How To Use Public Grill

How To Use Public Grill

Grilling foods is one of the most common methods to cook food. There are many types of dishes which you can cook on grills. This includes chicken, meat, seafood, ribs and many more. In addition to this, there are other types of dishes which can also be properly cooked on the grill. However, it is not always important to own a grill. You can also use a public grill to cook or grill your food.

The rituals to use the public grill are same as that of using your own grill. However, when using a public grill you have to be more vigilant and also maintain the hygiene standards. Always preheat a grill before you intend to cook any food. This will loosen all the previous cooked food and will melt the stuck up fat on the grills. You can then clean up the grill to place your food on the grill. Next, you should always season your grill before you intend to place your food on the grill. This will ensure that the food is cooked on time, is tender, has quality flavor and doesn’t stick to the grill.

Public grill is just like any other charcoal grill, gas grill or electric grill. You can control it ideally using the same method and techniques. In addition to this, you can also season your grill and the meat as well using the common spices such as salt, pepper and cayenne pepper. However, avoid including too many sauces as it will create complications for you while grilling.

Guide On How To Use Public Grill

It is not always important to own a grill, however, you shouldn’t compromise on your passion to grill food as public grill is there to rescue. It is easy to use a public grill however, if there are any issues you can follow the guide below on how to use the public grill.

  • Clean The Grill

The first step is to clean the grill. Even if you intend to use indirect heat through foil still, ensure that the grill is properly cleaned so that your food is safe, hygienic and unpoised. To do so, you can use a grill cleaning brush. If you don’t have a grilling brush then you can also use a ball of aluminum to scrub your grill with some soap water. This will ensure that there are absolutely no contaminants on your grill surface.

  • Empty Out The Ashes

The next step is to empty out the ashes and place it in a plastic bag or any bin. To keep your hands neat and clean wear gloves or wrap your hand in a plastic bag to pick up the ashes. Place the ashes in the bin. If you see anything unusual such as insects or reptiles in the ashes then move to a separate grill as there can be hidden insects and reptiles inside as well.

  • Use A Foil To Cover

The next step is to cover the grill with foil. At first, ignite the fire normally and let the coals burn. Next when the coals have ignited well press the aluminum foil on the grill. Pin up holes in the aluminum foil to allow the flow of heat. The aluminum foil will act as a barrier between your grill and the food and will prevent your food from contamination.

You can then place your food item on the aluminum foil and allow it to grill.

Must Have Things When You Use A Public Grill

Using public grill can be a bit complicated as you do not have your place nearby. Hence, you have to carry each and every essential with you to ensure that your food is grilled uninterrupted. Following are some of the must have things you should always have with you when going out for grilling in a public place.

  • Charcoal

Having charcoal is necessary when you go out to grill in a public place. However, here we are not just talking about the ordinary charcoal, we are talking about good quality charcoal. Hardwood lump is generally preferred. This is because it is lighter, ignites faster and also produces good aroma. The charcoal used should be burned covered to ensure that they ignite well and are enough to grill the food.

  • Heat Resistant Gloves

Heat resistant gloves are must have when using an outdoor grill or public grill. You obviously do not want to burn your fingers while igniting the coals or while putting out the flame when the flame flares up. Hence, using heat resistant gloves is the safest option to keep your hands safe and secure from burning.

In addition to this, heat resistant gloves will also help you moving your grilling grates, moving and flipping the food and controlling the flare ups.

  • Spray Water Bottle

You will obviously carry water when you are going out for public grilling as you will have friends and family around. Hence, also carry a spray water bottle with you. This will aid you in controlling the unwanted flare ups which have potential to burn your food instantly or cause unwanted char. In addition to this, spray water bottle will also cool down the coals when you want low or medium heat for your grill.

  • Thermometer

Thermometer is one of the most important essentials while grilling food. This is because the whole grilling experience is based upon the internal temperature of your food. You’ll know your food is completely grilled when the internal temperature of your food item reaches a certain value. Hence, always have internal thermometer with you.


Conclusively, you can reach a public grill when in a mood of eating grilling food. You can follow the instructions above to have a fulfilled experience grilling food. In addition to this, you should always have some essentials when going out for grill as you will not have your place nearby. Also have the above essentials apart from these have a bin or recycling paper bags with you and aluminum foil as well.


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