How To Cut Up A Chicken For Grilling

How To Cut Up A Chicken For Grilling

Preparing a Chicken for the Grill: A Guide. While picking up a bag of pre-sectioned chicken might seem convenient during your grocery run, a price comparison between whole and pre-cut chickens often reveals that buying a whole chicken offers a more economical choice.

However, let’s assume you’re cooking the chicken and like it to be in bits. That’s where knowing how to chop it up (or break it down) into discrete components comes in handy. In just four simple steps, we’ll show you how.

Bonus: The backbone (and maybe the neck and giblets) will be the only pieces left over, which you can use to create homemade chicken stock. Even more, money is saved!

Buying The Best Chicken

It all starts with buying the right chicken. You need to buy the freshest chicken to have the best taste from it. Local butcher shops usually prepare fresh chicken daily so you can head towards them and purchase fresh quantities of chicken. 

However, the local grocery stores also clear out their inventory every day so there are probabilities that they have fresh chicken of the day as well. Now it’s up to your convenience how much access the chicken sellers are to you. Just make sure that the chicken is as fresh as possible.

The Different Types Of Grills For Chicken

Grill chickens in a variety of ways, from indirect to direct heat, and get the perfect result every time with this easy guide!

Indirect grills work best when you want to cook chicken over medium-high heat (300 degrees Fahrenheit). They don’t produce as much heat as direct grills, but they’re more forgiving because they don’t allow direct contact between the chicken and the grill. indirect grills can be used for whole or part chickens.

Direct grills work best when you want to cook chicken over high heat (500 degrees Fahrenheit). They produce more heat than indirect grills, but they also allow direct contact between the chicken and the grill. direct grills can be used for whole or part chickens.

You can find both types of grills at your local grocery store. Make sure to try out different types of chicken on each grill to see which one works best for you.

Different Chicken Cuts For Grilling

There are plenty of chicken cuts that you can use for grilling. It’s better if you purchase the whole chicken and cut it according to your need. But you can also instruct the future and have your desired cut. Following are the different types of chicken cuts.

A whole chicken

Firstly you can simply clean all the feathers and intestines from the chicken and use the rest of its body as a whole. It is perfect when you marinate the whole chicken thoroughly and take off the pieces when the chicken is grilled. 

Half chicken cut

Second, on the list is a half chicken cut that splits the whole chicken into two pieces when you cut it from the center. You have to use a sharp knife, place it in the center of the chicken and cut it from that spot

Chicken pieces

If you’re willing to use a whole chicken or a half chicken cut, then you are good to go with grilling. But if you desire to cut all the pieces separately. Then you can cut the chicken pieces. It would be best if you instruct the butcher to do this job because cutting the chicken into small pieces requires a bit of experience. 

How To Cut A Whole Chicken To Cut Up A Chicken For Grilling


  • A large, well-knifed kitchen knife
  • Shears for the kitchen (optional)
  • Cutting board that is both sturdy and washable

Cutting through the joints rather than the bones is a good idea. Because the legs, thighs, and wings flex at the joints, they’re simple to spot. Only while cutting the complete breast into two pieces will you cut through the bone.

  1. Make Sure The Cavity Is Clean

Place the chicken breastbone-side up on a clean, level cutting surface and reach into the chicken’s opening to remove any neck or giblets that may be present. Except for the liver, you may save these bits to create homemade chicken stock. It’s also a great idea to remove any extra chicken fat at this point.

  1. Cut The Legs Off

Pull one leg away from the body at a time and cut through the joint where the leg is linked to the torso. Cut through the joint to separate the drumsticks and thighs once they’ve been removed.

  1. Cut The Wings Off

Pull the wing away from the body, one at a time, then cut through the joint where the wing is joined.

  1. Remove The Chicken Breasts From The Carcass

Cut down on both sides of the backbone and turn the chicken breast side down to remove it. OR, as seen above, flip the carcass on its side and cut away the backbone with kitchen shears. After removing the backbone, flip the breasts skin-side down and cut lengthwise at the center of the breast (keel) to separate the breasts into two pieces.

Grilling Whole Cut-Up Chicken

This recipe demonstrates how to cook an entire cut-up chicken to perfection on the grill. Seasoned chicken pieces with gorgeous grill marks – legs, thighs, wings, and breast – delectable!

Time to Prepare: 5 minutes

35 minutes to prepare

Time allotted

Time: 40 minutes

Approximately four servings


  • One whole chicken, deboned and chopped into pieces
  • Three tbsp seasoning mix for chicken


  1. Preheat the gas grill to 425°F on high with the lid covered.
  2. Season the chicken with a large seasoning while the grill is preheating.
  3. Remove the grill cover and place the chicken pieces on it. Close the grill lid and reduce the heat to Medium-High. Keep an eye on the grill temperature; don’t allow it to get over 450°F, and if it does, reduce the heat to Medium.
  4. After 5 minutes, remove the grill cover and turn the chicken. Close the grill and cook the chicken for another 5 minutes before turning it.
  5. Saute until the chicken is cooked through (juices flow clear when you slice the thickest piece with a knife, about 35 minutes).
  6. Indulge in this succulent grilled entire cut-up chicken!


A summer outdoor supper of grilled entire cut-up chicken is ideal. This chicken has a strong grilled taste and crispy seasoned skin with attractive grill marks. Grill this wonderful chicken for supper and make your neighbors envious!

Chicken is the most widely used poultry in the world, and it is used in a wide range of cuisines. Many of us are still apprehensive about washing and chopping a chicken rather than buying it from the shop. The benefit of grilling several sorts of chicken portions, such as the breast, leg, thigh, and wing, is that everyone may choose their favorite. The issue is getting all of the pieces exactly grilled so that none of them are overcooked or undercooked.

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