Are Air Fryers A Waste Of Money?

Air Fryer Hard Truths: Are Air Fryers A Waste Of Money?

Is investing in an air fryer worth it? We’re going to dive into this inquiry today. Through this discussion, our aim is to assist you in deciding whether an air fryer aligns with your goals in exploring fry food options. There’s plenty to unpack here, so without further ado, let’s get started!

Are Air Fryers A Waste of Money?

If you asked me, I would say no. I think air fryers are worth every penny for my personal needs. But, everyone’s life and needs are different. So, to determine if this is the case for you we need to examine the benefits that air fryers provide to see if any of it would be of value to you.

Benefits of An Air Fryer

Clean up is simple

If you use a pan or deep fryer, you’re bound to make a mess when you fry. It is difficult to get rid of the oil remnants, and it is also difficult to clean up such a slippery mess. With an air fryer you get to bypass that. Most times a simple wipe down with a hot rag after cooking is sufficent.

Suitable for baking

An air fryer with additional functions might seem out of place in a fully equipped kitchen. The conventional heating of most household ovens contrasts with the convection heating of air-fryers. It is better to use convectional heating for dishes such as roasted chicken and baked goods, which are quicker when prepared in your air fryer.

Easy-to-make meals

Air Fryer is the perfect food preparation tool if you’re constantly on the move. It produces crispy chicken tenders or fries within minutes. French fries take an average of 12 minutes to prepare, so you won’t feel frustrated by long wait times.

An appliance that serves multiple purposes

An air fryer typically performs the functions of 7 different appliances, allowing you to bake, roast, dehydrate, fry, and so on.

It is essentially a mini convection oven

It is incredible how healthy and efficient both of these gadgets are when cooking food. Both convection ovens and air fryers circulate air to cook food, which is similar to air circulation in convection ovens.

Do Air Fryers Or Conventional Deep Fryers Produce Better Results?

There may be several benefits to using a conventional deep fryer. The nature of these ovens allows you to cook foods both battered and uncoated in scorching oil. In addition to broiling and so much more, an air fryer can provide you with the same benefits with just a small amount of oil.

A deep fryer is the perfect choice for those who are most concerned about the taste of fried foods. Although air fryers can produce a crispy exterior, there is nothing that can replace the taste and consistency of deep-fried food.

Moreover, air fryers may produce dryer results than deep fryers would. From a taste perspective, deep fryers appear to be the best choice. Deep-fried foods usually cause health concerns, which is understandable. When you soak the foods in cooking oil fully, you add a lot of fat to the food. As a result, if you are interested in maintaining your health, the air fryer would be worth looking into!

Air Fryers Are Healthy, Right?

The fat elephant in this room needs to be addressed.

Over the years, it has been misunderstood that a cooking method that uses less oil = a lower calorie intake = a smaller waistline.

It sounds good in theory, doesn’t it? A speedo won’t fit me anytime soon due to my fat storage. Fat is what makes my body lumpy and soft. My arteries are clogged with fat, which makes sense. I’m going to die from fat.

This is how the logic to live by, right? Wrong!

What Do Fitness Experts Say?

You will hear all sorts of crazy things about saturated fat from modern fitness experts, but there is an elephant in the room, and that is fat. All the modern fitness experts will tell you that saturated fats, calories, and carbohydrates are bad for you.

A balanced diet and activity can lead to complete health, regardless of what specific foods you eat. The key to success is balance. You will live longer and happier if you practice moderation in your diet and exercise regularly, rather than following the same diet all your life.

Consider it in this light. You can see who has lived the longest in recent US history by looking at the people. It was reported that two particular women lived long lives by eating bacon and drinking Jameson every day. They even credited these two things for their longevity!

With all this in mind, I can better answer your question.

So again, are air fryers healthy?

Let’s start with the basics.

There’s nothing wrong with oil. You will incorporate the same amount of (oil based) fats under both circumstances, whether you dip a food into hot oil to fry, or whether you use a deep fryer to cook it through oil. The method of cooking won’t change the fat content of a food that already contains fat.

It is sort of like an automatic kitchen; these machines don’t actually fry, yes, they sauté, but when looked at independently, they don’t fry at all. The process of sautéing means moving something around in a pan with a tiny amount of oil until it is all browned. For the sake of maintaining the validity of claims made by most air fryers, frying consists of submerging a food item in a container of hot oil until it is crispy and cooked. At least, thats what they say the deep fryer does that is frowned upon. So, I guess under those circumstances the air fryer would be healthier than a deep fryer. But fried food is still not the healthiest and should be consumed in moderation.


I think air fryers are worth every penny for my personal needs. But, everyone’s life and needs are different. So, I hope the post today was able to help you determine if this is the case for you too or if for you, they are a waste of money.


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