How To Use Lava Rocks In A Gas Grill

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How To Use Lava Rocks In A Gas Grill

How To Use Lava Rocks In A Gas Grill? You can add lava rocks to your gas grill if it doesn’t heat up well or if you just want a change. The grill will still be heated with gas, but the lava rocks will store the heat better and distribute it more evenly. You simply need to remove the burner guard and replace the rock grate.

Know The Basics Of Grilling

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Choosing The Grill For Cooking

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You will be amazed at how much better your grilling becomes. We will explore in more detail how to use lava rocks on a gas grill in this article.

Step 1- Take Out The Grill Grate To Use Lava Rocks In A Gas Grill

To get the best results, you should clean the grill before adding lava rocks. You should remove the main grate from the grill. This will make it easier to add the rocks to the grill. Those of you who don’t clean the grate often should consider doing so now. Move the grate off to the side while you do it.

Step 2 – Take Off The Heat Tent From The Burner

The burners on most gas grills are protected from grease drips by a metal shield. Grills may have only one or more heat tents. Make sure to remove all of them.

It is not necessary to put the grill heat tent back in when you set up the lava rocks. You should store it somewhere you’ll remember so you can put it back on later.

Step 3 – Thoroughly Clean The Grate Chamber Bottom

Now that your grill is less crowded than usual, give the bottom and sides a good scrub. If the buildup is heavy, you can use hot, soapy water or a degreaser. Make sure the burners and the bottom of the grill are clean.

Step 4 – Purchase Lava Rocks to use In A Gas Grill

If you want to find them, visit your nearest home improvement, garden, or big-box store. You’ll find them in the landscaping or garden sections. If you want the rocks to sit on the grate, make sure they are at least a couple of square inches which is about 5 square cm.

Lava rocks are typically sold by the pound or in packages. Get enough to cover the entire width and length of your grill with a single layer.

Step 5 – Place New Grates On The Burners

Select either a tray that is specially designed for lava rocks or a generic grate that matches what’s already in your grill. As long as it fits into the lower part of the grill, but is large enough to reach all sides of it, it will do the job. Cookie cooling racks would be ideal.

Step 6 – Arrange Lava Rocks Tightly In A Layer To Use Lava Rocks In A Gas Grill

You should place lava rocks in all directions along the grate. Don’t pack the rocks so tightly that they overlap or are stacked higher than one layer. Keep them close enough to touch, without overlapping. Fit the different shapes and sizes of rocks together.

Rinse the rocks with water if they seem dusty before you put them on the grill. Dust won’t necessarily damage anything, but it may affect their heat capacity.

Step 7 – Reinstall The Grill Grate To Use Lava Rocks In A Gas Grill

Put the cooking grate back into its position after the lava rocks have been installed. There should be enough space between the grilling grate and the lava rock below it. You should double-check that you haven’t put back the grate incorrectly if you have never taken it out before.

Step 8 – Rotate Your Lava Rocks Regularly

When you cook on the grill, the grease drips onto the lava rocks. Over time, some of that grease soaks into them. To prevent a heavy build up on one side, flip the lava rocks over every few months or so.

If you use the grill every day, flip it every two weeks. If you only use the grills once a month, you are unlikely to need to flip them until six months have passed.

Step 9 – Clean The Lava Rocks After A Few Months

Maintaining your rocks when they become obviously dirty but you don’t want to replace them will keep them looking beautiful for longer. After removing them from the grill, soak them for an hour in hot water with dish soap. Soak them in cool water for an hour after that.

The addition of dish soap will help grease dissolve in water. Nevertheless, you won’t be able to remove all of the grease from the rocks.

Step 10 – Change Your Lava Rocks Twice A Year

We recommend that you install the lava rocks now as a temporary measure. You’ll need to change them periodically. It is up to you how often you cook on the grill.


With a gas grill, lava rocks are commonly used due to their ability to heat quickly and radiate evenly. The lava rocks need to be replaced every two years because of the build up of grease, which can affect their flavor, as well as the natural deterioration caused by frequent heating and cooling.