps out at you, triggering a flashback. Burping is the cure for this, and we recommend doing it every time you open the grill, regardless of the temperature displayed on your thermometer.

How Do Kamado Grills Work

The kamado grill comprises different materials that include stainless steel and aluminum. However, the top-quality kamado is made up of a ceramic frame. 

The robust design and top-quality material used to make Kamado grills provide it with a durable design. It also makes it a perfect heat conductor, so it is cooked efficiently. 

The kamado grills have a separate firebox that holds all the fuel like charcoal. The base of the grill’s frame draws air from the bottom vents and provides oxygen to the fire. There are no unnecessary holes that lose heat so that lessor fuel can do the job effectively compared to other grills. 

The cooking chamber on the top draws heat and smoke that cook the food properly and give it a smoky odor. 

You can use the kamado grill in different ways. As they can deliver high heat, you can use them for searing and standard cooking. The food is ready in less time with the perfect brownish texture. In short, these grills are much more effective and efficient than their substitutes. 

You can carry slow cooking and use it as a smoker for cooking low and slow briskets, ribs, and hams. Furthermore, the kamado grill can make the best hamburgers for you. It comes with a heat deflector that helps you cook at indirect heat. So you get a mimicked oven, too, in these kamado grills. 

How To Use Kamado Grills

It’s not as challenging as learning rocket science to use a kamado grill. These grills work similar to the standard grills but more efficiently. However, there are certain things to consider while using these grills. 

Kamado grills are a good conductor and looses less heat, so you won’t have to use more fuel in cooking food. Otherwise, it may burn the food due to excessive heat. 

Your Kamado Is Burping To Use A Kamado Grill

Burping your kamado is simple and takes very little time. Lift the lid a few inches every time you want to open it. Hold it in place for a few seconds to allow some oxygen to enter. Then you may fully open it without the risk of a flashback.

Here’s what might happen if you don’t correctly burp your kamado:

Additional Safety Advice To Use A Kamado Grill

  • Teach your children to keep away from the grill. Alternatively, if they’re assisting you in the kitchen, make sure they remember to burp the grill every time they open it.
  • Keep pets away from your grill since it may get rather hot.
  • When your kamado is in use or cooling down, don’t try to move it. Also, keep in mind that because kamados are so highly insulated, they take a long time to cool down.
  • Do not use your kamado inside or on any non-fire-resistant surface.
  • We recommend spending money on a pair of heavy-duty grilling gloves. If you ever need to relocate ceramic plates or grill grates while the kamado is still hot, you’ll definitely need these.

Let’s speak about the first time you use your kamado now that we’ve covered the safety aspects.

Your Kamado’s First Use And Break-In

Many charcoal and gas grills manufacturers recommend conducting the first burn without cooking anything on the grill. This might assist in getting rid of any lingering odors from the manufacturing or transportation materials. Some kamado makers recommend it, but others, such as Kamado Joe, insist it isn’t essential.

However, we recommend breaking in your kamado, especially if you haven’t used one previously. Your first burn is an excellent method to familiarise yourself with your grill. To get a sense of how it works, play about with the temps and burping (which we’ll go into later). Because there is no food on the grill, the stakes are minimal, allowing you to truly relax and begin your long and fruitful relationship with your kamado on the proper foot.

Getting Your Kamado Ready

You may fire your charcoal in a variety of ways. You’re undoubtedly acquainted with some of these if you’ve done charcoal grilling previously. Before we get started, let’s talk about charcoal and lighter fluid.

Putting The Coals On The Fire To Use A Kamado Grill

It’s time to put out the embers once you’ve finished cooking. Close both of the air vents to deprive the coals of oxygen. Then you must wait. One of the few disadvantages of a kamado grill is it’s time to cool down. When putting out the coals, never use water since the abrupt shift in temperature might cause the porcelain to fracture or break. The best factor to do is wait for the coals to go down and the grill to cool it down for 24 to 48 hours.


We hope you liked our step-by-step tutorial on using a kamado grill. You now have all of the necessary elements to prepare delicious meals. Take the time to learn about your grill because no two models are the same. Small modifications to the air vents may make a big difference. Because they’re so well insulated, cooling down a kamado takes longer than conventional grills. But it’s a very less price to pay for a grill that’s so effective and adaptable. Enjoy your grilling, and remember to burp your kamado every time you open the cover!