Are Air Fried Sausages Healthy?

People are now more interested in air fryers than any other kitchen appliance. That is because the compart device allows you to cook everything so perfectly. Moreover, it takes a whole lot less time compared to the traditional ways of cooking. When it comes to cooking the sausage, air fryers can be a great way to prepare them. But are air fried sausages healthy? Let’s find it out.

In general, air fryers allow you to cook things more efficiently and healthily compared to the stovetop, microwave, and oven. But how healthy are the air-fried sausage? In this article, we will try to find out the answer.

So, Are Air Fried Sausages Healthy?

If you want a straight answer, then it is yes. One of the main reasons behind the popularity of the air fryer is because of its capability to cook things without oil. You require a very little amount of oil while cooking things in the device. Compared to the traditional ways of cooking, air fryer requires almost 80% of less oil. Besides, you can even cook without any oil for some of the ingredients.

The cooking oil is something that is extremely unhealthy. When you cook something healthy in this oil, it also becomes unhealthy. The food gets the extra fat and calorie, which arrives from the oil. Eating deep-fried things for the long term makes your body prone to a lot of diseases. These include heart diseases, cancer, obesity, and some other severe issues. So, eating sausage cooked on the regular stovetop is not good for your health.

When you use an air fryer for cooking the sausage, the procedure doesn’t require any oil. Air fryers use hot air circulation to cook your food. As a result, your food gets cooked perfectly without the cooking liquid. Moreover, some of the air fryers even help you to cut off the extra fat from the ingredient by melting them. So, you can say that the air-fried sausage is healthier compared to the other ways of cooking.

What Are Some Other Benefits of Cooking in Air Fryer?

Air fryers make your food healthy and that is not the only benefit of the device. Another top benefit of the air fryer is it can cook your food extremely faster. Such as, air fryers require half of the time when compared to the stovetops for most of the foods. You can cook most of the recipes within 15 to 20 minutes in the air fryer. That has become possible with the advanced air circulation that cooks the food from all angles.

Besides, the air fryer doesn’t require much cleaning. Especially, when you prepare the snacks in it, there will be not much cleaning work. That is because of the cooking mechanism which doesn’t require oil or grease. Besides, there will also be fewer food particles compared to the stovetop. Cleaning an air fryer is also very easy. Most of its accessories that require cleaning are dishwasher safe, allowing you to easily clean them.

Another benefit of the air fryer is it’s foolproof. How frequently do you burn food while preparing them on the stovetop? Well, it will be hard to find a person who never ditched their food while cooking on the stovetop. The good news is there are very low chances of this happening while cooking in the air fryer. The device lets you set a timer and you will be notified when the food is cooked for the settled time. That means no chances of overcooking!

How to Cook Healthy Fried Sausages in Air Fryer

If you are aware of your health, you should know the correct procedure for cooking the air-fried sausage. Let’s see how you should do it:

  1. Begin with piercing the sausage evenly using a sharp knife or fork. This will prevent it from blowing up while cooking.
  2. Now connect the air fryer to the electric outlet and turn it on. Then add the sausage to the basket of the air fryer. You may spray a little olive oil to prevent the food from sticking. Try to keep the oil as minimum as possible.
  3. Now put back the air fryer basket in its compartment and set the cooking temperature. The temp should be something around 360 F and the cooking duration will be around 7 minutes.
  4. Note that the cooking duration may vary based on the types of sausage and the air fryer unit’s capability. Make sure to check frequently while cooking. Cook them until they are charred or dark brown.
  5. Take them off when you feel that the sausage is done. Don’t overcook them which makes them unhealthy. So, try to remove them at the right time. If you are unsure, simply cook them until their internal temperature reaches 165 F or more.

When the sausages are perfectly cooked, take out the air fryer and leave it on a heat-resistant surface for a few minutes. This allows them to cool down and become warm for enjoying.

 What Sausage is Healthy?

They all look the same but they are actually not. There is chicken sausage, turkey sausage, pork sausage, and other sausages out there. You will find so many variations and shapes of the sausage from different brands while purchasing. But if you are aware of the health, you should better go for the chicken sausage. Typically, there are around 290 to 455 calories with 23 to 38 grams of fat in pork sausage.

On the other hand, the chicken sausage includes 140 to 160 calories and 7 to 10 grams of fat. Moreover, there will also be less sodium in the chicken sausage. That means the chicken sausage will be a healthy choice for you compared to the other variation.


Air-fried sausage can be a quick and healthy recipe that you can prepare within a short time. If you are worried about the healthiness of the air-fried sausage, you better shouldn’t. As we discussed earlier, the air fryer can make your sausage healthier compared to the traditional ways of cooking. Along with the sausage, it is also healthy for all other recipes. So, use or air fryer without any hesitation and enjoy healthy meals every time.

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